Nottingham EDL incite Walthamstow riot

The arch-muppets at Nottingham EDL have managed to get caught inciting a riot on Twitter. “The way OB scum are treating us they will have a riot on their hands in #Walthamstow next Sat and it won’t be our fault” they tweeted yesterday. In what may or may not be a coincidence, the Met have since applied for a banning order on the EDL marching at the weekend. Well done lads!

2 Responses to “Nottingham EDL incite Walthamstow riot”

  • East Midlands Anti-Fascists

    Oh dear. Looks like someone’s thrown their toys out of their pram!

    Both Twitter accounts look genuine and both claim to be the “Official” EDL account. How do we know it’s not just another split in your increasingly fractured organisation? How do we know that you’re not just “peddling your lies”?

    Out of interest, would like to know what other “wholey untruthful account” you’re whingeing about. Otherwise, give it a rest and get out of your victim mentality.

  • Anonymous

    The account you have quoted is a clone account – the official EDL Nottm is rarely used (but if you did a search you would have found it) but was not responsible for the tweet.

    Again it seems you report not just a biased but a wholey untruthful account – if at any point you need clarification then don’t be afraid to ask instead of peddling your lies.

    Joe Nottingham