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Unite the shite: Part 2

Tony Curtis has finally thrown his lot in with yet another unmemorable far right group – the English National Resistance. The ENR seem to have stolen the name of a previous group of the same name who tried unsuccessfully to bring the German autonomous nationalist idea to the UK. ENR Mark I seem to have managed a bit of poorly-spelled flyposting and a few rants about miscegenation before disappearing into nothing. It’s hardly a good omen.

ENR Mark II seems to be a rather uneasy alliance featuring members of the English Democrats, the South East Alliance, Britain First and now the English Volunteer Force as well. I say uneasy because some of these groups have diametrically opposed views on certain issues. For example, the English Democrats support Irish nationalism whereas the EVF are strongly loyalist. With the far right you can always be sure that cracks will be appearing before long as big egos wrestle for power and influence.

This looks like a collection of failing groups, desperate for a bit more clout than they could ever hope to manage on their own. Whilst the Eng Dems made a splash a few years back they are into decline in most areas now as people start to realise that the councillors they elected are the same old BNP thugs in suits. Britain First is another tiny split from the BNP, notable only for the fact that it is master-minded by the much-hated Jim Dowson, widely believed to have been behind some of the BNP’s worst corruption. The South East Alliance are just an EDL rump and the EVF have failed to impress so far. The organisers clearly hope that this collection of failures will be greater than the sum of its parts but we’re not holding our breath.

ENROrganiser 190213

According to Curtis, he is the “ENR national organiser covering the midlands” [sic] and his first job is going to be going to Brighton for the fascist March for England to show the “leftie commie scumbags” (his term for the local population) that “we will march and carry the St George whenever and wherever we want”. Be careful Tony – the last person to use that phrase was Casuals United’s Jeff Marsh who has now surrendered and given up on his nation by moving to Spain.

NotRacist 170213

Once again Tony is bullshitting wildly by claiming not to support racists and Nazis. When he made the announcement, fellow “patriots” urged him not to get involved in “‘white power’ bullsh-t”. Curtis replied “i am a patriot mate-not a racist-if I even suspect that C18/NF or any of that mob are present I will kick them out myself”. Even discounting the very dubious credentials of some of those involved in the alliance (for example the EVF’s monkey jokes and desire to smash “browns”), Curtis has been supporting the openly Nazi North West Infidels in recent times. That’s the NWI who recently posted a song about killing “Pakis” and gassing Jews on Twitter and are promoting a “White Pride Worldwide” event in Swansea. It’s no surprise. Tony’s new best mates in the EVF leadership are also good mates with NWI leader, John “Snowy” Shaw. Tony will tell people like his Sikh mate Jag Singh what they want to hear about him not being a racist but will cuddle up to  anyone he thinks can further his far right career. He is a liar and a hypocrite who will fit in well with his new racist buddies in the ENR.

LikesNWI 190213

WhitePrideWorldWide 090313

NWI leader John "Snowy" Shaw and EVF leader Will Anderson AKA "Jason Lock"

NWI leader John “Snowy” Shaw and EVF leader Will Anderson AKA “Jason Lock”

Fascists leak their own details

It has come to anti-fascists’ attention that fascist losers, the New British Union, have posted the details of all their national and regional officers on their website. You can find a complete list here.

The NBU is based on Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists who supported Hitler during WWII. Mosley’s blackshirts were comprehensively beaten off the streets by the anti-fascist 43 Group of Jewish ex-servicemen in the aftermath of the war.

A number of officers in the East Midlands are listed:

Derbyshire: Jennifer Page –

Leicestershire: Jenna Hines –

Northamptonshire: Terence Steele –

Nottinghamshire: Stephen Dean –

Pig’s head man gets off

Liam Ferrar, the man who put a pig’s head at the door of a community centre used by a Muslim group, has escaped jail. Ferrar, a prominent member of the EDL-led Forgotten Estates group was given a suspended 12 week jail sentence and ordered to do 250 hours community service and pay costs. Ferrar pleaded guilty to religiously-motivated harassment in January.

Whilst much was made in court about Ferrar’s remorse and how he’ll never do it again, the act was clearly premeditated. He obtained the head many months before the act and kept it in his freezer.

That said, it’s a good thing that Ferrar wasn’t jailed. Leicester EDL would have loved to have had a martyr for their cause and would have been banging on to anyone who’d listen about their fabled “two-tier justice system” and how the CPS are all communists. Importantly, As Salaam’s imam made a statement to the effect that they were satisfied that justice had been done and it is good that no one had to go through the dehumanising experience of prison.

The EDL, however, are baying for blood about another incident:

LeicesterEDL 120213At first glance this looks like another made up story, like the one about a cross being covered up by Muslims from August. However, this one seems to have an element of truth to it:

CraigWelbourne 140213

It seems as though the incident was a) nothing to do with the people who hired the hall and b) resolved to the satisfaction of the injured party. All done and dusted by the looks of it. It’s also hardly comparable to the pig’s head incident which was clearly a premeditated attempt to intimidate the Muslim community, given the particular significance of the pig to Muslims and the context of ongoing protests in which Muslims claimed to have been abused and intimidated. There is no evidence of premeditation or intimidation in this church hall incident and you can bet the EDL would be shouting it from the rooftops if they’d found some.

This is just another bit of hypocrisy from the EDL, who always moan about the police force, filling their profiles with ‘1312’/’ACAB’ (All Coppers Are Bastards) posts when ‘their’ people are being arrested and repressed by the police. However, it seems they are quite happy to see arrests and punishment of people they don’t like.

It’s also very strange that they are complaining about the media giving coverage to the Ferrar case but not this rowdy party gone wrong. After all, the Ferrar case only got the amount of coverage it did because of the hysteria the EDL and friends had whipped up around the Thurnby Lodge scout hut and the nightly protests that they instigated. That’s why it was front page news rather than a small crime report buried on page 10. Their own exclusive scoop isn’t really much of a story unless you’re a paranoid anti-Muslim bigot who sees Islamic domination on every street corner.

Nottingham BNP are desperate

Anyone want to give them a call? 070213

Hardline fascists meet in Leicestershire

According to Hope Not Hate reporter, Matthew Collins, a new hardline fascist party was launched at a village hall in Leicestershire at the weekend. Andrew Brons, who resigned from the BNP in October last year, is trying to bring together members of the National Front, the British Movement and Combat 18 to oppose the BNP. He is a former member of the openly Nazi National Socialist Movement and has long struggled against Griffin’s modernisation of the BNP.

Hope Not Hate claim to have infiltrated the meeting of about 60 boneheads and photographed them. They reckon former C18 Nazis and EDL activists were providing security. Despite saying that “people have a right to know that these groups of people are lying and cheating their way onto public property to cultivate their message of hate”, HnH declined to reveal the location of the meeting.

Boston EDL member arrested for racial abuse

Matt “NFSE” Hickman, a member of the EDL from Boston, has been arrested for a suspected racially-aggravated offence, in what may be the start of a round up of the far right. According to Hickman, police arrested him under S.4 of the Public Order Act (Fear or provocation of violence), in relation to posts made on his Facebook page. He said the police have told him more arrests will be made.ide

MattHickmanNicked 080213

Whilst it is sickening that the state can simply round people up based on posts made on Facebook, we won’t be shedding any tears for Muslim-haters like Hickman. There is no doubt that a great deal of fascist organisation to attack people based on their skin colour or religion occurs on Facebook and this organisation should be disrupted as much as possible.


But which of Hickman’s “top lads” is the grass? And who will be called down to the station next?

Hilliard gives up on uniting the right

It is with sadness that we announce that Derbyshire BNP organiser, Paul Hilliard, has decided to close his ridiculous “Nationalists Must Unite as One to Achieve Victory” page. NMUOAV has given us a load of  laughs over the past few months as fascist dinosaurs have waged bitter battles with one another about who the most corrupt, untrustworthy and compromised far right leader is and who to hate more, the Muslims or the Jews.

Now Paul has called it a day saying “I struggle to wonder how we can bring nationalists together” and that a proliferation of such pages “is playing back into our enemies hands”. The page, he says, “does not work as it should and is counter productive”. We would have to agree. The page has been a prime battleground for infighting between the various loony sects of the far right and has done plenty to harm the fantasy of unity amongst fascists.

TheEnd 020213

Probably part of the reason that no one likes his page is that it is a racist, anti-Semitic swamp, something that has caused  much of the fighting between old school Nazis who think the ultimate “enemy” is the Jews and those coming from the EDL perspective who want to blame everything on Muslims instead. To attain “unity”, Hilliard purged the page of those who didn’t hate the Jews enough to fit in with his gang. His latest offering is that “Rupert Murdoch, jew is top ten most influential people in the world brainwashing our people … We are being taken over by jews.”

Jews 310113

Let’s bid “Nationalists Must Unite” farewell with a few highlights:

JulieLake 021012

GavinCardy 041212

DavidMarshall 041212

DavidMarshall 041212 2

DazYorkie 051212

Freedom Bookshop firebombed

We were saddened to hear that Freedom Bookshop in London has been firebombed. The long-standing anarchist bookshop was attacked on Friday morning, with the fire causing extensive damage to electrics and stock. Fortunately, nobody was in the building at the time, so there were no injuries.

A solidarity cleanup was organised and the shop will be open again tomorrow (Monday) morning, “not quite as usual, but reasonably close.”

Police are investigating the incident and nobody has so far claimed responsibility, but as explained in this interview on YouTube, suspicion has fallen on the far-right. The bookshop has a long history of supporting anti-fascism and was attacked by Combat 18 in 1993.

If this was a fascist attack, it is something of a step-up from the pork product-based approach which seems to have dominated their tactical thinking in recent years. It is also notable that whoever was responsible was not in police custody within hours, suggesting a degree of competence few of today’s master race have achieved.

Hopefully this is an isolated incident rather than the beginning of a new trend. We, and no doubt anti-fascists across the UK, will be monitoring the situation closely.

If you’d like help Freedom out financially, cheques or postal orders made payable to Freedom Press can be sent to Freedom Press, 84b Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7QX. You can also help by ordering books through the Freedom Press website and then emailing to let them know that your purchase was a donation.

Racist attacks in Bingham

A worrying article on the BBC news website, reports that a Muslim family have been forced to leave the Nottinghamshire market town of Bingham following a string of racist incidents.

Offensive graffiti was sprayed on the path outside their house and, in one of the more bizarre racist incidents we’ve encountered, a cross wrapped in ham was left outside their home.

“The first incident was when the big, wooden cross, wrapped in ham, fell into the house after a knock at the door,” Murad Alam told the BBC. He said that names such as “Paki” and “tramp” had been shouted at them in the street. “The kids have been abused a number of times; the eldest had smoke blown in his face by an elderly local gentleman.”

Mr Alam told the BBC that he thought Bingham was generally a nice area: “The week before we moved there, Bingham was named the eighth best place to live in the UK – but that’s if you’re white – there are not many Asian or black faces there. It is a nice, generally middle-class village and I’m sure most of the people there are great, it’s just these choice few.”

Exactly who “these choice few” are isn’t entirely clear. The police seem to have conducted an extensive operation to find those involved, but seemingly without success. A thirteen year-old boy was arrested, but later released without charge.

We don’t know of any of the local far-right are involved, but as we commented at the time of the ham cross incident, “This is exactly the kid of spiteful childish act that the local EDL specialise in. After all, it’s not long ago that Nottingham EDL activists Chris Payne, Nicky Long, Wayne Havercroft and Robert Parnham left a pig’s head on a stick at the site of a mosque in Nottingham.”

Since then Liam Ferrar, of the EDL-associated “Forgotten Estates” group has admitted religiously aggravated harassment after after he left a pig’s head at the door of a community centre on Christmas Day.

The main indication that the EDL (or one of their multitude splinters) aren’t involved is that whoever is responsible managed to do it without getting nicked withiin a matter of hours.

Even if the organised far-right aren’t involved, these incidents illustrate how divisive racism can be in communities. They also point to an anti-Muslim sentiment which the EDL and others have helped to foster and could all to easily exploit.