English Democrats beat BNP in Desborough

An election was held on July 20th for the Loatland ward of Desborough town council, in Kettering borough, and was contested by two nationalist candidates; Kevin Sills of the English Democrats polled 14.2% and came third, beating the BNP’s Clive Skinner who polled 6%.  Both beat the Libdems, who came last in yet another dismal local election for them.

This is an interesting result, with nationalist parties grabbing a fifth of the vote between them, and the BNP getting beaten convincingly by new-kids-on-the-right the English Democrats.  This result will encourage the ED, who are attempting to establish themselves as a specifically english nationalist party, occupying political terrain somewhere between the tories and the BNP.

They do not qualify as a fascist party, although they are firmly of the right, with attacks on “political correctness” and a tough anti-immigration attitude, for instance.  It is important to note that their activist base contains a large proportion of ex-BNP members, with some claiming that 43% of their candidates in May’s local elections were recent BNP defectors.  The party certainly seems a comfortable home for rats who have jumped the BNP’s leaky old ship, and it seems inevitable that this fact will shape the political development of the ED.

Desborough man Kevin Sills is not a recent BNP defector; however, he is certainly no stranger to fascist parties, having previously been a member of the National Democrats and the Freedom Party (not to be confused with the EDL-linked BNP breakaway British Freedom!) and, allegedly, the National Front, all three of which are now defunct.  Sills has also stood in local elections as an independent.

Kevin Sills – far-right rosette collector

Sills is a good example of the sort of candidate the English Democrats seem to attract – a veteran fascist still searching for a credible political home in which to make electoral advances.  We remain very sceptical that such people have truly renounced the far-right politics where they cut their teeth, and will continue to monitor the ED, especially where they are performing strongly in parts of the region.

3 Responses to “English Democrats beat BNP in Desborough”

  • kevin sills

    i am not arguing. just because you have an interest in politics dont mean you can go on the internet and slander people and copy blantant lies started by my polilical enemies. you know very little about me and never met me which will be my defence in court.

    if you dont delete the words ‘national front’ and attaching it to my name you will be legally sighted along with anyone else doing it. it is inciting hatred towards me and my family, slanderoous lies with no research accept whats found on the interest mostly put on by our local bnp.

    i have opposed the bnp at every local election and you call me far right racist, its unbeleivable! nothing could be further from the truth.

    furthermore, if you dont remove ‘far right rossette collector’ i may not be standing against the bnp anymore in local elections. i’m over 55 with a disabled wife and dont need the hassle of the bnp or you.

    the 43% maybe correct or not but its wildly inaccurate figure concerning the very few ex-bnp members we have accepted (only 1 in northants).
    the ex-tory or ex-ukip membership figures joining us are probably higher, there just not affraid to stand as a candidate. wildly bias.

  • East Midlands Anti-Fascists

    If you’re not a racist, something I find hard to believe given your political affiliations, then maybe you can explain what you’re doing in a party whose candidates in last year’s elections were 43% former members of the openly racist BNP?

  • kevin sills

    this is kevin sills and i never been a member of the racist national front. basically i stood as a national democrats candidate in 1997 for a favour for a friend for ‘his brand new anti-eu party’ which i refused to join. i was approached afterwards by the bnp and i refused to join them also, making them not happy. i later joined the freedom party for 2 years, who where centre right but anti bnp and the bnp rivals. when i re-entered politics in 2009 as an independent, i researched the parties and decided that the english democrats where anti-racist/anti-eu and a decent party to join. the bnp where not happy again and spread this internet rumour of me being a national front member which is tarnishing the engdems and me with their racist & toxic brand.

    the english democrats are certainly not racist and indeed our east midlands chairman was an active member of the labour party in the 1980’s who interviewed me before allowing me to join, he does not tolerate racists of any kind.

    i am seeking legal advice about you attaching my name to this toxic brand as it is affecting my business and my children, it is unjust lies and by-the-way i’ve been married to a romany gypsy for 32 years and the english democrats are an anti-facist party and will oppose the bnp where ever they stand. kevin sills