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Far right humiliated in Nottingham

In spite of national call outs and attendances by the North West Infidels, Paul Pitt of the South East Alliance, Casuals United, the English National Resistance, Nottingham EDL and the EVF, barely a dozen people bothered turning up for Tony Curtis’ demo at Nottingham Uni yesterday. After plotting up at a nearby Toby carvery the pitiful crowd weren’t even allowed onto the campus and had to stand around in the road outside listening to Tone the Moan. Casuals United reckon they go where they want but as usual they meekly went exactly where the police wanted them. They didn’t get close to the event they were supposed to be protesting or speak to the general public so the whole thing was a waste of time.


This is further proof that without the EDL these hangers on are nothing. It looks impressive to have alliances of about 10 different groups until you realise that each group has about 3 people in it and most of them are keyboard warriors. These big mouths spend more time designing elaborate logos and posting on Facebook than actually doing anything in the real world.

This is the second humiliation this week for Curtis who foolishly thought he could hold his own against “the left” on Indymedia. When his badly thought through arguments were torn to shreds he quickly surrendered, pretending he’d been banned, even though as one commenter pointed out, you can’t be banned from Indymedia. As one poster noted “typical fascist, making loads of noise but unable to back it up when effectively challenged”.

Part of Curtis’ whingeing was about being called a racist. Well here’s a tip – if you don’t want people to think you’re a racist it’s probably best not to give Nazis a hug. Curtis was recently pictured with his arm around Shane Calvert, leader of the NWI who are notorious for calling for the killing of “Pakis”, the gassing of Jews and murdering of immigrants. Calvert was recently in attendance at the neo-Nazi White Pride Worldwide event and regularly does demos alongside the National Front. Other NWI activists include Liam Pinkham, who likes to pose in jackboots giving a stiff-armed salute.

Paul Pitt, Shane Calvert and Tony Curtis yesterday

Paul Pitt, Shane Calvert and Tony Curtis yesterday

Shane Calvert

Shane Calvert

NWI member Liam Pinkham

NWI activist Liam Pinkham

Far right demonstration in Nottingham on Saturday

Far right activists, led by Casuals United and Tony Curtis of the English National Resistance, will be holding a demonstration against a Muslim conference in Nottingham this weekend. They will be protesting outside the East Midlands Conference Centre at 1pm on Saturday 30th March.

Demo organiser Tony Curtis: Hate speaker?

Demo organiser Tony Curtis: Hate preacher?

In response to our previous article asking why they were coming, they have now seen fit to reveal that they are protesting the invitation of Haitham al-Haddad to speak at the conference. Previously they just told their followers to blindly follow their command to oppose the “hate preachers” and none of them asked questions. Blind obedience seems to be as alive and well in the far right as it was in the days of “just following orders” 1930s Germany.

The decision to oppose al-Haddad is not unreasonable, given that he has reportedly described Jews as “the enemies of God, and the descendants of apes and pigs” and believes in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. He has said that should a woman refuse to sleep with her husband, “angels will curse” her and has written in favour of the prohibition of musical instruments. That he is speaking at a family event and passing on these bigoted ideas is very disturbing.

But it is the utmost hypocrisy for former EDL members to be protesting this man. After all, Tony Curtis has supported the NWI recently, even though leader, John “Snowy” Shaw also believes in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and extreme anti-Semitic ideas. Why is Curtis protesting a Muslim hate preacher but not the hate preacher in his own midst? We can also point the finger at Jeff Marsh, leader of Casuals United, who set up the the openly Nazi Welsh Defence League. Even the former leader of the EDL’s Jewish Division quit claiming that the organisation had been taken over by Nazis. The EDL has courted Jews when it has seemed politically useful but is now turning back to anti-Semites for support.

Casuals United leader Jeff Marsh's Welsh Defence League: very tolerant of Jews

Casuals United leader Jeff Marsh’s Welsh Defence League: very tolerant of Jews

It’s also hypocritical for the far right to criticise al-Haddad’s sexist ideas and lack of respect for a woman’s sexual consent. EDL members have been exposed for promoting rape as a weapon against their enemies and local members were exposed by us for their misogynist and sexually predatory posts. Some of these men will be turning up to “oppose” al-Haddad’s views on women at the weekend, but their own are equally disgusting and backwards. Why aren’t Casuals and Curtis booting them out of the ranks? Maybe because they aren’t brown or bearded enough.

Al-Haddad should be opposed by the vast majority who find his views abhorrent, not this ragtag bunch of far right misfits whose own ideas are just as disgusting. It would be best if both al-Haddad and the racist, sexist, homophobes of the far right were sent packing.

Far right threaten Muslim conference

Thanks to the anti-fascist who posted a heads up about a possible EDL demo on Indymedia:

Nottingham EDL are trying to shut down a Family Retreat conference at the University of Nottingham for the sole reason that it is being held by Muslims. Calling the organisers “Jihadis” and the event a “hate speech conference” they are encouraging supporters to contact the East Midlands Conference Centre to get the event cancelled and are threatening to hold a demonstration if it goes ahead. In fact, the family event is a very apolitical one, focused mainly on doctrinal issues within Islam. But then the speakers do have beards…

It seems that the EDL only have issues with the event because it is organised by and for Muslims. Of course, if a Muslim group were to protest and try to shut down a Christian event, the EDL would be baying for blood. Apparently, it’s alright when it’s the other way round though. It seems they are only in favour of their own freedom of speech but want to silence others.

The conference is scheduled to take place from Fri 29 March – Mon 01 April at the East Midlands Conference Centre on Nottingham University’s main campus.

East Midlands Anti-fascists have done a bit more digging and found that this is part of a larger campaign by Casuals United who are inviting not just the EDL but all the explicitly fascist groups, like the NWI and EVF, to harass universities into cancelling events.

East Midlands top dog Tony Curtis is claiming to be organising a demo against the family event sometime over Easter weekend, saying that one of the speakers condones the rape of children and the killing of gays. As usual, he doesn’t provide any evidence and given he was also claiming that calling people ‘pakis’ is not racist recently, we aren’t very convinced by his claims.

Casuals United are claiming that:

Main speakers are hate preachers who call f0r female genital mutilation, gays and non Muslims to be killed and who praise terror attacks.

They also say that “This is the same mob below that we stopped at Reading Uni” referring to a talk that was due to be given by Abu Usamah at-Thahabi that was stopped by a student anti-extremist  group (not the far right). However, at-Thahabi is not scheduled to speak at the Nottingham event so it’s unclear what the link is.

If the University of Nottingham event really is going to feature men who promote misogynist and homophobic actions then it should be shut down, by the wider community not a bunch of racist fascists. However, so far the far right’s case for being there looks decidedly shaky.

Unite the shite: Part 2

Tony Curtis has finally thrown his lot in with yet another unmemorable far right group – the English National Resistance. The ENR seem to have stolen the name of a previous group of the same name who tried unsuccessfully to bring the German autonomous nationalist idea to the UK. ENR Mark I seem to have managed a bit of poorly-spelled flyposting and a few rants about miscegenation before disappearing into nothing. It’s hardly a good omen.

ENR Mark II seems to be a rather uneasy alliance featuring members of the English Democrats, the South East Alliance, Britain First and now the English Volunteer Force as well. I say uneasy because some of these groups have diametrically opposed views on certain issues. For example, the English Democrats support Irish nationalism whereas the EVF are strongly loyalist. With the far right you can always be sure that cracks will be appearing before long as big egos wrestle for power and influence.

This looks like a collection of failing groups, desperate for a bit more clout than they could ever hope to manage on their own. Whilst the Eng Dems made a splash a few years back they are into decline in most areas now as people start to realise that the councillors they elected are the same old BNP thugs in suits. Britain First is another tiny split from the BNP, notable only for the fact that it is master-minded by the much-hated Jim Dowson, widely believed to have been behind some of the BNP’s worst corruption. The South East Alliance are just an EDL rump and the EVF have failed to impress so far. The organisers clearly hope that this collection of failures will be greater than the sum of its parts but we’re not holding our breath.

ENROrganiser 190213

According to Curtis, he is the “ENR national organiser covering the midlands” [sic] and his first job is going to be going to Brighton for the fascist March for England to show the “leftie commie scumbags” (his term for the local population) that “we will march and carry the St George whenever and wherever we want”. Be careful Tony – the last person to use that phrase was Casuals United’s Jeff Marsh who has now surrendered and given up on his nation by moving to Spain.

NotRacist 170213

Once again Tony is bullshitting wildly by claiming not to support racists and Nazis. When he made the announcement, fellow “patriots” urged him not to get involved in “‘white power’ bullsh-t”. Curtis replied “i am a patriot mate-not a racist-if I even suspect that C18/NF or any of that mob are present I will kick them out myself”. Even discounting the very dubious credentials of some of those involved in the alliance (for example the EVF’s monkey jokes and desire to smash “browns”), Curtis has been supporting the openly Nazi North West Infidels in recent times. That’s the NWI who recently posted a song about killing “Pakis” and gassing Jews on Twitter and are promoting a “White Pride Worldwide” event in Swansea. It’s no surprise. Tony’s new best mates in the EVF leadership are also good mates with NWI leader, John “Snowy” Shaw. Tony will tell people like his Sikh mate Jag Singh what they want to hear about him not being a racist but will cuddle up to  anyone he thinks can further his far right career. He is a liar and a hypocrite who will fit in well with his new racist buddies in the ENR.

LikesNWI 190213

WhitePrideWorldWide 090313

NWI leader John "Snowy" Shaw and EVF leader Will Anderson AKA "Jason Lock"

NWI leader John “Snowy” Shaw and EVF leader Will Anderson AKA “Jason Lock”

Unite the shite

Derbyshire based far right kingpin, Tony Curtis, never ceases to give us a good laugh. When he’s not in his bedroom playing computer games or collecting ghost stories (usually about “the muslamic menace”), Curtis assures his handful of loyal worshippers that he’s working behind the scenes on a top secret plan to “unite the right”. Any day now, he keeps saying, he will achieve unity of the tribes and crush the evil multicultural empire.

Seeing as it was precisely these kind of shady deals that got him kicked out of the EDL in the first place, we’re a wee bit sceptical about whether Tiny Tone can really pull it off. But if he did, who would be the key players?


The English Volunteer Force seems to be the destination of choice for those leaving the EDL in droves at the moment, although their first outing in London drew less than 10. They’ve got a demo about something in Birmingham at the weekend and Tony will be guest of honour, so they are obviously close to his heart.

The EVF is run by Chris Renton AKA”John Sheridan”, a former member of the EDL leadership and former BNP activist from Weston-Super-Mare. Renton tried to make links between the EDL and neo-Nazi bootboys, Combat 18 and was an enforcer on the EDL’s web pages. Former EDL leader Paul Ray described how a 57-year old grandmother emailed the EDL leadership offering support and was “met with a barrage of hate mail including messages from the Sheridan alias himself, many of which had a crude sexual twist to them”. EVF “number 2” and organiser on the ground is Will Anderson AKA “Jason Lock”, also from Weston-Super-Mare. He has made a name for himself by posing with a pair of pants on his head on the internet.

EVFMerseyside 091112

SmashBrowns 301212e

It is slightly surprising that Curtis is so keen on the EVF because he refused to work with Bill Baker’s New Patriot Alliance because they were “racist”. The EVF are as racist as any other far right group. To give two examples, a recent Merseyside EVF post compared black people to monkeys and Andy “EVF” Robinson, organiser of the Birmingham demo, has suggested that the EVF go smash some “browns”. The EVF has invited the openly racist West Midlands Infidels to their Birmingham demo. It would seem that, like most far right leaders, Curtis is an opportunist who will never hesitate to sell out in order to get more power for himself and his pet projects.


EVF in London: Nothing to write home about


The New Patriot Alliance in basically just Bill Baker. Baker is another far right chancer who’s been in every group going and been kicked out of them all as well. He has been in the BNP and the English Democrats and was booted out of the EDL in 2011 because of his links to Combat 18 and Redwatch. Because no one else wants the loser, he has had to set up his own group, the English Nationalist Alliance, whose latest incarnation is the NPA.

Bill Baker: No one wants him

Bill Baker: No one wants him

Baker has said “Sooner we start killing Muslims the Better and their socialist pals” and has claimed he “used to kill for a living”, threatening that Muslims “can all be buried in your black flags when we finish with you”. As usual with these fascist muppets, Bill is all talk and no trousers. His biggest “achievement” in recent years has been taking his tiny band of keyboard warriors on an annual trip to Brighton to get battered by the locals.

Casuals United

Led by the ultimate keyboard warrior, Jeff Marsh, Casuals United are another group who like to talk a good game but never seem to actually turn up on the day. Their slogan, “We go where we want”, usually seems to involve a pub on the other side of town or just staying at home. They have a habit of being so undercover that we have a sneaky feeling that they don’t even exist. The latest example of this was their notable failure to turn up to “smash the reds” or whatever it is they pretend they’re going to do at a protest against Greek neo-Nazis, Golden Dawn. Once they’d had time to cook up a story, they claimed there’d been 500 of them in a pub in Paddington. Yeah right Jeff.

Jeff Marsh: the British Joseph Goebbels or just a very naughty boy?

Jeff Marsh: the British Joseph Goebbels or just a very naughty boy?

“Marshole” divides his time between producing badly photoshopped pictures of Weyman Bennett, making up lunatic conspiracy theories about how the Crown Prosecution Service is a “commie”, anti-white organisation and flogging ghost-written books about his made-up hard man past to gullible supporters.

Most of the right wing football casuals who supported the EDL in their heyday have moved on with their lives. Sadly Jeff hasn’t.


Probably the least likely bedfellows with Curtis, because of their open links with the National Front and other explicitly fascist groups, the Infidels are led by crack head and llama abuser, John “Snowy” Shaw. Snowy is none too bright, as shown by his recent outing of himself as organiser of a loyalist demo in Manchester and his belief that the anti-Semitic forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, is true. The Infidels’ second in command is Shane Overton AKA “Diddyman” who was recently up on domestic abuse charges against his pregnant girlfriend.

John "Snowy" Shaw: will dance for cash

John “Snowy” Shaw: will dance for cash

Unsurprisingly, with losers like these in charge, the Infidels’ demos have been a string of disappointments. Most recently they had a very public falling out over the fact that only a tiny handful of them bothered to turn up to protest a proposed mosque in London. This was another attempt to “unite the right” that backfired. The possibilities aren’t looking good.

Unite the shite?

The possibility of gathering this bunch of bitching, narcissistic losers together in one organisation looks slim. They’ve all got past grudges with each other and their leaders all want to be Führer. Tony Curtis seems to be the latest in a string of far right figures who think that they can “unite the right” but it is just a fantasy.

Even if he succeeds, these groups combined are pitiful compared to the holy grail that all of these fascist failures chase after – the EDL at their peak. Tommy and Kev have squandered their support and sold their followers down the river and most of the footsoldiers have moved on with their lives. Only the most pathetic and incompetent are left.

Tony Curtis leaves the EDL

Nottingham’s Tony Curtis, until very recently “number 3” in the EDL after Tommy’n’Kev, has left the group, and it hasn’t been an amicable split.  His departure has stirred up a very satisfying shitstorm in the EDL, with accusations and counteraccusations being chucked about right left and centre (but mostly right!).  Curtis was a popular figure in the EDL, and was favoured as a potential leader by some discontented members, who seemed to enjoy the paranoid speeches he often made at demos; it seems that muppet-in-chief Mr. Tommy was starting to feel threatened by Curtis’s increasing prominence.

Watching the EDL go down the drain – Tony Curtis

Curtis had been working on building a new far-right grouping, the “New Patriot Alliance” (which must have ruffled Tommy’s feathers a bit)….but then Curtis decided he wouldn’t join the NPA gang because the NF were involved, and they’re too racist for his liking.  So, now he’s without a political home, caught between the far-right and the far-far-right, nursing his hurt pride and trying to work out where he can vent his anti-muslim feelings.

It will be interesting to see how this affects EDL morale in our region.  As mentioned, Curtis has made his mark in EDL circles, and his barney with tin-pot Tommy may push even more disillusioned members to show regional loyalty and abandon the group.  It’s likely that it won’t just be Curtis who’s missing from the East Midlands contingent at the next little EDL demo.

Tony Curtis is making it up

Because Nottingham’s Tony Curtis has recently risen to become an unofficial third in command of the EDL after Tommy & Kev, we thought we’d better take a bit more notice of him. Seeing as these days Tommy seems to prefer appearing as British Freedom Party deputy, Steven  Lennon, to bothering to turn up to EDL demos, and Kev Carroll is standing for police commissioner in Bedfordshire, Curtis might get a promotion any day now.

So you don’t have to, I’ve sat through Tony’s speech from the EDL’s latest demo in Bristol to see what he’s all about.

What struck me immediately was how Curtis’ speeches make all kind of vague emotional claims, designed to whip up anger, but are totally free of any factual information. He makes all kinds of outrageous statements without once backing them up with any concrete examples because he doesn’t need to. The crowd he is playing for has already made up its mind. It blindly follows the men on the platform because questioning is not encouraged. A lot of the anger and hatred that EDL demos thrive on is manufactured by its leadership who willfully overlook the wider context and fall back on prejudice and bigotry. Curtis’ speeches are just a tick list of EDL clichés for the crowd to reaffirm with a drunken burst of singing at the appropriate moment.

Curtis’ Bristol speech starts with a rant about other EDL members who have accused him of being “Old Bill”. “When you’ve got evidence”, he challenged, “come and see me”. We could say the same about pretty much every single thing he said in his speech.

He went on to make the following statement about Islam:

This is the same religion of peace that shot a woman dead last week for adultery. They shot a woman dead. She was on her knees. We have a right to say we’re not having this in our country. We have a right to say no without being opposed by individuals that can’t be bothered to have a wash.

We are left completely in the dark about who he’s talking about, where in the world this incident happened, and why “the religion of peace” rather than the individual who shot the woman is to blame. But we know she was on her knees – we are painted an emotional picture to make us angry about the supposed perpetrator, Islam itself. Then we are supposed to ignore the fact that murder is already prohibited by the law and custom in the UK and think that it is only the EDL who are preventing this situation from happening here. Anyone who opposes the EDL is to be derided with the tired old fascist cliché of being a soap dodging dole scrounger (“unwashed students who can’t be bothered to get a job”).

This kind of gibberish only makes sense if you’ve been following the EDL’s mythical narrative, that Islam is the cause of all evil in the world and only the crusading knight of the EDL can stop it. Anyone who tries to stop them is siding with evil (and probably smells as well).

This massively heightened sense of their own importance, and a growing sense of insecurity, leads to Curtis making preposterous statements like this: “Remember, what you’re doing today you’re doing nothing wrong. History will be written on events like today.” This was said about a 10 minute march by 300 people around an area totally barricaded off by the police from the general public. It was hardly the Battle of Britain, however addled by booze and coke you were.

Now Curtis switches to a new line of attack:

In every city in this country there are Muslim only areas. The frightening thing is the local government are letting them get away with it. They’re saying ‘We can’t go down there because it’s a Muslim only area.’ Bollocks! I’m an Englishmen, I can walk down any street I like. I’m an Englishman and I’m a taxpayer and I can walk down any street I like.

This is a popular EDL myth, the idea that there are Muslim only areas where presumably any non-believer is descended on by a pack of zombie Muslims and has their brains eaten on sight. It’s total bollocks of course. I mean, if these areas exist, I challenge Mr Curtis and his comrades to tell me where these areas are in Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Lincoln and Northampton? I’ve been able to travel freely around the city I’ve lived in all my life without ever being hit by a muslamic raygun. I think you’re making shit up to scare people.

I also want to know the source for the ridiculous claim that “local government” are refusing to go to certain areas because they’re Muslim only. It sounds pretty unbelievable that local authorities the length and breadth of the UK are leaving entire neighbourhoods of their cities without services because the “Islamics” have taken over. I suspect there is no source. It’s just another myth to scare the easily-led.

But there’s more rather unlikely and unsubstantiated rumour-mongering to come:

How can they cut police numbers when the crime rate is so high? Especially in Muslim areas. How can they do that?

“Especially in Muslim areas”? Do you have any statistics for that Mr Curtis? I think you’re making it up.

But here’s the truly breathtaking one:

Three years ago Islamics weren’t being arrested for child grooming, nobody was interested. We even had senior police officers telling their constables ‘Don’t stop Muslims in cars because we’ll get called a racist’, and all the time these Muslims are cruising for young girls to abuse and rape. But now it’s no longer happening because the English Defence League has said that if it continues we will organise demonstrations in those areas. It’s not happening any more, and you are part of that. You can go home today and say all those scumbags that are in prison for abusing young girls, I was partly responsible for putting them there. Because 20 years ago they weren’t interested and now they are and the only reason they’re interested is because of the millions it would cost them if we went to that city.

Here Curtis is claiming that the successful prosecution of the Rochdale grooming gang was down to the EDL, a truly mind-bending claim. The far right, including EDL members, almost caused the trial of the men to collapse by holding demonstrations outside the court in Liverpool at which barristers were attacked. A far more convincing case could be made about the role of the incoming Muslim chief prosecutor for the region, Nazir Afsal, who overturned the previous decision not to prosecute the gang.

The claim that senior police officers told their forces not to stop Muslims seems to be an embellished version of a quote from the mother of a child abused by paedophiles in Rochdale. In a Telegraph article on the case, Miss F said “A police officer did tell me, and a social worker has told me since, that they’re frightened to do anything with the Asians because they might be accused of being racist against them” (not that they were ordered not to do anything). But, interestingly, the first reason Miss F gave for why the police didn’t investigate was that “They knew all about my daughters from late 2002, but they just put it down by my girls being really bad kids.”

If we actually look at the facts of the case, it seems that gender and class rather than race were where the problems lay. The police were reluctant to protect “bad kids” and the CPS originally decided not to prosecute because the girls were not considered to be credible witnesses. Credibility in the eyes of middle class lawyers often involves a judgement based on the social standing of the witness. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that young, working class girls don’t figure very highly on their scale. In rape cases, it is also very difficult for women to be believed, as evidenced by the extremely poor conviction rates, a result of the patriarchal structure of society. Indeed, many commentators with experience working with victims of sexual abuse blamed misogynist and patriarchal attitudes for the rapes.

And before we consider the EDL to be crusaders against paedophilia, let’s remember all of the cases of rape of young girls by members of the EDL.

The idea that the only reason that police forces are acting on cases of paedophilia by Muslims (it seems the EDL aren’t interested in white paedophiles) is because otherwise the EDL will do a demo in their city, only makes sense to a believer in the cult of EDL, especially now that their demos are so small and easy for the police to contain. But these are the myths that need to be told so that the faithful will keep returning.

In between the bombast, there was a lot of tacit admission of their defeat in Curtis’ message. “Let’s get these defence leagues restarted” he pleaded and “Let’s see you all in Walthamstow because this has got to get bigger.” “The English Defence League is here to stay,” he said “even if I have to go into every city on my own.” “We are coming down the road in every city in this country until somebody listens to what we have to say.” Still no new ideas then.

Curtis’ conclusion is that “We are the only organisation to stand in defiance of the Islamics. We are the only ones and no one else.” I’m sure the BNP, Infidels, National Front, British People’s Party, English Democrats and UKIP say that too! It’s another example of how blind he is to everything outside of the EDL bubble.

Tony, when you have got some evidence for your bullshit claims, come and see us.

Jay Clark bows out

Fresh from threatening to wipe Indymedia clean out of Nottingham, Jay Clark is now desperately trying to dissociate himself from the EDL. His supporters claim he hasn’t been actively involved in Nottingham EDL for over a year and we should stop picking on him.

The “over a year” is a bit of an exaggeration. Jay was prominently involved in the St George’s Day event in Clifton last month, an event which was organised and stewarded by Nottingham, Newark and Leicester EDL members and which was MCed by Tony Curtis. Tony is a Nottingham EDL member who has spoken from the same platform as Saint Tommy at a number of national demos including Luton at the start of this month. Jay also marched with other EDL members in front of their massive Nottingham division flag on the Nottingham march. If Jay was really looking for a fresh start, he could’ve tried harder.

That said, he is clearly not as involved as he once was and doesn’t go to demos any more, so calling him the Nottingham organiser is inaccurate. That’s a title that would be better to give Richard Carroll AKA Richard Nottingham, who is currently dealing with the logistics. Another important figure is Tony Curtis, who seems heavily involved with the national leadership and was making international links at the Luton demo.

Richard Carroll

Tony Curtis

The Nottingham division once boasted of being one of the largest divisions in the country but it’s a shadow of its former self. People like Jay have realised that being prominent in the EDL is a thankless task: being targeted by anti-fascists, getting hassle from the OB, being publicly associated with a drunken rabble of racist hooligans, and then getting shit from your own footsoldiers when you try to instill some discipline. When it is clear that the EDL has nothing new to offer and no real sense of direction, you might as well give up all that shit and go fishing.

More on morons in Luton

We can confirm that the coach company used by the Leicester and Nottingham divisions for their transport to Luton (and other previous demonstrations) was:

G. H. Watts

The Coach Station
Foxholes Road,

tel: 0116 287 4037
fax: 0116 287 6142
email: contact@ghwatts.co.uk

In spite of all the hype about a big day out for the boys, the Leicester division’s coach was looking pretty empty so they indulged in the time honoured EDL tradition of getting hammered before they even arrived. Well, they need a bit of Dutch courage to face those muslamic rayguns.

Elsewhere, Nottingham’s Tony Curtis, who was doing important EDL business with the infamous Norwegian Defence League (you know, the ones who refused to distance themselves from mass murderer, Anders Breivik), got to speak on thue platform. Well he’s certainly as uninspiring as Tommy and Kev and has an equally shaky grasp on history, politics and religion so he’s a top candidate for the job.

Meanwhile, ex-communicated Sikh and virulent islamaphobe, Nottingham’s Guramit Singh, was said to be hoping for a job in the “struggling to get more than a handful of votes” British Freedom Party. That would be the party that had to hold its launch party on Twitter after the Luton venue pulled out.

The EDL: Lurching from crisis to crisis with a can of Stella in each hand.