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Anti-immigration protest in Nottingham

On the evening of October the 19th, a group calling itself Notts Casual Infidels organised a protest in Nottingham against “Uncontrolled Immigration” (the fact that immigration is ‘uncontrolled’ in the UK will come as a surprise to migrants imprisoned in detention centres, but let’s leave that aside for now).  A group of about 20 fascists spent a while drinking themselves brave in a Wetherspoons pub on the City’s Market Square, before venturing out to wave a large St.George’s Flag and a home-made banner.

They stood on the edge of the square with their flag for a while, opposed by a much larger anti-fascist group, mobilized at short notice.  When the anti-fascists, numbering about 100, moved towards the pub, the police formed lines to keep the two groups separate.

A familiar face on the demo was Jimmy Saville fan Bob Brindley, aka “Nottingham BNP”.  He stood at the edge of the NCI contingent, waving his grubby Union Jack.  He quickly scuttled off when the antifascist demo moved closer.



It seems the NCI are linked to the remains of Nottinghamshre EDL – note the rotund guy on the left in this photo from the evening…


Craig Burridge

He’s Craig Burridge, from Worksop EDL.  Here he is again at the anti-mosque march in Lincoln in July…..

In the gutter, gazing at the bars…


Also from Worksop EDL was Andrew Shaw….



Andrew Shaw


Here’s an ex-Nottingham EDL activist – melancholic chauvinist Adam Repton (in the cap):

The NCI spokesperson on the evening was Jamie Upton…

‘Honest Jamie’

Upton also used to be a prominent local EDL activist, but fell foul of the EDL hierarchy in January, accused of stealing funds.  So, it looks like the NCI is another of the many little splinter groups that have emerged from the remains of the EDL (in this case, perhaps with suspiciously full pockets….).  It could be said that they are, ironically, themselves refugees from the wreck of the EDL.


Some more photos of the NCI on the evening…


After a while, the NCI dispersed, and after being shepherded around the market square by the police, went back into the pub, to enjoy the traditional far-right pastime of drinking beer under the watchful eye of the constabulary.

The antifascist counter-protest subsequently dispersed, with one arrest as someone tried to break through police lines.   Some time later, the NCI finally emerged from the warm shelter of the pub and took a photo of themselves on the empty steps of the Council House.  They had an abandoned UAF placard with them as a ‘trophy’….recovered from a bin on the market square!

We go where we want (as long as all the antifascists have gone home)

It’s fair to say that the NCI’s first demo was hardly a success – they were heavily outnumbered, and spent most of the evening being slowly pushed back into the pub by police.  The highlight of their evening’s political activity seems to be a sign found in a bin – whatever floats your boat, lads….

Far-right election candidates in the region

There are a number of fascist candidates standing in this week’s Euro Parliament and local council elections :

European parliament

BNP : Cathy Duffy, Robert West, Bob Brindley, Geoffrey Dickens, Paul Hillard.

English Democrats : Kevin Sills, Dave Wickham, John Dowle, Oliver Healey, Terry Spencer.


Cathy Duffy...she's not going to be an MEP...

Cathy Duffy…she’s not going to be an MEP

Cathy Duffy from Charnwood is the obvious choice for head of the BNP list, being a rare animal – one of the party’s two local councillors in the whole country.  The inclusion of Paul ‘Aloe Vera’ Hilliard as the last candidate on the list shows how his stock has fallen in the party, with outright fruitcake and twitter twat Bob Brindley selected above him.


Kevin Sills - nor is he...

Kevin Sills – nor is he…

The English Democrats are the usual mix of ex-members of other far-right parties, and people who find UKIP a bit liberal.  Veteran party-swopper Kevin Sills is their lead candidate.



Amber Valley : Alan Edward (Codnor & Waingroves), Ken Cooper (Ripley).

Derby : Paul Hilliard (Chaddesden), Carol Tucker (Derwent).

The most interesting feature of the local candidate list is how sparse it is, with only four candidates from the BNP standing in our region, all in Derbyshire.  This reflects the general decline of the party, who are fielding 114 candidates nationwide, compared to 739 in the equivalent elections in 2010.  The party seems extremely unlikely to add to its pitiful national tally of two councillors.


Although these elections promise very lean pickings for the BNP and their ilk, it’s likely – and alarming – that UKIP will do well (taking votes from all parties, including the BNP).  They are standing numerous candidates in both Euro and council elections, have a huge campaign budget, and have a high national profile.  Although their politics are vague and vacuous, they are undoubtedly pushing the political discourse to the right and need to be opposed.  The results of Thursday’s elections will make interesting reading.


BNP scraping the barrel for Euros

East Midlands BNP have announced their candidates for the 2014 Euro elections. The list is as interesting for who’s not on it as who is:

1. Cllr. Cathy Duffy.
2. Revd. Robert West.
3. Bob Brindley.
4. Steve Brammer.
5. To be decided.

The first two are obvious choices for the party as the most prominent BNPers in Leicestershire and Lincolnshire even though both did poorly in May’s local elections (West only managed to get 88 votes). Nottingham’s Bob Brindley, however, is anything but a “safe” choice. Brindley uses his Nottingham BNP twitter feed to launch increasingly barmy diatribes against Jews, homosexuality, Asians and just about everyone who isn’t a signed up white supremacist (although he has made an exception for serial paedophile Jimmy Savile).

Bob Brindley: Holocaust denial

Bob Brindley: Holocaust denial

HagueHomosexual 120913Frankfurt 120913270713Twit 200713

After Brindley comes Steve Brammer from Ranskill, North Nottinghamshire. Brammer is almost unknown to fascists in the Midlands, probably because he lives only a few miles from South Yorkshire. He has never stood in an election before.

"Fresh" blood: First time candidate Steve Brammer

“Fresh” blood: First time candidate Steve Brammer

And next in line after Brammer is… well it looks like they couldn’t find anyone else to stand for them! There are no candidates from Derbyshire or from Northamptonshire, no sign of “super activist” Paul Hilliard from Derby and no sign of “Heanor Patriot” Cliff Roper either. Have they jumped ship as well? We will see. Certainly Roper showed signs of a swing to a more extreme right wing position after losing his Amber Valley seat, headlining his blog with the notorious 14 word phrase beloved of neo-Nazis. Perhaps the BNP isn’t extreme enough for him any more?

The release of this list is a further sign of decline for the fascist party. Only a few years ago, the East Midlands were seen as one of the BNP’s strongholds. Now they are struggling even to find 5 people across the entire region to stand for them. Good riddance!

Nottingham BNP get behind Jimmy Savile

There aren’t many people prepared to publicly back Jimmy Savile at the moment.  Nottingham BNP are willing to defend the dead abuser’s reputation, however – their spokesman, bonkers Bob Brindley, has taken to twitter to share his thoughts on the scandal.

Very tasteful, Bob.  We have commented before on the far-right’s blind spot when it comes to white paedophiles, and Brindley again shows that horrendous abuse scandals only matter to the BNP if there’s a racist point to be made.


No “darkies” please – we’re the BNP

Anyone who’s been foolish enough to follow Nottingham BNP’s Twitter feed will know what a never-ending stream of reactionary rubbish it is. But this week Nottingham organiser, Bob Brindley, has surpassed himself with his advice to people voting for the Notts Police Commissioner:

Time to think b4 you vote for police commissioner in Nottingham – a hard line is needed – don’t vote for labour bloke or darkie

Well we would never think of this hanging and flogging enthusiast as anything but hardline, but this is really taking the piss. I mean, it’s not as if Labour weren’t hardline on crime with all of their “anti-social behaviour” crackdowns, draconian terrorism legislation and hundreds of new laws on the books. And what makes him think that the man he charmingly refers to as a “darkie”, Dr Raj Chandran, former Tory mayor of Gedling, won’t be hardline? Is it because he subscribes to some orientalist idea that Asians are “more feminine” than Europeans? Or is it just because he’s a fascist bastard? Does this mean that Brindley wants the official Tory candidate to be Police & Crime Commissioner? Or is he in favour of independent and former copper, Robert Spencer?

Sadly for Brindley there are no fascist candidates to vote for. Bob made a lot of noise about how he was going to run for the position earlier in the year, but has probably now been told that the party don’t have any money, seeing as Nick Griffin’s spunked it all up the wall fighting legal battles with Marmite and such. Besides, they almost certainly realise that sending a deranged, openly racist, spittle-flecked ranter out to public hustings with a BNP rosette on would be a PR disaster.

Brindley’s delicate choice of words to describe a non-white candidate isn’t coming at the best of times for the besieged fascist party. Former leader of the BNP in Stoke-on-Trent, Michael Coleman, was found guilty of racially-aggravated harassment last month, in relation to bile spouted on his blog. Coleman claimed that Stoke-on-Trent City Council were “flooding this city with Muslims and blacks, a complete population replacement programme. Darkies in, whites out”. According to Coleman, he had done nothing wrong, because he was just “explaining my views in the common language of the people of Stoke-on-Trent”. Presumably only the ones still using racist language from decades ago.

With cases like this cropping up all over the place, anyone would think the BNP was full of past-their-sell-by-date racists…

Nottingham BNP’s Olympic journey

Nottingham BNP have been watching the Olympics with conflicting emotions. First there was relief that there were some “white events” like swimming. Then there was outrage against the “British ‘regime'” for “bashing up amateur cyclists” as the repression of London Critical Mass got underway. This quickly turned to disgust on the realisation that the victims of police aggression were “Uk indymedia jobless dreadlocked unwashed pricks”. And finally, never far away with the BNP, was hate: “So why was vermin Doreen Lawrence at the opening ceremony – hang the bitch”.

As we’ve previously revealed, Nottingham BNP’s Twitter feed is a brain dump for unhinged fascist, Bob Brindley. These are the thoughts of a man who wants to run for Police Commissioner in Nottingham this Autumn. Seeing as he can barely control his own irrational hatred, I can’t imagine many people would trust him with the local constabulary.

The crazy world of Bob Brindley

Things are looking bleak for Nottingham BNP. Hit by the shockwaves of the national BNP meltdown, members have been leaving in droves. Former organiser, Chris Bell, has stepped down and left the sinking ship in the decidedly shaky hands of Bob Brindley.

Bob’s the man who used to do lonely leafleting sessions outside the Royal Centre until he was chased off by a lone anti-fascist earlier this year. His tweets on the Nottingham BNP account have ranged from the bizarre to the paranoid to uncensored fascist braindump (and usually all three at once) and have given us a chuckle or two over the past months. Here’s a few selected highlights from his spittle spattered keyboard:

Lone fascist spotted in Nottingham

A poster on Indymedia spotted a lone BNP member (probably the last one) in Nottingham city centre yesterday handing out leaflets. Thinking quickly the spotter photographed the fascist who quickly scuttled back under the rock he came out from under.

The leaflets being handed out contained contact details for the West Bridgford BNP who meet on Wednesday nights. They can be contacted on 07792936251 or at nottingham@bnp.org.uk if anyone would like to ‘help out’ with leafletting.

Any info on this loser’s identity would be much appreciated.