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Hilliard gives up on uniting the right

It is with sadness that we announce that Derbyshire BNP organiser, Paul Hilliard, has decided to close his ridiculous “Nationalists Must Unite as One to Achieve Victory” page. NMUOAV has given us a load of  laughs over the past few months as fascist dinosaurs have waged bitter battles with one another about who the most corrupt, untrustworthy and compromised far right leader is and who to hate more, the Muslims or the Jews.

Now Paul has called it a day saying “I struggle to wonder how we can bring nationalists together” and that a proliferation of such pages “is playing back into our enemies hands”. The page, he says, “does not work as it should and is counter productive”. We would have to agree. The page has been a prime battleground for infighting between the various loony sects of the far right and has done plenty to harm the fantasy of unity amongst fascists.

TheEnd 020213

Probably part of the reason that no one likes his page is that it is a racist, anti-Semitic swamp, something that has caused  much of the fighting between old school Nazis who think the ultimate “enemy” is the Jews and those coming from the EDL perspective who want to blame everything on Muslims instead. To attain “unity”, Hilliard purged the page of those who didn’t hate the Jews enough to fit in with his gang. His latest offering is that “Rupert Murdoch, jew is top ten most influential people in the world brainwashing our people … We are being taken over by jews.”

Jews 310113

Let’s bid “Nationalists Must Unite” farewell with a few highlights:

JulieLake 021012

GavinCardy 041212

DavidMarshall 041212

DavidMarshall 041212 2

DazYorkie 051212

Unite the shite

Derbyshire based far right kingpin, Tony Curtis, never ceases to give us a good laugh. When he’s not in his bedroom playing computer games or collecting ghost stories (usually about “the muslamic menace”), Curtis assures his handful of loyal worshippers that he’s working behind the scenes on a top secret plan to “unite the right”. Any day now, he keeps saying, he will achieve unity of the tribes and crush the evil multicultural empire.

Seeing as it was precisely these kind of shady deals that got him kicked out of the EDL in the first place, we’re a wee bit sceptical about whether Tiny Tone can really pull it off. But if he did, who would be the key players?


The English Volunteer Force seems to be the destination of choice for those leaving the EDL in droves at the moment, although their first outing in London drew less than 10. They’ve got a demo about something in Birmingham at the weekend and Tony will be guest of honour, so they are obviously close to his heart.

The EVF is run by Chris Renton AKA”John Sheridan”, a former member of the EDL leadership and former BNP activist from Weston-Super-Mare. Renton tried to make links between the EDL and neo-Nazi bootboys, Combat 18 and was an enforcer on the EDL’s web pages. Former EDL leader Paul Ray described how a 57-year old grandmother emailed the EDL leadership offering support and was “met with a barrage of hate mail including messages from the Sheridan alias himself, many of which had a crude sexual twist to them”. EVF “number 2” and organiser on the ground is Will Anderson AKA “Jason Lock”, also from Weston-Super-Mare. He has made a name for himself by posing with a pair of pants on his head on the internet.

EVFMerseyside 091112

SmashBrowns 301212e

It is slightly surprising that Curtis is so keen on the EVF because he refused to work with Bill Baker’s New Patriot Alliance because they were “racist”. The EVF are as racist as any other far right group. To give two examples, a recent Merseyside EVF post compared black people to monkeys and Andy “EVF” Robinson, organiser of the Birmingham demo, has suggested that the EVF go smash some “browns”. The EVF has invited the openly racist West Midlands Infidels to their Birmingham demo. It would seem that, like most far right leaders, Curtis is an opportunist who will never hesitate to sell out in order to get more power for himself and his pet projects.


EVF in London: Nothing to write home about


The New Patriot Alliance in basically just Bill Baker. Baker is another far right chancer who’s been in every group going and been kicked out of them all as well. He has been in the BNP and the English Democrats and was booted out of the EDL in 2011 because of his links to Combat 18 and Redwatch. Because no one else wants the loser, he has had to set up his own group, the English Nationalist Alliance, whose latest incarnation is the NPA.

Bill Baker: No one wants him

Bill Baker: No one wants him

Baker has said “Sooner we start killing Muslims the Better and their socialist pals” and has claimed he “used to kill for a living”, threatening that Muslims “can all be buried in your black flags when we finish with you”. As usual with these fascist muppets, Bill is all talk and no trousers. His biggest “achievement” in recent years has been taking his tiny band of keyboard warriors on an annual trip to Brighton to get battered by the locals.

Casuals United

Led by the ultimate keyboard warrior, Jeff Marsh, Casuals United are another group who like to talk a good game but never seem to actually turn up on the day. Their slogan, “We go where we want”, usually seems to involve a pub on the other side of town or just staying at home. They have a habit of being so undercover that we have a sneaky feeling that they don’t even exist. The latest example of this was their notable failure to turn up to “smash the reds” or whatever it is they pretend they’re going to do at a protest against Greek neo-Nazis, Golden Dawn. Once they’d had time to cook up a story, they claimed there’d been 500 of them in a pub in Paddington. Yeah right Jeff.

Jeff Marsh: the British Joseph Goebbels or just a very naughty boy?

Jeff Marsh: the British Joseph Goebbels or just a very naughty boy?

“Marshole” divides his time between producing badly photoshopped pictures of Weyman Bennett, making up lunatic conspiracy theories about how the Crown Prosecution Service is a “commie”, anti-white organisation and flogging ghost-written books about his made-up hard man past to gullible supporters.

Most of the right wing football casuals who supported the EDL in their heyday have moved on with their lives. Sadly Jeff hasn’t.


Probably the least likely bedfellows with Curtis, because of their open links with the National Front and other explicitly fascist groups, the Infidels are led by crack head and llama abuser, John “Snowy” Shaw. Snowy is none too bright, as shown by his recent outing of himself as organiser of a loyalist demo in Manchester and his belief that the anti-Semitic forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, is true. The Infidels’ second in command is Shane Overton AKA “Diddyman” who was recently up on domestic abuse charges against his pregnant girlfriend.

John "Snowy" Shaw: will dance for cash

John “Snowy” Shaw: will dance for cash

Unsurprisingly, with losers like these in charge, the Infidels’ demos have been a string of disappointments. Most recently they had a very public falling out over the fact that only a tiny handful of them bothered to turn up to protest a proposed mosque in London. This was another attempt to “unite the right” that backfired. The possibilities aren’t looking good.

Unite the shite?

The possibility of gathering this bunch of bitching, narcissistic losers together in one organisation looks slim. They’ve all got past grudges with each other and their leaders all want to be Führer. Tony Curtis seems to be the latest in a string of far right figures who think that they can “unite the right” but it is just a fantasy.

Even if he succeeds, these groups combined are pitiful compared to the holy grail that all of these fascist failures chase after – the EDL at their peak. Tommy and Kev have squandered their support and sold their followers down the river and most of the footsoldiers have moved on with their lives. Only the most pathetic and incompetent are left.

East Midlands #EDL donors revealed

Hackers, ZHC, have defaced the EDL website, hacked the organisation’s email accounts and have released a list of donors to the far right group. Although only 19 addresses are listed, 3 of these are from the East Midlands: Clive Muddimer of Quorn, Leics, Mark Rowan of Brinsley, Notts and Anthony Otoole of Derby.

The EDL have had to redirect traffic from the hacked address to a .net domain. got a similar treatment. This is only the latest of several hundreds of attacks on EDL sites by ZHC. The EDL have also been targeted by Anonymous and TeaMp0isoN in the past.

EDL march blocked in Walthamstow

It sounds like the EDL had a very bad day indeed yesterday. Less than 300 of them bothered to turn up for their national demo in Walthamstow and attacked their own stewards before their march was blocked by over 1000 anti-fascists. Tommy Robinson had to set up his gazebo in a backstreet somewhere and get pelted with missiles before the Met decided to nick all of his followers and kettle them for 7 hours before dispersing them throughout London. Facebook is now full of whingeing fascists threatening to get revenge on the OB, calling for Tommy and Kev to resign and saying that the EDL is a “laughing stock”.

People from Leicester, Nottingham and Derbyshire divisions were there again, as evidenced by the now familiar sight of a GH Watts coach and a coach from Glovers of Ashbourne, Derbyshire:

Glovers Coaches,
Moor Farm Road East,
Airfield Industrial Estate,
Tel: 01335 300043

GH Watts coach parked at Walthamstow EDL demo yesterday

It is important to note the the much greater strength of anti-fascist forces when mosques and Muslim leaders actively encourage people to protest against the EDL rather than complying with the police and telling people to stay at home. Mr Rashid, the secretary of the Lea Bridge Road Masjid, is quotes as having said “We’ve been publicising the anti-EDL demonstration at every prayer and event we’ve held—and we’ve received a positive response each time.”

Hopefully this massive failure will mean another round of infighting within the already beleagured EDL and a further boost for the anti-fascist movement.

Gone with the wind

As an illustration of how the local BNP has been decimated over the past few years, check out this photo of local activists taken in the run up to the 2010 elections. All of these party activists have since fallen by the wayside.

From left: Edward Holmes, Hilda Holmes, William “Chris” Bell, Lewis Allsebrook, Michael Clarke, Janina “Nina” Brown

Edward Holmes is probably the only Ashfield candidate to have featured in the local paper after being sent a blood-stained “hate effigy”. His other claim to fame was getting into a row with BBC presenter, Des Coleman, who was filming a documentary about the fascist party. Both Holmes and his wife Hilda were last seen standing as “independent nationalists” in Selston, at the end of last year, but there hasn’t been a peep out of them since and Holmes’ Ashfield Matters website, along with the Ashfield Patriot site, is defunct. Meanwhile, the Ashfield BNP which struggled to find candidates in last year’s local elections, has collapsed.

William Christopher “Chris” Bell, was the organiser of the always fairly weak Nottingham BNP until last year when he threw in the towel and left fascist nut, Bob Brindley, in control. Brindley was last spotted handing out leaflets on his own. Presumably Bell has gone back to running shit financial advice websites and being a dodgy student landlord.

Lewis Allsebrook had been falling out with just about the whole of the East Midlands BNP for a while before he finally quit the party in February this year claiming that the BNP only had a “shallow pool of members” in Amber Valley. He was backed by Mick Clarke, the party’s parliamentary candidate for Amber Valley in 2010 who also seems to have left the party. Allsebrook’s prediction proved to be correct as the BNP slumped at the polls and lost both its councillors in Heanor this May. Allsebrook maintained his Amber Valley Matters website for a while but it hasn’t been updated for months now. He seems to have given up hope on joining another nationalist party.

Nina Brown has been in and out of the BNP more times than we’ve been able to keep track of over the past 5 years. She was the person who famously let the BNP’s security team into Sadie Graham’s house to ransack it looking for evidence of treachery. Following this she and husband Dave were part of the group that resigned forming a major split in the BNP. When that didn’t work out the Browns came back to the fold, tails between their legs and were running the Broxtowe Nationalist website up until 2010. They were spotted representing the BNP at a neo-Nazi rally in Germany at the end of 2009. Broxtowe BNP has since collapsed and a recent attempt by David Wright to revive it seems doomed to failure.

Analysis of the leaked BNP membership list in 2008 suggested that NG16 in Broxtowe was the country’s “most racist postcode” with more members than any other. Leicester, Nottingham and Derby were the cities ranked as having the 2nd, 3rd and 8th most members, with Leicester and Nottingham both having more than London. Since those days the BNP has had a near total collapse across the region. Although the dregs still remain, the endless splits, exposures and infighting have destroyed the party and many local activists have left in disgust, been purged, or have just given up. Long may it continue!

Run! The Jews are coming!

A few weeks back we reported on the Dictator of Derbyshire’s Facebook group for maladjusted fascists: Nationalists Must Unite. We’ve continued to watch the group thrash around helplessly, tearing itself apart under the weight of its own internal contradictions. One of the recent threads deserves an honorable mention for revealing the anti-semitic rubbish that some of these losers spout as justification for their hateful political activities. The group seems to have rejected the counter-jihad far right politics of the EDL and stuck to a classic Jew-hating fascism.

Kicking things off, Paul asked “Why do people voice their support for Israel? What have Israel ever done for us?” Nick Thorrington quickly replied “Jews are our ultimate enemy”. From there on the descent into holocaust denial was rapid. Stevo Hoolygan came out with this ridiculous and offensive analogy:

so imagine this, your in house drinking a cup of tea then all of a sudden because a family down the road lose 1 or 2 people in a war the numbers are exaggerate to induce white guilt about a supposed holocaust and then the people are forced into your home and try take over and every time you speak out against it you are shot.

Jon Phillips hyped up the holocaust “conspiracy” a little more:

The Jews were talking about a holocaust of 6 million in the year 1900. Makes you wonder …

Clive Jones quickly chimed in with the old anti-semitic chestnut that Jews control the media and hence “our thinking”.

A lot of the anti-semitism is couched in supposed sympathy for the Palestinians. This is massively hypocritcal as the far right have never campaigned for Palestinian rights and frequently denounce the Palestinians as terrorists.

Not all posters were convinced though. Mikey Brown was unimpressed:

muslims and jews all the same to me , they are so similar in the way they think ! all middle eastern nutters !

Yes, they’re all the same these foreign types. Better make sure we hate them all.

Probably the most amusing bit of Jews-under-the-bed paranoia came from Paul Hilliard himself. Apparently the proof that “They are everywhere running everything” is that, if you rearrange it, “the olympics 2012 logo reads zion”! We’ve done a bit of investigation into this claim, which seems to have emerged from the holocaust denying Iranian regime, and have found that there is indeed a message in there for Hilliard and his fascist friends:

Paul Hilliard: You are a…

Second Derby EDL member convicted of racist attack

Ashley Pegg of Cowsley Road, Chaddesden, admitted committing affray and racially aggravated assault in an attack against a Muslim taxi driver last April. He was part of a gang of 5 who chanted “we are the EDL” and drank lager in Mohammed Rashid’s taxi. When they were asked to get out, they made racial threats against the driver and then punched and kicked him.

Lee Preston was sent to prison for 18 months for his part in the attack in January.

Interestingly, Pegg’s legal representative said: “It was simply drunken stupidity that got considerably out of hand.” In January, the EDL made loud protests about the fact that the legal defence of a group of Muslim women in Leicester involved the stating that they “weren’t used to drinking alcohol”. Pegg will be supervised by the probation service for 18 months, must attend a thinking skills programme and do 100 hours of unpaid work.I wonder whether they will be so outraged about Pegg’s defence?

Pegg will be supervised by the probation service for 18 months, must attend a thinking skills programme and do 100 hours of unpaid work.

Fascists must split to achieve further failure

Derbyshire BNP organiser Paul “Blackshirt” Hilliard has set up a Facebook group rather pompously named “Nationalists must unite as one to achieve victory” in an attempt to unify fascism’s warring tribes. “This page is NOT A PLATFORM FOR ATTACKING OTHER NATIONALISTS” it warns but “what matters”, rather ominously, is “that we could all join forces on the streets when the time comes.”

It doesn’t seem that many people are listening to Paul’s pleas for unity and most are using the group as an opportunity to air their grievances about other fascists’ failings and argue for their own highly specific brand of far right politics. Many posts moan about needing a “lull between arguing” and how “virtually every comment follows by an argument” and Hilliard himself has started deleting members who are “attacking our nationalist leaders”. Pointing out the obvious he whinged about how “You cannot unite whilst attacking one another” and, hilariously, “swearing at one another shows a lack of interlect and does not look good at all.”

It probably doesn’t help that the most outspoken members of the group are outright nazis such as John Hickling: “National socialist me and not ashamed to admit it”, Jason Withey: “do as i do declare yourself a nazi and be done with it” and steroid freak and ZOG enthusiast, Nick Thorrington: “if we ignore the Jewish threat we are destroyed forever. 14w”. Another frequent poster is Daz Marxisthunter, an admirer of Anders Breivik whose profile is a photoshopped picture of the mass murderer giving a Nazi salute.

Along with all of the infighting there are frequent admissions of defeat such as this from Fess Traynor:

i hate the way the far left have basically downed tools, they dont need to oppose us anymore .. the varios splinter groups of nationalism (to which we seem to have hundreds of) all bicker and call each other names and while we all infight… were slowly losing our once beloved country

half the BNP dont like the other half the EDL are split between north and south it just goes on and on and on…. the ED splitting up when butler joined it

Daz MarxistHunter: This is what nationalist unity looks like

It’s quite ironic that Hilliard is the person trying to initiate fascist unity seeing as he himself has taken sides in the split in Derbyshire BNP between supporters of Lewis Allsebrook and Cliff Roper, which has left a lingering bitterness. It’s always the trouble in fascist politics – everyone wants to be the Führer. His party leader isn’t helping – Nick Griffin has restoked hostility with the EDL in the past week by releasing a YouTube video, aimed at EDL footsoldiers, in which he rants about the Zionist sympathies of the EDL leadership, how Tommy Robinson is a shape-shifting lizard, etc.

Hilliard has said that “Once [the group hits] 5000 members we will be looking to hold a private nationalist party… to set in stone our unification.” We won’t be holding our breaths!

Far-right silence on Derby paedophiles speaks volumes

Stories of gangs grooming vulnerable girls for sex have been very prominent in the media recently, but it was easy to miss a recent court case in Derby, where eight men were convicted of sexual and other offences against teenage girls, mostly in the Normanton and Pear Tree areas of the city.  All but one of the men are white.

There was relatively little coverage of the case in the mainstream media, in contrast to the big headlines given to a similar case in Rochdale in May involving a group of Asian men (or to an earlier case in Derby also involving Asian men).  An interesting analysis of this difference in media coverage can be read here, but it’s also worth pointing out the notable difference in the way the far right have reacted to the convictions of these various sexual predators.  Various fascist groups were very keen to attempt to hijack the Rochdale case for their own ends, with frantic activity including demos outside the court in Liverpool, and a general attempt to increase tensions in the area resulting in mob violence in Heywood.

Drips in the rain in Liverpool

Derbyshire Blackshirt-in-Chief Paul Hilliard (above, with Nick Griffin and friends) was outspoken on the case, and travelled north to join BNP demos outside the court against the Rochdale grooming gang.  It’s notable that Hilliard hasn’t felt the need to organise his BNP cohorts to mobilise against the more recent paedophile trial on his doorstep.  There has been a similar lack of comment or action from the EDL groups in the region, or from the Infidels, or any of the groups who were so keen to “take a stand” against the Rochdale paedophiles.  It seems that fascists are only interested in the grooming of vulnerable girls if the perpetrators are non-white.

There is no surprise there; we have critiqued the far right’s warped attitude to these grooming cases before, and their silence on this Derby case speaks volumes about their opportunism and hypocrisy.


I think I see a pattern here!

From top left, clockwise: Blackburn (Apr ’11), Bristol (Jul ’12), Cambridge (Jul ’11), Rochdale (Jun ’12), Luton (May ’12), Hyde (Feb ’12)

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