Run! The Jews are coming!

A few weeks back we reported on the Dictator of Derbyshire’s Facebook group for maladjusted fascists: Nationalists Must Unite. We’ve continued to watch the group thrash around helplessly, tearing itself apart under the weight of its own internal contradictions. One of the recent threads deserves an honorable mention for revealing the anti-semitic rubbish that some of these losers spout as justification for their hateful political activities. The group seems to have rejected the counter-jihad far right politics of the EDL and stuck to a classic Jew-hating fascism.

Kicking things off, Paul asked “Why do people voice their support for Israel? What have Israel ever done for us?” Nick Thorrington quickly replied “Jews are our ultimate enemy”. From there on the descent into holocaust denial was rapid. Stevo Hoolygan came out with this ridiculous and offensive analogy:

so imagine this, your in house drinking a cup of tea then all of a sudden because a family down the road lose 1 or 2 people in a war the numbers are exaggerate to induce white guilt about a supposed holocaust and then the people are forced into your home and try take over and every time you speak out against it you are shot.

Jon Phillips hyped up the holocaust “conspiracy” a little more:

The Jews were talking about a holocaust of 6 million in the year 1900. Makes you wonder …

Clive Jones quickly chimed in with the old anti-semitic chestnut that Jews control the media and hence “our thinking”.

A lot of the anti-semitism is couched in supposed sympathy for the Palestinians. This is massively hypocritcal as the far right have never campaigned for Palestinian rights and frequently denounce the Palestinians as terrorists.

Not all posters were convinced though. Mikey Brown was unimpressed:

muslims and jews all the same to me , they are so similar in the way they think ! all middle eastern nutters !

Yes, they’re all the same these foreign types. Better make sure we hate them all.

Probably the most amusing bit of Jews-under-the-bed paranoia came from Paul Hilliard himself. Apparently the proof that “They are everywhere running everything” is that, if you rearrange it, “the olympics 2012 logo reads zion”! We’ve done a bit of investigation into this claim, which seems to have emerged from the holocaust denying Iranian regime, and have found that there is indeed a message in there for Hilliard and his fascist friends:

Paul Hilliard: You are a…

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