Freedom Bookshop firebombed

We were saddened to hear that Freedom Bookshop in London has been firebombed. The long-standing anarchist bookshop was attacked on Friday morning, with the fire causing extensive damage to electrics and stock. Fortunately, nobody was in the building at the time, so there were no injuries.

A solidarity cleanup was organised and the shop will be open again tomorrow (Monday) morning, “not quite as usual, but reasonably close.”

Police are investigating the incident and nobody has so far claimed responsibility, but as explained in this interview on YouTube, suspicion has fallen on the far-right. The bookshop has a long history of supporting anti-fascism and was attacked by Combat 18 in 1993.

If this was a fascist attack, it is something of a step-up from the pork product-based approach which seems to have dominated their tactical thinking in recent years. It is also notable that whoever was responsible was not in police custody within hours, suggesting a degree of competence few of today’s master race have achieved.

Hopefully this is an isolated incident rather than the beginning of a new trend. We, and no doubt anti-fascists across the UK, will be monitoring the situation closely.

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