Nov 14 2012

East Midlands #EDL donors revealed

Hackers, ZHC, have defaced the EDL website, hacked the organisation’s email accounts and have released a list of donors to the far right group. Although only 19 addresses are listed, 3 of these are from the East Midlands: Clive Muddimer of Quorn, Leics, Mark Rowan of Brinsley, Notts and Anthony Otoole of Derby.

The EDL have had to redirect traffic from the hacked address to a .net domain. got a similar treatment. This is only the latest of several hundreds of attacks on EDL sites by ZHC. The EDL have also been targeted by Anonymous and TeaMp0isoN in the past.

Oct 4 2012

Leicester EDLer sabotaged by his own angels

Leicester EDL member and all-round muppet, Glen Warren, was, until recently, the administrator of a pointless Facebook page called “Lets Make Britain Great Again”. This morning it was hacked by anti-EDL forces who have changed the profile pic to a multiracial face and are posting rude things about our Glen. A number of angels are also queuing up to slag him off for his sexual pestering and generally being a nob. The sad fuck is shedding tears into his Stella as his enemies against and within the EDL line up to slag him off. This thread’s a corker: