Redirection point for NF Skegness demo – leaked

Some people just can’t be trusted to keep a secret! We have received info on the redirection point for the NF’s demo in Skegness tomorrow (Saturday 15th), which is trying jump on a bandwagon around the proposed reopening of the Heath Road abattoir on halal lines.

The motley crew of fascist losers will be meeting at the large car park between the boating lake and the beach, between 10.30 and 11 on Saturday morning.  They will be redirected from there to a nearby pub (unfortunately we don’t know which, but there are several likely options), and aim to be out of the pub and shuffling off to their demo before midday.

The large car park by the lake can be seen on the following map :


View Larger Map


We’re grateful that the far right is as full of grasses and gobshites as ever, and we’re happy to share this leaked info with a wider audience!


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