May 8 2012

More on morons in Luton

We can confirm that the coach company used by the Leicester and Nottingham divisions for their transport to Luton (and other previous demonstrations) was:

G. H. Watts

The Coach Station
Foxholes Road,

tel: 0116 287 4037
fax: 0116 287 6142

In spite of all the hype about a big day out for the boys, the Leicester division’s coach was looking pretty empty so they indulged in the time honoured EDL tradition of getting hammered before they even arrived. Well, they need a bit of Dutch courage to face those muslamic rayguns.

Elsewhere, Nottingham’s Tony Curtis, who was doing important EDL business with the infamous Norwegian Defence League (you know, the ones who refused to distance themselves from mass murderer, Anders Breivik), got to speak on thue platform. Well he’s certainly as uninspiring as Tommy and Kev and has an equally shaky grasp on history, politics and religion so he’s a top candidate for the job.

Meanwhile, ex-communicated Sikh and virulent islamaphobe, Nottingham’s Guramit Singh, was said to be hoping for a job in the “struggling to get more than a handful of votes” British Freedom Party. That would be the party that had to hold its launch party on Twitter after the Luton venue pulled out.

The EDL: Lurching from crisis to crisis with a can of Stella in each hand.

May 5 2012

EDL in Luton as soldiers march through Nottingham

Today the 73 Engineer Regiment marched through Nottingham, along with the Royal Band of Engineers and 30 Officer Cadets from the East Midlands Universities Air Squadron. The EDL were notable by their absence.

In the past the EDL have been vocally supportive of similar marches. When the Mercian Regiment marched through Nottingham in December 2009, 3-400 EDLers turned out and proceeded to show their “support” for British soldiers by getting rat-arsed.

This time the Nottingham Division seem to have decided that they’d rather spend the day travelling to Luton so they can stand around in a police pen and listen to Tommy Robinson/Stephen Yaxley-Lennon announce (to nobody’s surprise) that he is to become the deputy chairman of the British Freedom Party.

Nottingham Division on the way to Luton

Nottingham Division on the way to Luton (source: EDLNewsExtra)