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Far right demonstration in Nottingham on Saturday

Far right activists, led by Casuals United and Tony Curtis of the English National Resistance, will be holding a demonstration against a Muslim conference in Nottingham this weekend. They will be protesting outside the East Midlands Conference Centre at 1pm on Saturday 30th March.

Demo organiser Tony Curtis: Hate speaker?

Demo organiser Tony Curtis: Hate preacher?

In response to our previous article asking why they were coming, they have now seen fit to reveal that they are protesting the invitation of Haitham al-Haddad to speak at the conference. Previously they just told their followers to blindly follow their command to oppose the “hate preachers” and none of them asked questions. Blind obedience seems to be as alive and well in the far right as it was in the days of “just following orders” 1930s Germany.

The decision to oppose al-Haddad is not unreasonable, given that he has reportedly described Jews as “the enemies of God, and the descendants of apes and pigs” and believes in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. He has said that should a woman refuse to sleep with her husband, “angels will curse” her and has written in favour of the prohibition of musical instruments. That he is speaking at a family event and passing on these bigoted ideas is very disturbing.

But it is the utmost hypocrisy for former EDL members to be protesting this man. After all, Tony Curtis has supported the NWI recently, even though leader, John “Snowy” Shaw also believes in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and extreme anti-Semitic ideas. Why is Curtis protesting a Muslim hate preacher but not the hate preacher in his own midst? We can also point the finger at Jeff Marsh, leader of Casuals United, who set up the the openly Nazi Welsh Defence League. Even the former leader of the EDL’s Jewish Division quit claiming that the organisation had been taken over by Nazis. The EDL has courted Jews when it has seemed politically useful but is now turning back to anti-Semites for support.

Casuals United leader Jeff Marsh's Welsh Defence League: very tolerant of Jews

Casuals United leader Jeff Marsh’s Welsh Defence League: very tolerant of Jews

It’s also hypocritical for the far right to criticise al-Haddad’s sexist ideas and lack of respect for a woman’s sexual consent. EDL members have been exposed for promoting rape as a weapon against their enemies and local members were exposed by us for their misogynist and sexually predatory posts. Some of these men will be turning up to “oppose” al-Haddad’s views on women at the weekend, but their own are equally disgusting and backwards. Why aren’t Casuals and Curtis booting them out of the ranks? Maybe because they aren’t brown or bearded enough.

Al-Haddad should be opposed by the vast majority who find his views abhorrent, not this ragtag bunch of far right misfits whose own ideas are just as disgusting. It would be best if both al-Haddad and the racist, sexist, homophobes of the far right were sent packing.

Hilliard gives up on uniting the right

It is with sadness that we announce that Derbyshire BNP organiser, Paul Hilliard, has decided to close his ridiculous “Nationalists Must Unite as One to Achieve Victory” page. NMUOAV has given us a load of  laughs over the past few months as fascist dinosaurs have waged bitter battles with one another about who the most corrupt, untrustworthy and compromised far right leader is and who to hate more, the Muslims or the Jews.

Now Paul has called it a day saying “I struggle to wonder how we can bring nationalists together” and that a proliferation of such pages “is playing back into our enemies hands”. The page, he says, “does not work as it should and is counter productive”. We would have to agree. The page has been a prime battleground for infighting between the various loony sects of the far right and has done plenty to harm the fantasy of unity amongst fascists.

TheEnd 020213

Probably part of the reason that no one likes his page is that it is a racist, anti-Semitic swamp, something that has caused  much of the fighting between old school Nazis who think the ultimate “enemy” is the Jews and those coming from the EDL perspective who want to blame everything on Muslims instead. To attain “unity”, Hilliard purged the page of those who didn’t hate the Jews enough to fit in with his gang. His latest offering is that “Rupert Murdoch, jew is top ten most influential people in the world brainwashing our people … We are being taken over by jews.”

Jews 310113

Let’s bid “Nationalists Must Unite” farewell with a few highlights:

JulieLake 021012

GavinCardy 041212

DavidMarshall 041212

DavidMarshall 041212 2

DazYorkie 051212

Run! The Jews are coming!

A few weeks back we reported on the Dictator of Derbyshire’s Facebook group for maladjusted fascists: Nationalists Must Unite. We’ve continued to watch the group thrash around helplessly, tearing itself apart under the weight of its own internal contradictions. One of the recent threads deserves an honorable mention for revealing the anti-semitic rubbish that some of these losers spout as justification for their hateful political activities. The group seems to have rejected the counter-jihad far right politics of the EDL and stuck to a classic Jew-hating fascism.

Kicking things off, Paul asked “Why do people voice their support for Israel? What have Israel ever done for us?” Nick Thorrington quickly replied “Jews are our ultimate enemy”. From there on the descent into holocaust denial was rapid. Stevo Hoolygan came out with this ridiculous and offensive analogy:

so imagine this, your in house drinking a cup of tea then all of a sudden because a family down the road lose 1 or 2 people in a war the numbers are exaggerate to induce white guilt about a supposed holocaust and then the people are forced into your home and try take over and every time you speak out against it you are shot.

Jon Phillips hyped up the holocaust “conspiracy” a little more:

The Jews were talking about a holocaust of 6 million in the year 1900. Makes you wonder …

Clive Jones quickly chimed in with the old anti-semitic chestnut that Jews control the media and hence “our thinking”.

A lot of the anti-semitism is couched in supposed sympathy for the Palestinians. This is massively hypocritcal as the far right have never campaigned for Palestinian rights and frequently denounce the Palestinians as terrorists.

Not all posters were convinced though. Mikey Brown was unimpressed:

muslims and jews all the same to me , they are so similar in the way they think ! all middle eastern nutters !

Yes, they’re all the same these foreign types. Better make sure we hate them all.

Probably the most amusing bit of Jews-under-the-bed paranoia came from Paul Hilliard himself. Apparently the proof that “They are everywhere running everything” is that, if you rearrange it, “the olympics 2012 logo reads zion”! We’ve done a bit of investigation into this claim, which seems to have emerged from the holocaust denying Iranian regime, and have found that there is indeed a message in there for Hilliard and his fascist friends:

Paul Hilliard: You are a…