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New leader of EDL from Lincolnshire?

Elliott Fountain, former English Democrat councillor, one-time Police and Crime Commissioner candidate and admirer of Enoch Powell has claimed that he is the new leader of the EDL.

Fountain tweeted, “Proud to be the new leader of the EDL, on national news tomo to make announcement.”

Elliott Fountain on Twitter

Elliott Fountain makes his “announcement” on Twitter

It isn’t yet clear if Fountain’s claim is credible, or if it is simply a drug-fuelled fantasy. It has been reported in the Boston Standard, but as so often in local media, there is nothing to suggest they’ve done anything to fact check his claims. A number of journalists seem to have contacted Fountain via Twitter, but the story has yet to appear anywhere else.

The appointment(?) of Fountain as leader would be particularly surprising following the announcement of Tim Ablitt as chairman of the EDL after a meeting of the “regional organisers” last week.

Fountain certainly isn’t an obvious choice for leader given his predilection for making an arse of himself of Facebook and drug-addled rants against opponents. He lost his seat on Boston Borough Council earlier this year because he didn’t bother to turn up for six months. If this is for real then the EDL are clearly desperate.

An alternative possibility is that this is one of the first signs of a power struggle within the EDL, now that Tommy Robinson/Stephen Lennon has given his erstwhile comrades the heave-ho.

No English Democrat Police Candidates

We’re pleased to announce that there will be no English Democrats standing for Police & Crime Commissioner posts in any of the 5 East Midlands counties next week. Neither Elliott Fountain (Lincs) or Alan Spencer-Bennett (Northants) made it onto the ballot. That means that, UKIP aside, there are no far right candidates in the region.

We’d like to think our exposé had a little something to do with Fountain’s withdrawal – after all what party craving respectability would let an openly islamaphobic man, who can’t keep his arse in his trousers and supports far right violence against the police, run for head of the local police force? It’s about as sensible as a drug-taking anti-drugs candidate… Still, we’d have loved to have seen him come last with 25 votes again.

Foolish Fountain

We were amused to see that Elliott Fountain thought he would be able to salvage his seriously damaged reputation by responding to our article on Nottingham Indymedia. Instead he’s just dug himself into an even bigger hole. Our advice, Elliott, is never to comment until you’ve got your story straight. Better luck next time!

Fountain was barely able to get the basic facts right, suggesting that ecstasy wasn’t a class A drug (it is), stating that the EDL was formed after a poppy burning incident (it wasn’t) and stating that Muslims had demonstrated at Google over a cartoon (it was about the film The Innocence of Muslims). It doesn’t bode well for his candidacy for the Police & Crime Commissioner post that he can’t even use Google!

Fountain tried to deny ever having like Golden Dawn and claiming that racist comments were made by other people. It was all fairly unconvincing given that it was pointed out that his party, the English Democrats, are in a pan-European alliance with Golden Dawn and that his comments had been screenshotted. He denied knowing anything about Golden Dawn despite continually commenting on an article that went into some depth about their activities. He also denied being anti-Muslim whilst regurgitating some disgustingly prejudiced views about Muslims such as that they:

generally want to kill innocent westerners, have very evil ways with regards to treatment of women and people who dont agree with there beliefs… let underage marriages go on , halal meat which is barabaric , blatantly burn poppy’s on rememberance day, openly fly banners wishing death on westerners, dont wish to conform to british values, kill over cartoons the list is endless really.

That’s all Muslims, apparently. But he’s not a racist because he has Muslim friends who seem to not mind that he hates them.

Despite being challenged several times to produce statistics to back up his claim that East European migrants are more likely to commit murder, rape and paedophilia, he failed to produce anything more than “its quite easy for you to find the stories online, there is lots”. Crime stats are clearly not his strength.

Some commenters found Fountain’s rants hard to get to grips with and suspected his drug-taking might be to blame: “Total anarchy. No capital letters or full stops. I have seen symptoms like this before …. usually resulting from amphetamine use.” Fountain admitted that he was suffering from memory and concentration problems that seemed to render him almost completely unable to understand anything that was being written.

But @ wasn’t convinced:

Never give a straight answer, never take responsibility for your actions, just deny everything and hope for the best. If it wasn’t for your shit sense of PR you’d make a perfect politician.

Introducing Elliott Fountain: candidate for Lincolnshire PCC

Elliott Fountain, the English Democrats candidate for Lincolnshire Police & Crime Commissioner, is one of only two far right candidates standing in the East Midlands*. His political hero is Enoch Powell and he has expressed a strong dislike of East European migrants. Fountain has described his approach to crime as “zero tolerance“, which involves “throwing tenants out of houses faster”, expanding Lincoln prison, bringing back the death penalty and encouraging the harassment of migrants by the police.

So far, so far right. But is Elliott Fountain a fascist? Thanks to screenshots of his Facebook profile leaked to us we can safely conclude that he is.

As well as liking and promoting the English Defence League, Fountain also likes the British Friends of Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn is the Greek neo-Nazi political party whose leaders have openly praised Nazi party leaders and used Nazi imagery. Its leader proudly proclaims his racism and has called for vigilante attacks on migrants. Golden Dawn members are believed to have fought alongside the Serbs during the Bosnian war and may have participated in the Srebrenica massacre of Muslim civilians, have vandalised synagogues and sent death threats to critical journalists. Is this the kind of “zero tolerance” that Fountain wants for Lincolnshire?

Some of the pages that Fountain likes on Facebook

It’s not just foreign far right violence that Fountain promotes. He approvingly reposted a picture of a bloodied EDL member after the group’s Walsall demonstration, supporting the group’s violent clashes with the police. EDL members attacked the police with bricks, bottles and litter bins and 30 have been arrested in connection with the day’s events. I have a feeling that Fountain’s support for this disorder might not get the support of the police he wants to direct.

Fountain’s support for groups like Golden Dawn and the EDL seems to be motivated by his violent hatred of Muslims. Reposting a video of a protest by Muslims outside the US embassy, Fountain commennted “shoot the lot of them”. Commenting on Muslim outrage about The Innocence of Muslims film he said “they enrage us the goat  ragging backward rats”. Reposting a film of a Muslim protest in Australia getting attacked by a violent mob, he wrote “this is what muslims should get!!”. Promoting racist mob violence is a strange activity for a “law and order” candidate, unless you favour the kind of “law and order” practiced by the Nazis of course.

On that note, Fountain thinks “we should of never started a war with Germany” in the 1940s, “its all a giant conspiracy but cant say to much on here else i will be killed of mysteriously”. Fountain is a conspiracy theorist (perhaps an anti-Semite?) as well as a Nazi appeaser.

Fountain’s public zero-tolerance anti-drugs approach (“bang all smack heads up”) does not appear to extend to his private life. His posts are full of favourable references to taking ecstasy and asking his mates for pills. It’s all a bit strange coming from a man who has pledged to cut crime by targeting drug offences! “It’s all about helping younger people to keep them away from crime, from drugs, from doing things which are wrong” he told the BBC in a clear case of ‘do as I say, not as I do’.

He’s also not averse to drinking until he passes out. “who was sleeping with me 4 or 5 years ago” he asks Facebook,  “because i was in a drunken state for a year or two”. Maybe it was during this time that he was photographed getting his arse out in a public square in a German city. We can only imagine his response if one of the dreaded “East Euros” behaved in a similar manner in his hometown of Boston.

But Fountain’s real passion seems to be ogling at women with their tits out: Boobies, Phantom Models, Silks Gentlemans Lounge, Laptastic International, Nuts, EroticCapital.co.uk, EroticaUK, fetish burlesque, Hedonism Resorts and Nottingham’s infamous branch of Hooters all feature on his likes list. Whilst Fountain might be a xenophobe in his political career, he’s more of an internationalist when it comes to perving, even getting into Slovak Girls & Women (as long as they’re not taking English jobs, of course).

All in all, Elliott’s a bit of a sad case and the English Democrats must be really desperate to be standing him as their candidate. Fortunately, he doesn’t have a chance in hell of actually winning, only managing a grand total of 45 votes in his past two election appearances. There goes another deposit down the drain for one of Lincolnshire’s veteran fascist losers.


* The other is Alan Spencer-Bennett, also of the English Democrats, standing for the post in Northamptonshire

Fountain fails again

We’re a bit slow off the draw with this one so apologies for the delay. Back at the start of the month there was a by-election for the Lincolnshire County Council seat of Nettleham & Saxilby. Far right chancer, Elliott Fountain of the English Democrats, fresh from a resounding defeat in the Lincoln East by-election, thought he’d have another go. He came last with only 21 votes (less than 0.9%) in a truly shocking performance. This is even less than the 24 votes he got when he came last in Lincoln East.

This is another major failure for the rabidly anti-immigration Fountain, who is a candidate for the Lincolnshire Police Commissioner post. The EDs must be getting tired of him pissing their deposit money up the wall!

English Democrats fail in Lincoln East

The English Democrats candidate and leader of the party in Lincolnshire, Elliott Fountain, has failed dismally in the Lincoln East by election. Fountain, who is already a councillor for the Fenside ward of Boston Borough Council, only got a paltry 24 votes (2.1%) despite the extremely low turnout, something that normally favours small parties.

Fountain has said that at least half of the jobs available in Lincolnshire should be guaranteed to go to “English workers”, a call which was criticised by local farmers who said it would lead to a labour shortage. A speech of his is quoted on the now defunct Boston Casuals website in which he blames the “east euros” for everything from both school closures and local children not being able to go to their selected school, Boston Borough Council’s benefits bill and  drink driving. “1000 east euros get deported on euro warrants each year from UK for being criminals,” he rants, “people dont know if there living next door to rapists, murderers and paedophiles”. Unsurprisingly, he failed to mention that the vast majority of rapists, murderers and paedophiles in this country are British. He is trying to promote the same politics of fear and loathing of anything foreign that is shared by the rest of the far right. Thankfully only 24 people in Lincoln East have fallen for it.

Fountain has said that he will stand for the Lincolnshire Police Commissioner post in the Autumn. His credentials appear to be that “I am Lincolnshire born and raised – my family have been here for hundreds of years” and that he is “more in touch with the youth of today”. He campaigned to be elected as mayor of Boston last year, but had to pay people to support his bid.

If Fountain’s anti-immigrant politics of fear sounds rather familiar it might be because his stablemate, fellow English Democrats councillor for Fenside, David Owens, was a BNP member up until the 2011 local elections when he defected to the English Democrats. The English Democrats appear to be seen as a more “credible” nationalist party to join when jumping the “toxic” BNP ship but anti-fascists are not falling for it. It’s the same old xenophobic nonsense with a new label.