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Poor East Mids turnout for Manchester

So, in an an attempt to unite the shite about 400 paralytic munters descended on Manchester city centre yesterday. The turnout was pretty pathetic compared to the 1200 who mustered for the last EDL demo in the city but an improvement on the 30 scag addicts who ranted to anyone who would listen in Cambridge last weekend.

"1000 patriots" according to the EDL

“1000 patriots” according to the EDL

The 400 lager-sodden muppets achieved nothing. Manchester police escorted them straight from the train stations to their designated pub, they were frog-marched surrounded by coppers into an area fenced off with 10 foot barriers and then were escorted back to their trains when the speeches were over. They were outnumbered by a lively anti-fascist crowd who got to march through the city centre to the demo site. The Facebook chatter about small groups of EDL out to stalk anti-fascists turned out to be more infidel bullshit. We only saw one group of fascists dare to show up near the UAF stall and they were swiftly chased off.

There was no sign of the supposed coup by the North West Infidels who reckoned they were going to take back the EDL from softy liberals who only hate Muslims not Jews as well. Amusingly though there was a punch up between two different fascist factions at Victoria station which resulted in 5 of them being nicked.

We only spotted about a dozen faces from East Midlands Infidels, or whatever they’re calling themselves this month, confirming our suspicions that only alcoholics and social misfits are left. They used to take several coaches to a national demo but now only a handful with no other social life can be arsed to come. They looked well on their way to alcohol-induced coma as they staggered around Manchester, clutching their Strongbow to their chests and wondering where it all went wrong in their lives.

Manchester showed that even when they pull all the stops out the EDL can’t really pose a threat any more. It is a dying movement that only the most head-banging believers still think is capable of going anywhere. All that the turnout showed is that the death is going to be long and boring.

Forgotten Estates and the EDL

Remember Thurnby Lodge – the Leicester estate abandoned by the local council until protests irrupted over plans to convert an old scout hut into an Islamic community centre? Well protests are still ongoing although the numbers turning out have dwindled significantly. Unsurprisingly, the far right hoped to exploit the issue to further their own anti-Muslim agenda and the BNP, EDL, Casuals United and 212 all descended like hungry vultures. Since then, evidence has emerged that demonstrates just how pivotal the EDL are in the campaign, which has publicly distanced itself from far right politics.

Leicester UAF have published an article exposing the links between the EDL and the Forgotten Estates protest group which has set itself up as the voice of Thurnby Lodge estate. It turns out that the leader of Forgotten Estates is none other than Chris ‘EMI’ Hopewell, a Leicester EDL member who proudly identifies as an East Midlands Infidel. Hopewell was pictured in the Leicester Mercury handing a Forgotten Estates petition to Leicester Mayor, Peter Soulsby, last month. Leicester EDL organiser, Craig Elliott and notorious drunkard, James Elliott, have also been involved in the protests, which they have used to prop up their own flagging organisation.

Chris ‘EMI’ Hopewell – leader of Forgotten Estates

As Leicester UAF put it:

The group have been drawing in people who normally wouldn’t touch the EDL with a barge pole, by giving the impression that their protests are driven by community spirit.

There is no doubt that in the early days, working class resistance to the dictates of the city council certainly were an important motivator in the campaign, but now, thanks to the EDL’s role, Forgotten Estates is focusing on the anti-Muslim element.

Unlike the UAF, we reckon that most people aren’t foolish enough to be taken in by the EDL’s hijacking of the group and have abandoned the protests rather than being associated with the far right agenda of Forgotten Estates. A recent post on Leicester EDL’s page illustrates their disappointment at not being able to get more political capital out of this Trojan horse.

The EDL in Leicester have gone from being one of the bigger, more active divisions to struggling on the ropes, a situation that reflects the national picture of the far right group. The Thurnby Lodge protests seemed like an ideal opportunity for them to inject their anti-Muslim poison into a genuinely popular, grassroots movement, but it seems they’ve even managed to fuck that one up.

Walsall fallout

As members of the East Midlands EDL divisions are quick to point out, yesterday’s demo in Walsall was a disaster for them. Only 150 turned up, continuing the downward trend in numbers since the start of the year. They attacked the police with missiles, many of which missed and hit their own side, and then had a massive whinge when the police battered them in return. Now I’m not keen on seeing people getting beaten up by the police, but these morons shouldn’t have expected any other treatment, especially with all their “fuck OB” posturing after Walthamstow.

Leicester’s Steve “Bod” asked his fellow patriots how the day had gone seeing as he, like so many others, couldn’t be arsed to turn up. Fellow East Midlands Infidel, Nicolette Voss, was clear: “Bad Bod, mindless violence will make EDL look bad x”. Nottingham chump, Martin Wealthall reckoned that it was “very messy” and Leicester’s Glen Warren thought it was “propa bad” and that “loads been done by coppers”.

The EDL were whingeing about the police attacking their stewards “who are there to help with crowd control” (usually to stand in line to be the first ones hit by other EDLers when they kick off), before threatening, once again, to withdraw police liaison. Vinny James was sceptical: “No Police Liaison – heard that before…” and received a lot of support from other EDL members fed up of the leadership’s endless lies.

It’s all gone very wrong for the EDL in the last month and their return to Walthamstow at the end of October looks likely to be a massacre for them.


This one goes out to all of our followers in the East Midlands Infidels!

There’s unlimited supply
And there is no reason why






I tell you it was all a frame
They only did it ‘cos of fame










You do not believe we’re for real
Or you would lose your cheap appeal











And blind acceptance is a sign
Of stupid fools who stand in line










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