Lincoln BNP candidate under investigation by police

The sole BNP candidate in Lincolnshire for the upcoming local elections, Dean Crowther, is under investigation by police for posting racist material on his Facebook page. Lowther, who is standing in the Bracebridge ward, posted pictures of the Obamas as monkeys and called the government a “race traitor Government” for giving benefits to Muslim women with children. The Lincolnshire Echo reports that “Many other images were too offensive to describe in the paper.”

Lowther is clearly none too bright and defended himself by saying that “These sort of pictures are all over the internet anyway” and that “Facebook have only ever deleted one of my photos,” ending with the classic, “I’m not a racist – I have black friends”. He didn’t mention what those black friends thought about being likened to monkeys.

Geoff Dickens has some words of wisdom as well: “There’s little or nothing that anyone can do about it, in the same way that there’s some awful images across the internet depicting all sorts of stuff.” Err… the images could be taken down. You could kick Lowther out of the party, after all, according to Geoff, “We are not a racist party.” But then I suppose the BNP wouldn’t even have dregs like this left to run in elections.

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