Mar 6 2012

Northants EDL member remanded for racist abuse

Charles Dickie from Daventry has appeared in Northampton magistrates court on a charge of religious/racially aggravated abuse directed at a Muslim taxi driver.  He is a prominent local EDL activist, who was apparently wearing an EDL shirt and chanting EDL songs during this sorry episode.  Dickie, whose racist views have been thoroughly aired by a series of obnoxious facebook rants recently, was remanded until his trial.

Feb 15 2012

“Mr. Three Percent” comes last in Northants

In the Northamptonshire County Council By-election for Towcester held on February 9th, we were pleased to see the BNP’s Mark Plowman on typical form, finishing last.  We also applaud his consistency – he received just 3.1% of votes cast, almost exactly the same percentage he achieved in District elections last May.  It doesn’t seem likely the BNP will threaten to do well in Northants any time soon, but we’ll be watching Plowman’s political “career” with interest…break the mould and go all out for 2% or less next time, Mark!