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Forgotten Estates and the EDL

Remember Thurnby Lodge – the Leicester estate abandoned by the local council until protests irrupted over plans to convert an old scout hut into an Islamic community centre? Well protests are still ongoing although the numbers turning out have dwindled significantly. Unsurprisingly, the far right hoped to exploit the issue to further their own anti-Muslim agenda and the BNP, EDL, Casuals United and 212 all descended like hungry vultures. Since then, evidence has emerged that demonstrates just how pivotal the EDL are in the campaign, which has publicly distanced itself from far right politics.

Leicester UAF have published an article exposing the links between the EDL and the Forgotten Estates protest group which has set itself up as the voice of Thurnby Lodge estate. It turns out that the leader of Forgotten Estates is none other than Chris ‘EMI’ Hopewell, a Leicester EDL member who proudly identifies as an East Midlands Infidel. Hopewell was pictured in the Leicester Mercury handing a Forgotten Estates petition to Leicester Mayor, Peter Soulsby, last month. Leicester EDL organiser, Craig Elliott and notorious drunkard, James Elliott, have also been involved in the protests, which they have used to prop up their own flagging organisation.

Chris ‘EMI’ Hopewell – leader of Forgotten Estates

As Leicester UAF put it:

The group have been drawing in people who normally wouldn’t touch the EDL with a barge pole, by giving the impression that their protests are driven by community spirit.

There is no doubt that in the early days, working class resistance to the dictates of the city council certainly were an important motivator in the campaign, but now, thanks to the EDL’s role, Forgotten Estates is focusing on the anti-Muslim element.

Unlike the UAF, we reckon that most people aren’t foolish enough to be taken in by the EDL’s hijacking of the group and have abandoned the protests rather than being associated with the far right agenda of Forgotten Estates. A recent post on Leicester EDL’s page illustrates their disappointment at not being able to get more political capital out of this Trojan horse.

The EDL in Leicester have gone from being one of the bigger, more active divisions to struggling on the ropes, a situation that reflects the national picture of the far right group. The Thurnby Lodge protests seemed like an ideal opportunity for them to inject their anti-Muslim poison into a genuinely popular, grassroots movement, but it seems they’ve even managed to fuck that one up.

More lies from Leicester Casuals

Leicester Casuals love defending England from mythical horrors. So much so that they have to invent enemies to give their handful of followers something to do.

Yesterday they started the frothfest with rumours that Muslims were attacking an 88 year old war veteran who was selling poppies in Leicester town centre. It didn’t take long for far right followers to start champing at the bit, saying the “scummy bastards… want shooting end of!” Leicester Casuals added a melodramatic dimension to this (non-existent) monster: “They hate us, our history and our future”. Other followers compared the made-up gang of Muslims to a “Pack of wild dogs” and suggested that they should be “PUT DOWN”. “They don’t deserve to breath the same air as our veterans” added another.

The problem is that it was all in their minds. There was no smoking muslamic raygun. Leicester Casuals later admitted that veteran, Eric, “has had NO problems from anyone this year whatsoever” and that the only previous problems he’d had were with shopping centre staff. Did they apologise for spreading such inflammatory and divisive rumours and take down their original post? Of course not. And out of interest, the comments about dogs and not breathing the same air as veterans were added after the truth had been established.

Leicester Casuals are paranoid, untrustworthy and are stoking community tensions out of ignorance.

The rise and fall of Guramit Singh

Poor old Amit Singh! He ostracised himself from the Sikh community by joining up with a gang of racists, then the Luton mafia decided he had too many ideas and kicked him out of the EDL leadership and now Casuals United are publicly naming and shaming him as a wrong ‘un who doesn’t pay his debts. At least he’s got other people’s money to keep him happy! Gedling’s most famous islamophobe has fallen on hard times. Have fun in the wilderness Uncle Tom!

Nottingham EDL incite Walthamstow riot

The arch-muppets at Nottingham EDL have managed to get caught inciting a riot on Twitter. “The way OB scum are treating us they will have a riot on their hands in #Walthamstow next Sat and it won’t be our fault” they tweeted yesterday. In what may or may not be a coincidence, the Met have since applied for a banning order on the EDL marching at the weekend. Well done lads!

Foolish Fountain

We were amused to see that Elliott Fountain thought he would be able to salvage his seriously damaged reputation by responding to our article on Nottingham Indymedia. Instead he’s just dug himself into an even bigger hole. Our advice, Elliott, is never to comment until you’ve got your story straight. Better luck next time!

Fountain was barely able to get the basic facts right, suggesting that ecstasy wasn’t a class A drug (it is), stating that the EDL was formed after a poppy burning incident (it wasn’t) and stating that Muslims had demonstrated at Google over a cartoon (it was about the film The Innocence of Muslims). It doesn’t bode well for his candidacy for the Police & Crime Commissioner post that he can’t even use Google!

Fountain tried to deny ever having like Golden Dawn and claiming that racist comments were made by other people. It was all fairly unconvincing given that it was pointed out that his party, the English Democrats, are in a pan-European alliance with Golden Dawn and that his comments had been screenshotted. He denied knowing anything about Golden Dawn despite continually commenting on an article that went into some depth about their activities. He also denied being anti-Muslim whilst regurgitating some disgustingly prejudiced views about Muslims such as that they:

generally want to kill innocent westerners, have very evil ways with regards to treatment of women and people who dont agree with there beliefs… let underage marriages go on , halal meat which is barabaric , blatantly burn poppy’s on rememberance day, openly fly banners wishing death on westerners, dont wish to conform to british values, kill over cartoons the list is endless really.

That’s all Muslims, apparently. But he’s not a racist because he has Muslim friends who seem to not mind that he hates them.

Despite being challenged several times to produce statistics to back up his claim that East European migrants are more likely to commit murder, rape and paedophilia, he failed to produce anything more than “its quite easy for you to find the stories online, there is lots”. Crime stats are clearly not his strength.

Some commenters found Fountain’s rants hard to get to grips with and suspected his drug-taking might be to blame: “Total anarchy. No capital letters or full stops. I have seen symptoms like this before …. usually resulting from amphetamine use.” Fountain admitted that he was suffering from memory and concentration problems that seemed to render him almost completely unable to understand anything that was being written.

But @ wasn’t convinced:

Never give a straight answer, never take responsibility for your actions, just deny everything and hope for the best. If it wasn’t for your shit sense of PR you’d make a perfect politician.

Anti-immigration protest leader arrested for assault

Leader of the Boston anti-immigration protest, Dean Everitt, was arrested on suspicion of assault and criminal damage last Sunday, after an “altercation between neighbours”. It’s not been a good fortnight for Everitt who was recorded threatening a man over the phone and has been branded a “racist thug”. The links between Everitt and groups known for racist violence are multiplying. He has invited EDL, BNP and other far right organisers to his anti-immigration demo and is a fan of the openly racist Infidels of Britain on Facebook. The anti-immigration protest is due to take place on Sun 18th Nov.

Boston’s battle of the bigots

Elliott vs Everitt: Round 1

The decision of Dean Everitt’s Boston Protest Group to finally hold their anti-immigration protest has ruffled the feathers of English Democrats councillor Elliott Fountain. Fountain, a nasty little Islamophobe and fan of Greek neo-Nazis, Golden Dawn, slated the group for not marching earlier. His Facebook friends agreed, saying the group were “all piss and wind”, “bunch of fucking idiots” and that “dean evritt is a grass”.

Round 2

Everitt hit back complaining that “elected members of the council spend there spare time slagging people off to there little fans on thier page.”

how the hell some people get on the council in the first place amazes me and the biggest laugh is hes running for police commissioner lol

According to Everitt, Fountain is “a fucking joke” who “never uttered a word” during the Task and Finish meetings on the impact of immigration in Boston, is “a waste of tax payers money”. Speaking of Fountain’s candidacy for the PCC post Everitt concluded “lets just put the crooks in charge of the establishment”.

But Fountain’s merry men outflanked Everitt by starting a Facebook group mocking him called “Let’s find Dean Everitt a JOB! (Boston Protest against Immigration)”. Elliott Fountain and his friends are the main contributors although Fountain claims to have no knowledge of who set up the group! It features an amusing (but clearly edited) phonecall from Everitt in which he threatens violence and comes across as a bit of a wannabe gangster.

Round 3


Meanwhile back on the Lets find Dean Everitt a JOB! page, Simon Trigg claimed he’d “finished now making the fool [Everitt] a bigger fool than he already was he has proved what a racist thug he is and anyone who stands with him will be dragged into his moron world”. He claimed Everitt couldn’t “string a sentance together without making [himself] look like a jezza kyle mongol”. Apparently, “IF HE THOUGHT ANYTHING OF THIS TOWN HE WOULD STEP DOWN AS THE BIG MOUTH IDIOT HE IS”. Fred Cooper agreed: “i wont defend Dean, he made a fool of him self and other. but he was only a puppet who strings were being pulled.”

And who is pulling Everitt’s strings? The usual suspects:

Nottingham BNP get behind Jimmy Savile

There aren’t many people prepared to publicly back Jimmy Savile at the moment.  Nottingham BNP are willing to defend the dead abuser’s reputation, however – their spokesman, bonkers Bob Brindley, has taken to twitter to share his thoughts on the scandal.

Very tasteful, Bob.  We have commented before on the far-right’s blind spot when it comes to white paedophiles, and Brindley again shows that horrendous abuse scandals only matter to the BNP if there’s a racist point to be made.


Introducing Elliott Fountain: candidate for Lincolnshire PCC

Elliott Fountain, the English Democrats candidate for Lincolnshire Police & Crime Commissioner, is one of only two far right candidates standing in the East Midlands*. His political hero is Enoch Powell and he has expressed a strong dislike of East European migrants. Fountain has described his approach to crime as “zero tolerance“, which involves “throwing tenants out of houses faster”, expanding Lincoln prison, bringing back the death penalty and encouraging the harassment of migrants by the police.

So far, so far right. But is Elliott Fountain a fascist? Thanks to screenshots of his Facebook profile leaked to us we can safely conclude that he is.

As well as liking and promoting the English Defence League, Fountain also likes the British Friends of Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn is the Greek neo-Nazi political party whose leaders have openly praised Nazi party leaders and used Nazi imagery. Its leader proudly proclaims his racism and has called for vigilante attacks on migrants. Golden Dawn members are believed to have fought alongside the Serbs during the Bosnian war and may have participated in the Srebrenica massacre of Muslim civilians, have vandalised synagogues and sent death threats to critical journalists. Is this the kind of “zero tolerance” that Fountain wants for Lincolnshire?

Some of the pages that Fountain likes on Facebook

It’s not just foreign far right violence that Fountain promotes. He approvingly reposted a picture of a bloodied EDL member after the group’s Walsall demonstration, supporting the group’s violent clashes with the police. EDL members attacked the police with bricks, bottles and litter bins and 30 have been arrested in connection with the day’s events. I have a feeling that Fountain’s support for this disorder might not get the support of the police he wants to direct.

Fountain’s support for groups like Golden Dawn and the EDL seems to be motivated by his violent hatred of Muslims. Reposting a video of a protest by Muslims outside the US embassy, Fountain commennted “shoot the lot of them”. Commenting on Muslim outrage about The Innocence of Muslims film he said “they enrage us the goat  ragging backward rats”. Reposting a film of a Muslim protest in Australia getting attacked by a violent mob, he wrote “this is what muslims should get!!”. Promoting racist mob violence is a strange activity for a “law and order” candidate, unless you favour the kind of “law and order” practiced by the Nazis of course.

On that note, Fountain thinks “we should of never started a war with Germany” in the 1940s, “its all a giant conspiracy but cant say to much on here else i will be killed of mysteriously”. Fountain is a conspiracy theorist (perhaps an anti-Semite?) as well as a Nazi appeaser.

Fountain’s public zero-tolerance anti-drugs approach (“bang all smack heads up”) does not appear to extend to his private life. His posts are full of favourable references to taking ecstasy and asking his mates for pills. It’s all a bit strange coming from a man who has pledged to cut crime by targeting drug offences! “It’s all about helping younger people to keep them away from crime, from drugs, from doing things which are wrong” he told the BBC in a clear case of ‘do as I say, not as I do’.

He’s also not averse to drinking until he passes out. “who was sleeping with me 4 or 5 years ago” he asks Facebook,  “because i was in a drunken state for a year or two”. Maybe it was during this time that he was photographed getting his arse out in a public square in a German city. We can only imagine his response if one of the dreaded “East Euros” behaved in a similar manner in his hometown of Boston.

But Fountain’s real passion seems to be ogling at women with their tits out: Boobies, Phantom Models, Silks Gentlemans Lounge, Laptastic International, Nuts,, EroticaUK, fetish burlesque, Hedonism Resorts and Nottingham’s infamous branch of Hooters all feature on his likes list. Whilst Fountain might be a xenophobe in his political career, he’s more of an internationalist when it comes to perving, even getting into Slovak Girls & Women (as long as they’re not taking English jobs, of course).

All in all, Elliott’s a bit of a sad case and the English Democrats must be really desperate to be standing him as their candidate. Fortunately, he doesn’t have a chance in hell of actually winning, only managing a grand total of 45 votes in his past two election appearances. There goes another deposit down the drain for one of Lincolnshire’s veteran fascist losers.


* The other is Alan Spencer-Bennett, also of the English Democrats, standing for the post in Northamptonshire

Boston anti-immigration protest back on

Dean Everitt and his badly-named Boston Protest March fb group are planning to hold a static demonstration against immigration in a month’s time. The demonstration will take place on 18th November outside the Herbert Ingram Memorial. Although Everitt says “THIS IS NOT A RACE ISSUE AND RACISIM WONT BE TOLLERATED” it’s hard to imagine the virulently anti-East European sentiment of those who support the group, including activists from a number of far right groups, will pay much attention.

The demo has been postponed since July whilst the group awaited the publication of a report by Boston Borough Council into the local impact of immigration. The report, which is now released, has been deemed unsatisfactory by Everitt and co.

Everitt originally cancelled a march which was intended to take place in 2011 because he claimed he was worried about it being hijacked by the far right. He has obviously changed his mind because he has invited a number of prominent fascists and far right organisers to his new demo, including Bill Baker, leader of the New Patriot Alliance, Simon Bennett from the British Freedom leadership and a number of BNP and EDL activists.

The news hasn’t gone down well with the readers of the Boston Standard though. “Thought Mr Everitt had been out the news for a while (which was actually quite nice!)” says Gooner 5271. “YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!! Has this not died already? When will Everitt learn that his mob will solve and change nothing!” says YBForever. “When will this idiot realise that not everybody in this town has got the narrow minded views as him!!!! seriously grow up!!!” says Another fed up local. “It will achieve nothing. This is a Westminster issue not a local one… This will simply increase tensions and cause trouble on the day” says Skelsang. There wasn’t a single positive comment on the article. Not exactly resounding local support.

If Everitt really wants to drag in a bunch of racist morons from out of town to totally discredit his already sinking ship of a protest movement, he should go ahead. But maybe he hasn’t thought this one through.