Nazi Northants EDL

Northants EDL is represented on Twitter by the account @NorthantsEDL. S/he follows some rather interesting accounts such as @EinNiggerBrennt (“A nigger burnt” in German), White Pride World Wide, Hooligan-14/88 and various others using Nazi imagery such as the swastika, the Celtic cross and the SS insignia.

Some of the accounts followed by Northants EDL

Some of those followed have some rather choice descriptions as well: @RacistBilly proudly writes “I hate niggers.” @whiteangel1488 says “My blood is my honour, my race is my pride, ein reich ein volk ein f├╝hrer 14/88”. @david186edgey says he is “Anti Z.O.G. Anti race mixing.” ZOG stands for Zionist Occupation Government, an anti-semitic conspiracy theory concocted by Nazis suggesting that Jews control the world. @Mnicolasc18 quotes neo-Nazi David Lane’s infamous 14 word phrase. Many of the accounts use the numbers 14 (referencing the 14 word phrase), 18 (=AH =Adolf Hitler) and 88 (=HH =Heil Hitler).

This is further evidence of an outright fascist, white supremacist and Hitlerite element within the EDL.

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