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Some fascists went to the seaside

The National Front made it to the seaside on Saturday, attracting around 40 assorted fascist dregs from all over the UK to their much-hyped national demo against the reopening of a Skegness slaughterhouse.  They were confined to Tower Gardens by the police, out of the way of the general public or any opposition, where they made speeches to each other.  They are, of course, claiming the event as a great success, with fantasy claims of 150 attendees being made – think of a number lads, any number! – but were disgruntled about being kept out of the town centre and in the park, well away from anywhere most locals were likely to have seen them. They weren’t too happy about the leaking of their redirection point either.


Pondlife in the park


Although the demo did not bring the NF the outreach opportunities they were hoping for, the abattoir remains a contentious issue in the town.  We must be on the lookout for further attempts (including, certainly, from the BNP) to exploit this issue for their own ends.


Redirection point for NF Skegness demo – leaked

Some people just can’t be trusted to keep a secret! We have received info on the redirection point for the NF’s demo in Skegness tomorrow (Saturday 15th), which is trying jump on a bandwagon around the proposed reopening of the Heath Road abattoir on halal lines.

The motley crew of fascist losers will be meeting at the large car park between the boating lake and the beach, between 10.30 and 11 on Saturday morning.  They will be redirected from there to a nearby pub (unfortunately we don’t know which, but there are several likely options), and aim to be out of the pub and shuffling off to their demo before midday.

The large car park by the lake can be seen on the following map :


View Larger Map


We’re grateful that the far right is as full of grasses and gobshites as ever, and we’re happy to share this leaked info with a wider audience!


Dickensian gloom

Regular readers will have notices several references to BNP East Midlands Regional Organiser Geoff Dickens in the last few months. It’s important to know your enemies, and so we’d like to introduce the BNP’s main man in our region.  “Retired businessman” Geoff lives in Shawell, near Lutterworth, and has stood for the BNP in several elections in Leicestershire, most recently at the general election in 2010, where he failed to secure the Harborough seat for the white race (although he did narrowly beat the UKIP candidate).

More interesting than old Geoff himself is what his job as Regional Organiser illustrates about the current state of the BNP.  Much of Dickens’s role seems to be touring local branches spreading the word to the (generally few) party faithful.  He has recently addressed meetings in Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, and Derbyshire, delivering his trademark routine – which consists mostly of paranoid tosh about the international communist new world order, followed by a call for party unity and, of course, the appeals for money which BNP members hear so often these days.

Unity and money are both elusive in the BNP at the moment, and so Dickens has the unenviable mission of trying to subdue the strong anti-Griffin feeling from local members, whilst also boosting party coffers – a gloomy task whilst many members accuse Nick Griffin of diverting wodges of their cash into his own capacious pockets, and whilst the BNP central command (ie. Griffin and his mates) owe the East Midlands region eight and a half grand….

Dickens was the “returning officer” for the BNP’s extremely bitter leadership election last summer, where Griffin beat Andrew Brons by 9 votes, amidst a whirlwind of claims of vote-rigging and dodgy dealings (in a fascist party – how surprising!).  Dickens is seen as a steady, even-handed party man, suitable to deliver the unity and “safe” party image the BNP so eagerly crave.

It wasn’t always like this for Geoff though; he was (as were both Griffin and Brons) a very active member of the old-school NF for many years, which is not the sort of thing BNP officials like to mention nowadays.  An even more inconvenient skeleton in his cupboard is his membership of the barmy openly nazi outfit The Greater Britain Movement in the 1960s, which took inspiration from Mosley’s blackshirts.  It’s useful to be reminded that despite the laughable infighting, incompetence and irrelevance of today’s “more respectable” BNP, they will always represent a danger as a direct inheritor of the British fascist tendency; that’s why we oppose them, and that’s why we’re watching you, Geoff.