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Mark Dunn reacts to Galloway’s victory

Mark ‘Dunny’ Dunn of Leicester EDL got hot and bothered about George Galloway’s election victory in Bradford. The wee laddy had obviously had so many drams he’d forgotten that he was supposed to be peacefully opposing Islamic extremism, not yanking lefty opportunists by the scrotum and inciting cruel and degrading treatment.

“I, personally, would like to see George Galloway strung up by his bollocks whilst young British kids piss in his face & smash his head in with ‘nailed’ baseball bats”, Dunny ranted in his online incitement before pre-emptively pleading with the courts: “Please don’t lock me away for 8 weeks as this is just my personal opinion”. Eight weeks? If the riots Facebook cases are anything to go by you’re looking at a few years inside, pal! What a naughty wee laddy ye are!

Dunny’s final plea before the court (in his head): “…And yes, I’ve been drinking!!” I thought Leicester EDL had a bee in their bonnet about people who use the consumption of alcohol to excuse their outrages?

Let’s hope Galloway’s victory causes more sad, drink-sodden EDL hypocrites to greet into their pints this weekend.

Lone fascist spotted in Nottingham

A poster on Indymedia spotted a lone BNP member (probably the last one) in Nottingham city centre yesterday handing out leaflets. Thinking quickly the spotter photographed the fascist who quickly scuttled back under the rock he came out from under.

The leaflets being handed out contained contact details for the West Bridgford BNP who meet on Wednesday nights. They can be contacted on 07792936251 or at if anyone would like to ‘help out’ with leafletting.

Any info on this loser’s identity would be much appreciated.

The Allsebrook Files

Some might have though that the Cliff Roper side of the Amber Valley BNP rift were playing it cool and ignoring the Allsebrook camp’s temper tantrums, avoiding giving anti-fascists any material to use against them. However, it seems that the fascists can’t resist the temptation to expose their dirty laundry in public for the whole world to see.

The latest developments are recorded on a blog melodramatically titled ‘The Allsebrook Files’ reprinting material from “every sector of the political spectrum who detest Amber Valley former BNP member Lewis Allsebrook and his covernous cohorts.” It seems highly likely to have been set up by Roper and there’s backstabbing aplenty in the comments.

‘Buckspatriot’ says “pretentious Lewis recognises he wont get re-elected as a BNP councillor and has been currying favour with the tories with the aim of joining them”, but “if any BNP councillor imagines the Tories will have him as a candidate he is barking. ‘Gillam’ replies “The Tories are welcome to him. I’m sure Amber Valley will progress now without his tantrums – and his rather strange lady friends.”

‘Simo’ agrees: “The pretentious tory boy has spent years stabbing real activists in the back whilst he climbs the greasy pole to glory. He’s tried it once too often and has had the tables turned on him. Now he realises that he can’t climb any further in the BNP, he’s jumping ship – again.” Apparently, Allsebrook’s “judgement is abysmal.” Allsebrook is “The third councillor rep [to resign] in a year, and by far the most incompetent and useless of them all.”

‘NewInn14’ thinks Allsebrook’s departure is “not a great loss to the BNP compared with what they have lost in the last 2 years. Its just another rat jumping off a sinking ship.”

Not everyone is happy though. ‘Mike’ sarcastically comments that it’s “Nice to see the bnp herd turning on another one of their former colleagues.” He concludes “Down the plughole goes the bnp.”

We would have to agree with ‘Simo’ about Allsebrook’s importance: “Incompetent fool or sabateur? Who knows or even cares? Good riddance.”

Dickensian gloom

Regular readers will have notices several references to BNP East Midlands Regional Organiser Geoff Dickens in the last few months. It’s important to know your enemies, and so we’d like to introduce the BNP’s main man in our region.  “Retired businessman” Geoff lives in Shawell, near Lutterworth, and has stood for the BNP in several elections in Leicestershire, most recently at the general election in 2010, where he failed to secure the Harborough seat for the white race (although he did narrowly beat the UKIP candidate).

More interesting than old Geoff himself is what his job as Regional Organiser illustrates about the current state of the BNP.  Much of Dickens’s role seems to be touring local branches spreading the word to the (generally few) party faithful.  He has recently addressed meetings in Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, and Derbyshire, delivering his trademark routine – which consists mostly of paranoid tosh about the international communist new world order, followed by a call for party unity and, of course, the appeals for money which BNP members hear so often these days.

Unity and money are both elusive in the BNP at the moment, and so Dickens has the unenviable mission of trying to subdue the strong anti-Griffin feeling from local members, whilst also boosting party coffers – a gloomy task whilst many members accuse Nick Griffin of diverting wodges of their cash into his own capacious pockets, and whilst the BNP central command (ie. Griffin and his mates) owe the East Midlands region eight and a half grand….

Dickens was the “returning officer” for the BNP’s extremely bitter leadership election last summer, where Griffin beat Andrew Brons by 9 votes, amidst a whirlwind of claims of vote-rigging and dodgy dealings (in a fascist party – how surprising!).  Dickens is seen as a steady, even-handed party man, suitable to deliver the unity and “safe” party image the BNP so eagerly crave.

It wasn’t always like this for Geoff though; he was (as were both Griffin and Brons) a very active member of the old-school NF for many years, which is not the sort of thing BNP officials like to mention nowadays.  An even more inconvenient skeleton in his cupboard is his membership of the barmy openly nazi outfit The Greater Britain Movement in the 1960s, which took inspiration from Mosley’s blackshirts.  It’s useful to be reminded that despite the laughable infighting, incompetence and irrelevance of today’s “more respectable” BNP, they will always represent a danger as a direct inheritor of the British fascist tendency; that’s why we oppose them, and that’s why we’re watching you, Geoff.






Why supporting anti-fascist prisoners matters

Ravi Gill is currently serving a 21 month prison sentence for standing up to neo-Nazis in Welling. A benefit gig in support of the anti-fascist prisoners was held in Nottingham last month. One of Notts ABC forwarded us this message from Ravi about the support he’s received:

I am really grateful for all the support me and the others have received. It’s not just because of the money raised but just knowing that there’s people like you who are going out of their way writing and/or arranging benefits or even just attending them and maybe talking or reading about the case, it really is so inspiring and makes the time in here that much easier to deal with. It does feel like we were/are in here for everyone and in turn everyone’s out there for us.

Ian Humphries sets out Leicester EDL’s position on Muslims

Ian Humphries, a Leicester EDL division member, has made it quite clear what the EDL’s position on Muslims is in a recent Facebook comment:

“We all fuckin hate the dirty Muslim cunts the stinky dirty goat shagging bastards”

Humphries was at both the EDL’s national demonstrations this year, Leicester and Hyde, and was pictured hanging out with other EDL division members. It is hard to believe that his views are out of line with those of his mates. We wonder whether Humphries’ employers at FedEx know about his discriminatory beliefs?

Ian 'dirty goat shagging' Humphries


More Amber Valley BNP fallout

Clearly annoyed at not having brought down Self-Appointed Dickhead and Self-Obsessed Slapper yet, there is yet another whingefest on the Amber Valley Matters website. This time it’s Lewis Allsebrook’s right-hand woman Debra Purdy’s moment to take a break from talking to her 7 followers on Twitter and step on the soap box.

Apparently the Ropers and Paul Hilliard have “destroyed the local branch” of the BNP. The post mostly consists of repeating the boring story of Allsebrook’s fallout with the Ropers again including the moment when “Cliff spat his dummy out over group finances and went Independent.” Apparently, Lewis offered Cliff the role of leader of the BNP group on the Amber Valley Council, an opportunity which he “grabbed … with both hands and re-took the party whip after just 5 days as an Independent”.

There’s also an interesting account of the BNP’s ill-fated expedition to Matlock to run a stall. Apparently Paul Hilliard and Lewis Allsebrook abandoned the stall early on and called the male members of the group to join them scratching their balls in a cafe while the women did the work. Debra ” felt this was unacceptable as we were all hungry and thirsty and to leave just women on the stall was not very safe.” On finding the menfolk dossing about Debra’s daughter Amy “confronted them and in effect humiliated them for their actions. Paul was livid.” Naughty boys! Paul told Debra that “he would not forgive Amy’s outburst and she was now on her final warning.”

Hilliard also comes in for criticism for his insensitivity to Debra’s health issues “Paul continued to criticise me for my inability to deliver leaflets or stand in the freezing cold on stalls.” Debra clearly isn’t aware of fascism’s history of forcing ‘Untermenschen’ to work in inhospitable conditions.

Purdy also ‘fesses up to having restarted the Derby Patriot blog: “It was borne out of sheer desperation of our being unable to defend ourselves against the true enemies of the party who had gained the protection of the party hierarchy.”

Allsebrook and Purdy now find themselves in the political wilderness, forced out of the only party desperate enough to have welcomed them in the first place with only the”leading voices in right-wing politics” of The Express and Fox News to keep them company.

…and another…

Another obnoxious facebook contribution from EDL Leicester now, this time from “racist bouncer” Jules Kent.


EDL trucking idiot…

Another local EDL member has been making a muppet of himself on facebook.  This time it’s Brendan Moran, from the shambles that is the Nottingham Division.

Leicester EDL activist advocates nuclear war and genocide

You might think that the murder, by a rogue US soldier, of 16 Afghani civilians, including children, would be one of those incidents that everybody could agree was a bad thing. Well you’d be wrong.

Some representatives of the EDL have taken a break from “peacefully protesting against Islamic extremism” long enough to argue (if that isn’t an unduly generous term for their barely coherent ramblings) not only that the killings were a good thing, but that there’s a need for more, not less, indiscriminate murder by coalition forces.

Paul James, a member of the EDL and a prominent figure in the military fantasists of the self-styled “Combined Ex-Forces” (CxF), went on Facebook to crow “Got to love an american soldier.. he had the right idea.. An eye for an eye.. time to get the lads home and nuke Aghanistan.”

James’ proposal was wholeheartedly endorsed by Leicester EDL activist Lee Tams, who replied (apparently unable to find and turn-off caps lock), “NUKE UM ALL AFGHANISTAN, IRAN AND IRAQ, I CAN LIVE WITH THAT AND FK INNOCENT CIVILIANS THEY DON,T GIVE FK BOUT THEM WHEN THEY BLOWING UM SELFS UP WIPING OUT EVERY FUCKER”

Tams who works as a road sweeper at Leicester City Council later went on to explicitly advocate genocide on the basis of a batshit crazy analysis of how the war in Afghanistan might develop. “THEY ALL NEED WIPING OUT IT,S ONLY WAY FORWARD. THEY ARE ALL A BIG BUNCH OF CUNTS,ITS GONNA GET TO THE STAGE WHEN THEY ALL JOIN TOGETHER AND GET RUSSIA AND CHINA ON THEIR SIDE, WE WILL BE FKED.”

Of late, fascists desperate for a new bandwagon to jump on now the EDL’s anti-Islamic extremism schtick seems to be losing its attraction, have made a lot of noise about paedophilia. (In the process they have, of course, been careful to avoid mention of the array of paedophiles and rapists in their own ranks.) In February a rowdy protest outside the trial of a paedophile gang (who happened to be Asian) almost forced a retrial after the demonstrators apparently attacked a barrister. Quite how they propose to square their supposed opposition to child abuse with their support for a child killer isn’t clear.

Lee Tam

Lee Tams