NW Leicestershire BNP defect to English Democrats

North West Leicestershire BNP have had a rocky relationship with the party over the past few years, with former councillors Graham Partner and Ian Hammonds quitting the party to get beaten as independents last year. Now the North West Leicestershire “Community” blog has shunned the “pointless people pandering to Herr Griff.” and declared its allegiance to the English Democrats instead:

Nick Griffin turned out to be just another chancer with no real morals or conscience, happy to empty the coffers of those who have worked hard to achieve relative success in the very deceitful and corrupt sphere of politics today.

Nationalism is in a mess. Egotistical purists have gone off and formed their own various and miniscule parties with no hope of achieving anything.

Parties like the English Democrats, no? Not that we want to discourage them from wasting their efforts on a party that one of its members admits doesn’t have “the support or infrastructure in Leicestershire”.

Some supporters are pleased to be getting a glimmer of credibility praising the fact that “They do not need any redirection points, the do not need to keeps there meeting place a tip secret. There is no need to hide your intentions.” However, given that some are claiming that almost 43% of their candidates have recently been in the BNP that could all change very quickly. Indeed, it’s difficult to imagine a party wishing for a ‘cleaner’ nationalist image to embrace the likes of Graham Partner, who is currently under investigation for his virulently anti-Muslim views.

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