Foolish Fountain

We were amused to see that Elliott Fountain thought he would be able to salvage his seriously damaged reputation by responding to our article on Nottingham Indymedia. Instead he’s just dug himself into an even bigger hole. Our advice, Elliott, is never to comment until you’ve got your story straight. Better luck next time!

Fountain was barely able to get the basic facts right, suggesting that ecstasy wasn’t a class A drug (it is), stating that the EDL was formed after a poppy burning incident (it wasn’t) and stating that Muslims had demonstrated at Google over a cartoon (it was about the filmĀ The Innocence of Muslims). It doesn’t bode well for his candidacy for the Police & Crime Commissioner post that he can’t even use Google!

Fountain tried to deny ever having like Golden Dawn and claiming that racist comments were made by other people. It was all fairly unconvincing given that it was pointed out that his party, the English Democrats, are in a pan-European alliance with Golden Dawn and that his comments had been screenshotted. He denied knowing anything about Golden Dawn despite continually commenting on an article that went into some depth about their activities. He also denied being anti-Muslim whilst regurgitating some disgustingly prejudiced views about Muslims such as that they:

generally want to kill innocent westerners, have very evil ways with regards to treatment of women and people who dont agree with there beliefs… let underage marriages go on , halal meat which is barabaric , blatantly burn poppy’s on rememberance day, openly fly banners wishing death on westerners, dont wish to conform to british values, kill over cartoons the list is endless really.

That’s all Muslims, apparently. But he’s not a racist because he has Muslim friends who seem to not mind that he hates them.

Despite being challenged several times to produce statistics to back up his claim that East European migrants are more likely to commit murder, rape and paedophilia, he failed to produce anything more than “its quite easy for you to find the stories online, there is lots”. Crime stats are clearly not his strength.

Some commenters found Fountain’s rants hard to get to grips with and suspected his drug-taking might be to blame: “Total anarchy. No capital letters or full stops. I have seen symptoms like this before …. usually resulting from amphetamine use.” Fountain admitted that he was suffering from memory and concentration problems that seemed to render him almost completely unable to understand anything that was being written.

But @ wasn’t convinced:

Never give a straight answer, never take responsibility for your actions, just deny everything and hope for the best. If it wasn’t for your shit sense of PR you’d make a perfect politician.

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