Apr 14 2012

Leicestershire EDL hoot about Hamza

The news that Islamist cleric, Abu Hamza, had lost his appeal against extradition from the UK was greeted with glee by members of Leicester EDL. Mark Dunn crowed about how the “hook-handed bastard” would “Have fun in America”.

Andy 'Kuffaar' with his EDL hat on

Andy ‘Kuffaar’ Catchpole of Hinckley Division suggested “leave the poor paki to worry about his own water boarding” which had to be corrected by Dunn: “Think your mate Abu is Egyptian”.  Catchpole’s response? “there all the fucking same to me mate”. When another poster suggested flying him halfway to America, Andy responded “thats a waste of a drone plane strap him to a cluster bomb and fire him at a arabic country don’t give a fuck which one”. Leicester EDL’s Alan Allsopp reckoned it would be a “result either way”.

This is par for the course for the EDL who frequently express the opinion that Muslims are “all the same”, just “pakis” and that they should be the target of indiscriminate violence, preferably at the hands of the British armed forces.

It’s no surprise that Andy’s getting a bit confused and angry. He’s normally found slumped in a heap with TWAT written on his face after a night drinking and snorting coke.

His shaky grasp of geography is shared by his division who didn’t even manage to spell the name of their hometown on their EDL uniform.

Mar 31 2012

Mark Dunn reacts to Galloway’s victory

Mark ‘Dunny’ Dunn of Leicester EDL got hot and bothered about George Galloway’s election victory in Bradford. The wee laddy had obviously had so many drams he’d forgotten that he was supposed to be peacefully opposing Islamic extremism, not yanking lefty opportunists by the scrotum and inciting cruel and degrading treatment.

“I, personally, would like to see George Galloway strung up by his bollocks whilst young British kids piss in his face & smash his head in with ‘nailed’ baseball bats”, Dunny ranted in his online incitement before pre-emptively pleading with the courts: “Please don’t lock me away for 8 weeks as this is just my personal opinion”. Eight weeks? If the riots Facebook cases are anything to go by you’re looking at a few years inside, pal! What a naughty wee laddy ye are!

Dunny’s final plea before the court (in his head): “…And yes, I’ve been drinking!!” I thought Leicester EDL had a bee in their bonnet about people who use the consumption of alcohol to excuse their outrages?

Let’s hope Galloway’s victory causes more sad, drink-sodden EDL hypocrites to greet into their pints this weekend.