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EVF: The latest fascist brand

With the EDL disappearing faster than a pile of coke in front of Tommy Robinson, other far right groups are trying to steal the rats jumping the ship. Nick Griffin is making a concerted effort to woo disillusioned EDL members with Zionist conspiracy tapes made in his bedroom and numerous new splinter groups are springing up. Last week we reported on the New Patriots Alliance (NPA), a Bill “Muslim killer” Baker-led outfit that tried to poach Nottingham EDL’s Tony Curtis, until he decided they were too racist for him. One of its competitors is the English Volunteer Force (EVF) which has sprouted a handful of local ‘divisions’ including one in Lincoln.

Apparently, the EVF was started in July by “EDL co-founder John Sheridan with significant backing”. This “significant” backing amounts to around 180 likes on Facebook and 60 odd people saying they will be attending the EVF’s first event in February 2013 so it’s not exactly setting the nationalist world on fire. The “anonymous” leader excites EVF enthusiast Andrew Chambers who writes:

i think the main man should be invisable to the uaf,so can,t be continually brow beaten by leftwing scum,and if the lefties don,t know who to point the finger at the leader is,nt going to have to spend half his time defending himself from character assainations by the far left and treacherous mainstream liberal media

Unfortunately for Andrew, we know exactly who “John Sheridan” is. It is the alias of former EDL leader, Chris Renton. Renton was a BNP activist in Weston Super Mare before joining the EDL and tried to make links between the EDL and Combat 18. He was outed by another former EDL leader, Paul Ray, and since then the dreaded “lefties” have been digging all kinds of shit on him. According to Ray, Renton was the EDL’s enforcer on its web forums and Facebook pages:

The groups online presence is enforced with a strong hand and any comment or hint of debate is deleted and the person who questions EDL tactics denounced as a traitor, repeated ‘offences’ by an EDL member such as the crime of questioning EDL policy or suggesting new tactics for protests that do not involve fighting the police or UAF members are met with a vicious smear campaign led by none other than the Sheridan alias himself. One woman, a 57 year old Grandmother who will remain nameless decided she would email the EDL’s leaders to give her support and offer some ideas, she was then met with a barrage of hate mail including messages from the Sheridan alias himself, many of which had a crude sexual twist to them, all of which are too shocking to print here.

Sounds like the kind of chap a good wholesome patriotic movement needs!

Very naughty boy: Chris Renton AKA “John Sheridan”

Renton fell out of love with the EDL some time ago and is now busy promising to lead his Volunteer Force back to the fabled glory days:

We watch on with utter disgust the absolute implosion of the English Defence League, What the fuck has happened?! From thousands of die hard warriors to a couple of hundred pissed off people, EVF will mirror the early EDL of the days of stoke/manchester/nottingham, I absolutly promise this. No Surrender Ever!

The EVF seems to want emulate the EDL without police liaison, and without the British Freedom disaster (“The EVF think politics is not the way forward”) i.e. holding flashmobs and fighting cops, Muslims and anti-fascists. They have apparently forgotten that the EDL have never managed to get more than a few hundred to their flashmobs, numbers which were never anywhere near as high as their publicly advertised demos. They are also clearly not learning from the experiences of the Infidels, who tried to do something very similar when they split away from the EDL, and have failed to get significant numbers to their events.

The EVF are vowing that all the money from their £30 hoodies and merchandise is going back into the organisation. Let’s hope it’s not the leadership’s drugs and booze fund this time!

Bizarrely, for a group called the English Volunteer Force, they are going to a troops homecoming parade in Bridgend, Wales, in October. At least the EDL made up a Welsh Defence League before showing their faces west of the border.

The EVF are not shy about saying they are against all Muslims:

Whilst we stand against Militant Islam, We do however feel militancy is deeply embedded in Islam as a whole, Within their ideology and in the way practicing Muslims conduct their lives and by the way the vast majority choose to not integrate with our core values…

We are absolutly convinced this country is currently being Islamified.

…err, right. Their response to this “Islamification” is going to be a demo in Trafalgar Square next February, but we reckon the 65 boneheads who’ve agreed to turn up so far are going to look a little lost.

The EVF website’s “policies” section carries a fairly hilarious smear of their anti-fascist opponents as well:

We see the Far-left and the politically funded Anti-fa and Unite Against Facism (UAF) as a great danger to our country as we believe they have created the conditions that have permitted Muslim extremists to push our laws to their boundries.
These people have absolutly no morals whatsoever, They are simply deluded and extremly dangerous

This is a bit rich coming from a group that takes inspiration from the Ulster Volunteer Force, a loyalist paramilitary group in Northern Ireland that murdered over 400 civilians during it’s campaign of executions and bombings. They followed the maxim that if “you couldn’t get an IRA man you should shoot a Taig” according to their leader Gusty Spence. In 1971 the UVF carried out the McGurk’s Bar bombing which killed 15 Catholic civilians and in 1974 they planted bombs in Dublin and Managhan that killed 33 people and injured around 300. During the mid-’70s, a unit of the UVF dubbed the Shankill Butchers carried out a number of murders of Catholic civilians in which victims were abducted at random, beaten and tortured before having their throats slashed. In 1994, UVF members carried out a machine gun attack on a pub in County Down on the basis that its customers were watching the Republic of Ireland playing in the World Cup and were assumed to be Catholics. Six people were killed.

The UVF were also involved in dealing drugs within the Protestant community, and according to Alan McQuillan, assistant director of the Assets Recovery Agency, this dealing “is generally run for personal gain by a large number of people”. Ex-policeman Colin Robert Armstrong, whose luxury homes were seized in a high profile drugs case, had links to the UVF.

The EVF, then, is part of the move towards a more racist and violent mode of operation in the far right, following the collapse of the EDL. This realignment hasn’t worked for the Infidels and we fully expect the EVF to follow them into obscurity.

Far-right silence on Derby paedophiles speaks volumes

Stories of gangs grooming vulnerable girls for sex have been very prominent in the media recently, but it was easy to miss a recent court case in Derby, where eight men were convicted of sexual and other offences against teenage girls, mostly in the Normanton and Pear Tree areas of the city.  All but one of the men are white.

There was relatively little coverage of the case in the mainstream media, in contrast to the big headlines given to a similar case in Rochdale in May involving a group of Asian men (or to an earlier case in Derby also involving Asian men).  An interesting analysis of this difference in media coverage can be read here, but it’s also worth pointing out the notable difference in the way the far right have reacted to the convictions of these various sexual predators.  Various fascist groups were very keen to attempt to hijack the Rochdale case for their own ends, with frantic activity including demos outside the court in Liverpool, and a general attempt to increase tensions in the area resulting in mob violence in Heywood.

Drips in the rain in Liverpool

Derbyshire Blackshirt-in-Chief Paul Hilliard (above, with Nick Griffin and friends) was outspoken on the case, and travelled north to join BNP demos outside the court against the Rochdale grooming gang.  It’s notable that Hilliard hasn’t felt the need to organise his BNP cohorts to mobilise against the more recent paedophile trial on his doorstep.  There has been a similar lack of comment or action from the EDL groups in the region, or from the Infidels, or any of the groups who were so keen to “take a stand” against the Rochdale paedophiles.  It seems that fascists are only interested in the grooming of vulnerable girls if the perpetrators are non-white.

There is no surprise there; we have critiqued the far right’s warped attitude to these grooming cases before, and their silence on this Derby case speaks volumes about their opportunism and hypocrisy.


Infidels or imbeciles?

The recent arrests of members of EDL splinter group, the Infidels, have raised the profile of this tiny far right protest group. Anti-fascists might be wondering whether the Infidels have a local presence and what kind of threat they pose. We did the dirty job of scouring their websites so you don’t have to. Here’s the deal:

Derbyshire Infidels

These guys go for an old school white supremacist vibe, devoid of punctuation or grammar: “The futures bright the futures white ktf ns!”, “Unite the right to be white”, “white white white is right kick them and fight fight fight”, etc. As with many of their fellow on the far right, the urge to write bloody awful racist songs and ‘poetry’ cannot be suppressed:

They say they are “sometimes violent” and use fascist imagery of fighting for the white race, etc. So are they a threat?

Erm… don’t think so.

Leicester Infidels

These fellas are more happy to show their links to Nazism, littering their posts  with “14w” (reference to a 14 word phrase codified by David Lane, leader of white separatist organisation, The Order) and “88” (8th word of the alphabet is H, HH stands for Heil Hitler). They think that “jew scum took control of the uk/world media” and are obsessed with anti-semitic conspiracy theories and holocaust denial. Fortunately they seem like too paranoid a bunch of lunatics for most people to show the slightest bit of interest in them and have to resort to liking their own posts.

Nottinghamshire Infidels

A relatively new Facebook group that seems to have aroused very minimal support. Set up by Phil Murfet, a Notts County fan whose speciality is rape jokes, race hate jokes and jokes about Tommy Robinson involving race hate. ” ‘Sex with someone who doesn’t want to is rape’ … I call it marriage” the little charmer wrote in a recent status update. Another recent ‘joke’ called black people at KFC “native, wild black members in their home tribe” an “uncivilized group” who “sloppily munched into their food”. Little Miss Murfet refers to Tommy Robinson as a “fenian” funded by “jew boy” Alan Lake. A nasty piece of work to be sure, but without any support.

What is noticeable about all of these tiny Facebook fan pages is that they have very little local support and seem capable of very little independent action.  They are full of links to the North West Infidels, British People’s Party and National Front and their members occasionally report going to fairly small demonstrations in the north. In short, although they love to think of themselves as the hardcore street army who have had enough of what they see as the multicultural, Zionist, Irish-led EDL, they will always be in its much larger shadow.

The threat of more militant, hardline fascist groups like these is not that they might have any mass influence, but that they might give rise to future ‘lone wolves’ – radicalised individuals who resort to violent atrocities in order to ‘fight back’ against ‘the Jewish conspiracy’, ‘multiculturalism’, ‘cultural Marxism’, ‘Islamic takeover’ or whatever their current bogeyman is. We have had homegrown Breiviks in the past – David Copeland, Martyn Gilleard and Robert Cottage spring to mind.

Fortunately the Infidels phenomenon does not seem to have taken off in the Midlands and the police raids on several of the leaders of the movement in the north and London will hopefully dampen their spirits. However, we should not be complacent. These fascists need to be stamped out.

Update 30/04/12: Origin of the 14 word phrase corrected.


This one goes out to all of our followers in the East Midlands Infidels!

There’s unlimited supply
And there is no reason why






I tell you it was all a frame
They only did it ‘cos of fame










You do not believe we’re for real
Or you would lose your cheap appeal











And blind acceptance is a sign
Of stupid fools who stand in line










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