National Front’s Tim Knowles tries again

The National Front? No we haven’t heard much about them lately either. You would think the East Midlands NF would be keeping a low profile after anti-fascists stole their flag and ran them out of Ripley a couple of years back. Their website’s been down for a long time and it looked a lot like they’d given up the game in the region. It’s no surprise – the Front’s indigestible mix of explicitly racist politics and crusades against sexual perversion are unappealing to all but the most barmy Hitler worshippers.

However, it seems that Tim ‘if at first you don’t succeed’ Knowles is trying for election once again. For those who blinked and missed it, Knowles was elected unopposed (i.e. no one else bothered to stand, so he won by default) to Langley Mill Parish Council last year. However, being a fascist bonehead and all, Knowles found the paperwork a bit difficult. He was booted off the council after a few months having failed to fill in the declaration of acceptance or to attend a single meeting. Undeterred, Knowles is having another crack at the position in this year’s local elections.

This is presumably because no one else has bothered to stand again, which should tell you something about the problem. Langley Mill is one of those areas which has been abandoned by the main parties, like neighbouring Heanor where the BNP have won elections. Now the East Midlands Anti-fascists have no love of the mainstream crooked politicians and we understand why the people of these areas are turning their backs on them in search of someone who might do something locally. However, voting for or failing to oppose fascists like the National Front’s and the BNP’s candidates will not change anything for the better. These parties cultivate an image of helping the community for as long as it takes to get into power before their real authoritarian and xenophobic agenda comes to the fore.

Let’s hope Knowles fucks it up again.

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