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Allsebrook jumps Amber Valley BNP’s sinking ship

Amber Valley BNP is the slapstick comedy that keeps on giving. The latest news is that chirpy chipmunk and Heanor councillor Lewis Allsebrook has thrown his toys out of the pram and left the party. He’s taken the rather rubbish Amber Valley Matters website with him and seems hell bent on destroying the rats that are left on the BNP’s sinking ship. Allsebrook’s rambling resignation message lets rip on his enemies within Derbyshire BNP and admits that he has been behind all of the truthseeker22 ranting.

Before he steps off the stage never to be heard of again, we’d like to thank Allsebrook for all the laughs he’s given us over the years: from starting rumours that he was having a tawdry affair with Emma Roper, to admitting that whilst he’s “always been strongly opinionated I’ve sometimes found it difficult to articulate my views orally… I still to some extent let my words come out in the wrong order”. Not to mention the recent hilarious rants of truthseeker. The information he has provided us has been invaluable.

Now, on to that resignation rant which digs more interesting dirt on the already very grubby local BNPers. Allsebrook describes having been “hampered by the crazy ideological sensitivities of the British National Party” which is “shambolic” and only has a “shallow pool of members”. Allsebrook claims to have left with a “sizeable group of local patriots” although we suspect this amounts to Allsebrook and his tiny clique: Debra Purdy, Amy Purdy and Maria Riley-Ward.

Apparently all of the simmering resentments came to a head at a recent regional organisers meeting at which Allsebrook was given short shrift by East Midlands organiser Geoff ‘the Marxists are everywhere’ Dickens who told Allsebrook to leave before he’d even sat down. “I swore in the words that followed,” Allsebrook recounts “and went a bit incoherent, it wouldn’t make good reading.” Bless him! “Geoff’s short, abrupt, stubborn manor proves nothing will change in the BNP,” he concludes “and if your views are extreme enough you’ll get away with murder.” We’re hoping for some actual backstabbings within the party any day now!

This is a reference to Cliff Roper who has “spouted a Socialist far left extremist version of nationalism (national socialism?)”. Far be it from us to point out that the BNP has always been an extremist party inspired by national socialism. Roper has “publicised our local suppliers, exposed local members who wrote under pseudonyms on websites in a tactic not dissimilar to those who leaked the membership list, and fuelled the opposition with ammunition to fire at the BNP”. He certainly has and we thank Cliff and his followers for that. What better way to respond in a way that won’t further damage ‘local patriots’ than by airing your dirty laundry in public. Well done Lewis!

Cliff’s wife, Emma Roper, also comes under fire for doing a shit job of organisation (Allsebrook says she is “inept” and has poor literacy skills). Allsebrook sought to replace with one of his faction, Debra Purdy. Emma “was livid about this and rang round members telling them to boycott the group fundraising meetings.” Realising that regional organisers Paul ‘blackshirts’ Hilliard and Dickens “were going have [Cliff Roper] foisted upon Amber Valley at the next election” Allsebrook and Purdy decided to cancel the group’s Christmas fundraiser in an attempt to blackmail the local party, with predictable consequences. Roper stepped up the attacks against Allsebrook on his blog and Allsebrook was ostracised even further. Purdy herself has recently resigned as well.

Cheeky little rodent: Allsebrook at play

Allsebrook claims that he gave up leadership of the local party to Roper in an attempt to bow out quietly. Allsebrook’s verdict is that “[s]ince taking on the group Leader position, Cliff has not imparted his opinion on council agenda items at all, showing no leadership.” Finally, this year, he said “okay then ‘no holds barred,’ and Truthseeker22 started giving Cliff and his small band of wreckers a taste of their own medicine.” He admits that truthseeker22 has been orchestrated from within his own small camp of supporters.

Roper, you may remember, hasn’t been very happy with Allsebrook either, complaining that he had not dealt with queries from this constituents or attended meetings within the community. It seems that neither of the fascists are particularly good at representing their constituents as they’re too busy calling each other nasty names. Naughty boys! It seems they both fell victim to the fascist tendency for everyone to want to be Gruppenfuhrer.

Allsebrook will be particularly upset about having to leave the local party as he was their single biggest donor in last year’s elections, giving over £1,300. This was a source of further suspicions of blackmail and Roper made barbed comments about what the “generous donation” might buy him. Roper then did his own spot of blackmailing by resigning the party whip for a grand total of 6 days before being appeased with leadership of the local party, instead of Allsebrook.

All of this has been driven by the feuds between current dictator and chronic swindler, Nick Griffin, and  a long line of non-entity challengers. Members are either desperate to replace the disastrous liability that is Griffin, or desperate to curry influence with the boss, and sparks have flown between the camps whilst members have left in droves. Roper has also bemoaned how they have lost so many activists that they are having to get together with the Nottinghamshire party, who are in even worse straits, for days out.

Allsebrook’s post has attracted a few comments, one from ‘bikerman1100‘ who chastises him for making “some pretty inflammatory statements” and says that Roper was “legitimate” to name and shame Allsebrook on his blog. In a rare glimpse of sanity he suggests that “Maybe some of these things should only be discussed behind closed doors for the sake of the party.” He also bemoans “The lack of members at meetings” and the “dwindling membership” of a party that is rapidly going down the shitter.

Also there to comment is Michael Clarke, a former BNP candidate who has since fallen by the wayside. He backs Allsebrook saying that the Heanor councillor has “been badly let down by both Derbyshire and Regional Organisers” and is scathing about Cliff Roper’s “intransigence” suggesting that other members might be “unaware of how useless a councillor he has been”.

All in all, another deeply satisfying dagger driven into the shrivelled heart of Amber Valley BNP. Good stuff!

Hilliard’s blackshirts

A few days ago we jokingly posted in response to truthseeker22’s claim that Derbyshire BNP organiser, Paul Hilliard, was due to become Grand Dictator of Derbyshire that we “Hope you get a nice uniform with that job, Paul!” In an amusing case of fascists living up to their stereotypes, Hilliard has recently commented on his Facebook page that plans are “in the pipeline for matching sweat shirts with the party logo back and front”. We assume they’ll be in black or brown, maybe with a matching party logo armband and a pair of jackboots.

Apparently this is all part of a plan to “turn up to UAF meetings and give them a taste of their own medecine [sic]”. Don’t worry UAFers, you’ll be able to spot them as they goosestep up to the door and give a stiff armed salute.

Funds raised for anti-fascist prisoners

The evening of Saturday 25th saw a successful benefit gig for imprisoned antifascists.    Bands Agnosy and Ultimate Fuel played at the Nottingham punk fundraiser, accompanied by delicious food, a quiz, and a raffle.  The night raised a decent contribution to the campaign funds, which are being used to help those prisoners who have been recently released get their lives back on track, and to support the one comrade who remains incarcerated, Ravi Gill. 

Thanks are due to the bands, promoters, and all who helped to make the night a success.

Ravi, who has supported antifascist work in the East Midlands in the past, appreciates letters of support.  His prison address is:

Ravi Gill
HMP Wayland
IP25 6RL


Amber Valley antics

As we reported a couple of weeks ago, Derbyshire BNP are currently a good source of laughs for keen students of BNP infighting, and their latest meeting hasn’t disappointed.  An Amber Valley group meet on Monday evening was addressed by Derbyshire organiser  Paul Hilliard, who shared his vision of different BNP groups combining to “give the UAF a taste of it’s own medicine”. What exactly he meant is unclear, but if you encounter a gaggle of fascists chanting “Nazi scum, ON our streets!”, remember where you heard it first!

Of course The Derby Patriot faction of the party see things differently, with truthseeker22 reckoning Hilliard’s true vision is to become “Grand Dictator of Derbyshire”.  Hope you get a nice uniform with that job, Paul!  The same unhappy blog-writer also takes issue with an Amber Valley meeting having actually been held in Broxtowe – that’s not indigenous! – and is very scornful to have witnessed Emma Roper (aka Self Obsessed Slapper, apparently) cooing over Hilliard on the top table at the meeting.  Emma’s hubby Cllr Cliff Roper had a “thoroughly enjoyable evening”, but unsurprisingly truthseeker22 disagreed, finding the meeting “shambolic”, with the cheap beer being the only saving grace…

Beer must indeed have helped to make the contribution of East Midlands organiser Geoff Dickens more palatable.  Fresh from his rousing turn at a Leicestershire BNP meeting, he again enlightened his audience about the danger of cultural marxism.  Rather than worrying about the international red conspiracy, perhaps Geoff should turn his mind to the fact that his region is owed almost ten grand by party central; reckon you’ve lost that forever to Nick Griffin’s fish-and-chip fund, Geoff.  Can you blame “the marxists” for that?

We look forward to the next installment of “Carry on Derbyshire BNP” with relish!




Zero Marx

What’s left of Leicestershire BNP had a meeting the other day to rally their geriatric fans for a round of tea and biscuits at the village hall. Along with the usual agenda items – rubbish excuses for the party’s fraudulent activity, unjustified optimism about electoral chances – was some rather amusingly paranoid tosh from East Midlands organiser, Geoff Dickens:

[A]lthough the People have never voted in any great numbers for Marxism, yet it exists almost everywhere; it’s ideology had infiltrated the British way of life and it’s influences were now apparent in almost every sphere, especially the media, the Church, multiculturalism, a biased legal system, education, and finance.

Now let’s just forget for a minute the usual far-right nonsense about cultural Marxists eating our children’s brains in the schoolyard and the communists of the CPS, and focus on that last item. Dickens for some reason seems to think that the world of finance is under the secret influence of Marx. We can only assume he means Groucho Marx, the satirist of the ruling classes, rather than Karl Marx, the revolutionary socialist. After all, Groucho did once say that “Money frees you from doing things you dislike. Since I dislike doing nearly everything, money is handy.”

A notorious cultural Marxist

But seriously, suggesting that bankers and stockbrokers are beholden to the hidden hand of those who support worker’s struggle for the creation of a classless society is so delusional that it does make us wonder what the fascist pensioners are drinking in their tea.

“Mr. Three Percent” comes last in Northants

In the Northamptonshire County Council By-election for Towcester held on February 9th, we were pleased to see the BNP’s Mark Plowman on typical form, finishing last.  We also applaud his consistency – he received just 3.1% of votes cast, almost exactly the same percentage he achieved in District elections last May.  It doesn’t seem likely the BNP will threaten to do well in Northants any time soon, but we’ll be watching Plowman’s political “career” with interest…break the mould and go all out for 2% or less next time, Mark!

Coach companies used by the EDL

A useful list of the coaches used by the EDL in Leicester has been posted on Indymedia. On the list are a number of companies based in the East Midlands:

Confidence Bus & Coach Hire Ltd
30 Spalding Street
Tel: (0116) 2762171

Eleet Travel
273 Link Road
Landline: 0116 235 3717
Mobile: 07801 562741
Fax: 0116 235 6665

Hunter’s Coaches
30, Fraser Close
NN11 4GZ
Tel : 01327 312958
Mobile : 07802 959128
Email :

Handbags at dawn in Derbyshire BNP!

East Midlands Anti-fascists have been following developments within Derbyshire BNP with great amusement over the past few months. The spat between Heanor BNPers Cliff Roper and Lewis Allsebrook seems to be simmering away still, now aided and abetted by the Derby Patriot website which is weighing in on Allsebrooks side.

Cliff Roper AKA Cllr SAD

Back last summer Roper resigned the party whip in disgust at porcine fuhrer Nick Griffin’s leadership of the party whilst Allsebrook remained loyal. The pair had been bickering like a pair of schoolkids for a while, with claims flying around that Roper’s wife, fellow BNP activist Emma Roper, had been having an affair with the local BNP’s fluffy chipmunk mascot, Allsebrook.

It seems that the bad feeling hasn’t gone away and paranoid right wing shit stirrer, truthseeker22, has been dishing the dirt on the Derby Patriot website. Claiming that Roper is a “RED!!!”, engaging in “traitorous antics”, the site claims that “he has fuelled the Socialist website with information all the way,” referring to the Amber Valley Labour Group’s website, whose “biggest informant Cliff Roper has been exposed.”

“What has Cliff Roper ever done for the BNP?” the post asks “There is a simple answer to that … NOTHING!!! … Cliff Roper hardly ever speaks at council or branch meetings and he can’t say anything without a prearranged script.” He has spent “four years as an invisible councillor playing the deaf, dumb and blind man.” Apparently “not many in the local BNP group or even his own constituency are really welcoming him home after his recent back-stabbing antics.”

From here on the quality of playground insults descends even further. Nicknaming Roper “Cllr SAD (AKA self appointed dick-head)” (married to “SOS (AKA self obsessed slapper)”) the poster claims that Roper’s phone never rings because he has no friends: “We should call him ‘Billy no-mates’ poor Cllr SAD.”

truthmunter22 has a chilling conclusion to the rant: “if Cliff Roper is a secret red, who else within the party is too???” Keep asking yourself that question, suckers!

We’ve been enjoying the infighting tremendously. Keep it up!

Two tier justice

Although it’s nice to have a good laugh at the EDL’s expense, the real winners on the day were Leicestershire cops, who’ve had praise heaped on them by the local authorities and press for keeping the EDL safely in their boxes. However, we witnessed some disturbing policing going on at the end of the day.

A group of about 12 quite young Asian and black lads were stopped at the town end of St Margaret’s Way, separated, put up against a wall and stopped and searched very comprehensively by the police, whilst an evidence gathering team filmed them.

While this was going on, a group of about 30 EDL, including Simon Smith and some of the Leicester division, came down the road without any police supervision. Seeing the Muslim lads they changed direction to go straight at them and it was only the last minute scrambling of two police vans from a side street that stopped an ugly confrontation. Even then, the EDL group was not contained but simply stopped while the stop and searches were completed. The (white) cops engaged in friendly banter with the EDL and didn’t seem to view them as a threat, whilst the much smaller, much younger Muslim group were intimidated, humiliated and interrogated.

It sounds as though anti-fascists in town were at the receiving end of some shoddy policing as well. Check out this comprehensive report from our comrades at Leicestershire Solidarity Group for the details.

The EDL love to moan about how a “two-tier justice system” discriminates against white people but when it comes down to it, they are the ones getting preferential treatment.

EDL have sad day out in Leicester

The EDL had no fun in Leicester. Stepping out of their coaches, punters were greeted by a fuzzy sound system blaring miserable tunes to a small clump of die-hard xenophobes clustered in a car park in an industrial estate near a frozen river. Even at this early hour, many were pissed: one attendee had to chug his bottle of Lambrini before being allowed off the coach by the police, in case he bottled his compatriots in the boredom sure to follow. The mood of the car park, dampened by a mixture of the freezing cold and the grimly terrible nationalist music, reached its high point in the queue for the port-a-potties, which enjoyed some mild brawling.

EDL Berks

The EDL’s status as a peaceful human rights organisation was thrown further into question after some booted boneheads ground an Argentinian flag in horse shit before attempting to burn it. Others from the Hull division brandished an enormous home-made England flag with the words ‘Muzzie Scum’ daubed on it. The unwieldy banner had its own run-in with some horse shit, before being confiscated by the police. The theoretical underpinnings of the day were summed up by one supporter: “I wouldn’t mind if they were coming here to work but they’re not, they’re just taking our jobs”.

As they trundled off, the huddle of 300 bigots was surrounded and videoed by a thick line of yellow-jacketed cops, with a few mounted on incontinent horses. The EDL were mostly too dispirited to live up to their reputation for boozy disorder: even the traditional scuffling between stewards and punters was half-hearted.

A few EDL supporters had stayed outside the police cordon, including a corpulent supremacist who attempted to racially abuse a local. “There aint no black in the Union Jack” he stammered at the man, who laughed in his face.

Other than a handful of locals who had turned out to shake their heads at the sorry spectacle, the rows of cops were pretty much the only witnesses to the sad event. Shoppers stayed away; the streets were empty as the EDL approached the clocktower. Even the anti-racist protesters waiting for them there were spared a glimpse of the sorry march, as police vans blocked the two crowds’ views of each other. The cops marched the EDL back out of the city centre at high speed.

Before the sad day, Leicester Casuals United had bragged that, unlike their usual marches, they wouldn’t let themselves be “herded like cattle”. But the shuffling clump of bigots remained both docile and bovine.

When they had returned to their freezing car park, EDL headman Kev Carroll mumbled into the microphone that the 20-minute stroll had been one of their longest marches ever, a pitiable admission. He excused the dismal turnout with reference to how it was 5 weeks since Christmas. Yaxley-Lennon, lay low for the duration of the march, perhaps scared of being spotted by one of the many malcontents within the ranks.

As the rally faltered to a close, the EDL packed up early. Scrambling back onto their coaches, one remarked “we can’t organise shit any more”.