Jul 25 2012

Nazi Northants EDL

Northants EDL is represented on Twitter by the account @NorthantsEDL. S/he follows some rather interesting accounts such as @EinNiggerBrennt (“A nigger burnt” in German), White Pride World Wide, Hooligan-14/88 and various others using Nazi imagery such as the swastika, the Celtic cross and the SS insignia.

Some of the accounts followed by Northants EDL

Some of those followed have some rather choice descriptions as well: @RacistBilly proudly writes “I hate niggers.” @whiteangel1488 says “My blood is my honour, my race is my pride, ein reich ein volk ein führer 14/88”. @david186edgey says he is “Anti Z.O.G. Anti race mixing.” ZOG stands for Zionist Occupation Government, an anti-semitic conspiracy theory concocted by Nazis suggesting that Jews control the world. @Mnicolasc18 quotes neo-Nazi David Lane’s infamous 14 word phrase. Many of the accounts use the numbers 14 (referencing the 14 word phrase), 18 (=AH =Adolf Hitler) and 88 (=HH =Heil Hitler).

This is further evidence of an outright fascist, white supremacist and Hitlerite element within the EDL.

Jul 23 2012

English Democrats beat BNP in Desborough

An election was held on July 20th for the Loatland ward of Desborough town council, in Kettering borough, and was contested by two nationalist candidates; Kevin Sills of the English Democrats polled 14.2% and came third, beating the BNP’s Clive Skinner who polled 6%.  Both beat the Libdems, who came last in yet another dismal local election for them.

This is an interesting result, with nationalist parties grabbing a fifth of the vote between them, and the BNP getting beaten convincingly by new-kids-on-the-right the English Democrats.  This result will encourage the ED, who are attempting to establish themselves as a specifically english nationalist party, occupying political terrain somewhere between the tories and the BNP.

They do not qualify as a fascist party, although they are firmly of the right, with attacks on “political correctness” and a tough anti-immigration attitude, for instance.  It is important to note that their activist base contains a large proportion of ex-BNP members, with some claiming that 43% of their candidates in May’s local elections were recent BNP defectors.  The party certainly seems a comfortable home for rats who have jumped the BNP’s leaky old ship, and it seems inevitable that this fact will shape the political development of the ED.

Desborough man Kevin Sills is not a recent BNP defector; however, he is certainly no stranger to fascist parties, having previously been a member of the National Democrats and the Freedom Party (not to be confused with the EDL-linked BNP breakaway British Freedom!) and, allegedly, the National Front, all three of which are now defunct.  Sills has also stood in local elections as an independent.

Kevin Sills – far-right rosette collector

Sills is a good example of the sort of candidate the English Democrats seem to attract – a veteran fascist still searching for a credible political home in which to make electoral advances.  We remain very sceptical that such people have truly renounced the far-right politics where they cut their teeth, and will continue to monitor the ED, especially where they are performing strongly in parts of the region.

Jul 13 2012

BNP third in Corby by-election

A Council byelection for the East Ward in Corby was held yesterday.  Local organiser Gordon Riddell came third for the BNP, beating the Libdems into fourth place.  The fascists polled 9.4%, which was down 0.7% from 2011’s ballot in the same ward.  The BNP see this as a promising locale, and have been aiming to make political capital out of recent allegations of sexual grooming of vulnerable girls by older men, some of whom are Asian, in Corby.  As we have discussed in the light of similar cases elsewhere, this is a subject which the far right think they can harness to their own advantage.  The BNP will be disappointed that they failed to increase their vote share on Thursday, but seem likely to continue attempting to exploit tensions in Northants.

May 4 2012

English Democrats first election foray in Daventry

New faces on the right of British politics, the English Democrats, stood in elections for the first time in our region yesterday. Alan Bennett-Spencer got 5.2% of the votes in the Long Buckby ward, coming in in last place; his wife Gaynor Bennett-Spencer achieved a notable 20% in Ravensthorpe, beating the Libdems into third place.

It’s still unclear how exactly the English Democrats will fit in to the crowded landscape of the right wing; they are, as we have argued before, by no means a fully-fledged fascist party, having more in common, at the moment, with UKIP than the BNP, BFP or NF.  However, there are a large number of former BNP members in the English Democrats (Alan Bennett-Spencer recently supported ex-BNP big cheese Eddy “Rights for Whites” Butler’s defection to the party, for example), making the English Democrats likely to lurch even further to the right, and this is something anti-fascists should keep an eye on.  As an obvious political home for lots of ex-BNP anti-Griffin malcontents, the party, small though it currently is, needs watching, and we’ll be monitoring the Bennett-Spencers and their fellow-travellers in our region.

Apr 20 2012

Local elections round up

With a little under 2 weeks to go until polling day, 3rd May, East Midlands Anti-fascists bring you a round up of local fascist attempts to jockey for power.


Having finally concluded the messy power struggle within Amber Valley (Lewis Allsebrook jumped ship before he was pushed), the blackshirts of Derbyshire BNP have put up 8 candidates in Derby and Amber Valley.

The “invisible councillor” Cliff Roper is fighting to retain his seat in Heanor East, which should be a struggle if reports that he barely opens his mouth in public are to be believed. Not so long ago Roper was having a strop and resigned the party whip in order to get his way in the local party, and there have  been plenty of accusations of backstabbing and being a “red” flung his way. Aging bonehead, Adrian Hickman, will stand in Allsebrook’s former constituency of Heanor West. “Inept” Emma Roper will hope to get slightly more than the 2.4% she polled last time in the Codnor and Waingroves ward. Ken Cooper (Heanor & Loscoe) and Alan Edwards (Ripley & Marehay) are also standing.

Cliff Roper: actively working for his Heanor constituents again

Admirer of Mussolini’s blackshirts and “Grand Dictator of Derbyshire”, Paul Hilliard is standing in the Chaddesden ward in Derby and is joined by Julie Fuller (Derwent) and Vanessa Griffin (Spondon). Let’s just say you wouldn’t buy a second-hand car from the man.

Paul Hilliard: Would you trust this chump with your vote?

The BNP’s only candidate in Lincolnshire is neo-Nazi Dean Lowther, whose campaign is in a bit of a pickle after his openly racist posts on Facebook became the subject of a police investigation and front-page news in the local paper. His posts included cartoons portraying the Obamas as monkeys and the insignia of violent and openly Nazi groups, the Racial Volunteer Force, the British People’s Party, Blood and Honour and Combat 18.  Lowther is standing in the Bracebridge ward of Lincoln.


English Democrats

The entire North-West Leicestershire BNP branch has recently defected to the English Democrats in the hope that they can do away with secret meetings and redirection points and gain a bit of respectability, something which seems unlikely given that about half of the English Democrats’ candidates across the UK are recent defectors from the BNP. Alan and Gaynor Bennett Spencer are standing for the half-fascist party in Daventry.

National Front

Fascist failure, Tim Knowles, who was so dim he managed to fuck up being elected unopposed is trying for a second crack of the whip in Langley Mill, Amber Valley. Last time round he failed to fill in the acceptance form or turn up to any meetings so was booted out. We hope the Front will sink further into irrelevance during these elections.

Apr 1 2012

Fascists talk nonce sense

In response to continued exposes of cover-ups of paedophilia within fascist and far right groups, the British Nationalist Man Child Love Association has released this message:

There has been a lot of nonsense spouted by the unwashed students of the left recently concerning the stance of British nationalists over paedophilia. Our fellow patriots in the EDL, BNP, etc. have, quite rightly, sought to attack Moslem men who prey upon white girls. The disgusting rape of children committed by foreigners who seek to sully our gene pool with their perverted and lustful miscegenation must be opposed by all patriots.

The reds have responded with their usual hysterical shrieks pointing to the cases of convicted nationalist paedophiles, such as Richard Price (EDL leadership), Michael Coates (EDL/North West Infidels), Brett Moses (EDL), Darren Francis (Northants BNP), Gavin Leist (Loughborough BNP), Mark Walker (BNP), Ian Hindle & Paul Wells (BNP), Nigel Hesmondhalgh (BNP), Roderick Rowley (BNP)Martyn Gilleard (British People’s Party, National Front, BNP), Jon Venables (BNP supporter) and Kevin Strom (American neo-nazi and personal friend of Nick Griffin). They suggest that we are hypocritical for attacking Muslim child molesters whilst allowing them to flourish on our own side.

This is simply missing the point.

Comparing these pinnacles of the master race with immigrants who have come to this country to prey on our children is outrageous. These patriots are defenders of a nationalist tradition of seeking a pure love between a man and a young maiden.

Some misunderstand this as exploitative, abusive and sick. The British Nationalist Man Child Love Association say that they are wrong.

We want to defend the white tradition of paedophilia and assert our God-given right to dominate the earth. That is why British nationalist movements attract men who use their authority and power to pressure children into sex. We see it as our traditional right.

We are not hypocrites. We are not sick. We are nationalists.

Mar 6 2012

Northants EDL member remanded for racist abuse

Charles Dickie from Daventry has appeared in Northampton magistrates court on a charge of religious/racially aggravated abuse directed at a Muslim taxi driver.  He is a prominent local EDL activist, who was apparently wearing an EDL shirt and chanting EDL songs during this sorry episode.  Dickie, whose racist views have been thoroughly aired by a series of obnoxious facebook rants recently, was remanded until his trial.

Feb 15 2012

“Mr. Three Percent” comes last in Northants

In the Northamptonshire County Council By-election for Towcester held on February 9th, we were pleased to see the BNP’s Mark Plowman on typical form, finishing last.  We also applaud his consistency – he received just 3.1% of votes cast, almost exactly the same percentage he achieved in District elections last May.  It doesn’t seem likely the BNP will threaten to do well in Northants any time soon, but we’ll be watching Plowman’s political “career” with interest…break the mould and go all out for 2% or less next time, Mark!

Feb 10 2012

Coach companies used by the EDL

A useful list of the coaches used by the EDL in Leicester has been posted on Indymedia. On the list are a number of companies based in the East Midlands:

Confidence Bus & Coach Hire Ltd
30 Spalding Street
Tel: (0116) 2762171
Email: confidencebus@btclick.com

Eleet Travel
273 Link Road
Landline: 0116 235 3717
Mobile: 07801 562741
Fax: 0116 235 6665

Hunter’s Coaches
30, Fraser Close
NN11 4GZ
Tel : 01327 312958
Mobile : 07802 959128
Email : hunterscoaches28@yahoo.co.uk