Apr 12 2012

NW Leicestershire BNP defect to English Democrats

North West Leicestershire BNP have had a rocky relationship with the party over the past few years, with former councillors Graham Partner and Ian Hammonds quitting the party to get beaten as independents last year. Now the North West Leicestershire “Community” blog has shunned the “pointless people pandering to Herr Griff.” and declared its allegiance to the English Democrats instead:

Nick Griffin turned out to be just another chancer with no real morals or conscience, happy to empty the coffers of those who have worked hard to achieve relative success in the very deceitful and corrupt sphere of politics today.

Nationalism is in a mess. Egotistical purists have gone off and formed their own various and miniscule parties with no hope of achieving anything.

Parties like the English Democrats, no? Not that we want to discourage them from wasting their efforts on a party that one of its members admits doesn’t have “the support or infrastructure in Leicestershire”.

Some supporters are pleased to be getting a glimmer of credibility praising the fact that “They do not need any redirection points, the do not need to keeps there meeting place a tip secret. There is no need to hide your intentions.” However, given that some are claiming that almost 43% of their candidates have recently been in the BNP that could all change very quickly. Indeed, it’s difficult to imagine a party wishing for a ‘cleaner’ nationalist image to embrace the likes of Graham Partner, who is currently under investigation for his virulently anti-Muslim views.

Apr 12 2012

Lincoln BNP candidate under investigation by police

The sole BNP candidate in Lincolnshire for the upcoming local elections, Dean Crowther, is under investigation by police for posting racist material on his Facebook page. Lowther, who is standing in the Bracebridge ward, posted pictures of the Obamas as monkeys and called the government a “race traitor Government” for giving benefits to Muslim women with children. The Lincolnshire Echo reports that “Many other images were too offensive to describe in the paper.”

Lowther is clearly none too bright and defended himself by saying that “These sort of pictures are all over the internet anyway” and that “Facebook have only ever deleted one of my photos,” ending with the classic, “I’m not a racist – I have black friends”. He didn’t mention what those black friends thought about being likened to monkeys.

Geoff Dickens has some words of wisdom as well: “There’s little or nothing that anyone can do about it, in the same way that there’s some awful images across the internet depicting all sorts of stuff.” Err… the images could be taken down. You could kick Lowther out of the party, after all, according to Geoff, “We are not a racist party.” But then I suppose the BNP wouldn’t even have dregs like this left to run in elections.

Apr 10 2012

National Front’s Tim Knowles tries again

The National Front? No we haven’t heard much about them lately either. You would think the East Midlands NF would be keeping a low profile after anti-fascists stole their flag and ran them out of Ripley a couple of years back. Their website’s been down for a long time and it looked a lot like they’d given up the game in the region. It’s no surprise – the Front’s indigestible mix of explicitly racist politics and crusades against sexual perversion are unappealing to all but the most barmy Hitler worshippers.

However, it seems that Tim ‘if at first you don’t succeed’ Knowles is trying for election once again. For those who blinked and missed it, Knowles was elected unopposed (i.e. no one else bothered to stand, so he won by default) to Langley Mill Parish Council last year. However, being a fascist bonehead and all, Knowles found the paperwork a bit difficult. He was booted off the council after a few months having failed to fill in the declaration of acceptance or to attend a single meeting. Undeterred, Knowles is having another crack at the position in this year’s local elections.

This is presumably because no one else has bothered to stand again, which should tell you something about the problem. Langley Mill is one of those areas which has been abandoned by the main parties, like neighbouring Heanor where the BNP have won elections. Now the East Midlands Anti-fascists have no love of the mainstream crooked politicians and we understand why the people of these areas are turning their backs on them in search of someone who might do something locally. However, voting for or failing to oppose fascists like the National Front’s and the BNP’s candidates will not change anything for the better. These parties cultivate an image of helping the community for as long as it takes to get into power before their real authoritarian and xenophobic agenda comes to the fore.

Let’s hope Knowles fucks it up again.

Apr 7 2012

You can take the man out of the BNP, but you can’t take the BNP out of the man

Leicestershire County Councillor Graham Partner who was formerly a member of the BNP, but quit to stand as an independent, is being investigated for distributing a leaflet criticising Muslims.

The leaflet claimed “narrative of victimhood comes easily to followers of Islam” and accused “Muslim hard-liners” of being “by far the greatest persecutors of other faiths.” Two county councillors and two parish councillors lodged a complaint, and the county council’s standards board is now investigating.

Partner claims the complaints are “politically motivated” and insists that the piece was actually written by Daily Express columnist Leo McKinstry. If true, it would be telling that nobody could tell the difference between the ramblings of a fascist and the output from a “mainstream” newspaper.

Anybody who has had the misfortune of witnessing any of the online exchanges between local BNPers and EDL members will realise that this is relatively tame. This isn’t to suggest it’s any good. Deliberately blurring the distinction between Islamic extremists and Islam as a whole is a recurring theme in the statements of far-right groups across Europe. By positing a homogeneous mass of reactionary (homophobic, sexist, terrorist) Muslims as a threat, the far-right can then present itself as “progressive” while pushing through a regressive agenda.

It goes without saying that the very real Muslim “hard-liners” that Partner claims to be concerned about will only be strengthened if Muslims as a whole perceive themselves to be a target.

Apr 5 2012

BNP candidates in Amber Valley

Cliff Roper has announced the BNP’s Amber Valley candidates for the upcoming local elections. They are a bunch of well-seasoned losers.

Fascist losers: Emma and Cliff Roper

Ken Cooper (standing in Heanor & Loscoe) lost in Ripley & Marehay in 2011, came last in Codnor in 2010, lost in Heage in 2009 and came last in Ripley & Marehay in 2008.

Emma Roper (standing in Codnor & Waingroves) lost in Alfreton in 2011 getting only 2.5% of the vote.

Alan Edwards (standing in Ripley & Marehay) lost in Ripley in 2011.

The ones to watch will be “the invisible councillor” Roper himself, fighting to retain his seat in Heanor East, and Hickman, the official BNP challenger to ex-BNPer and “pretentious Tory boy” Lewis Allsebrook in Heanor West.

Apr 4 2012

Meet the EDL’s organiser in Newark: Chris Conroy

Last summer the Newark division of the EDL was founded with much self-trumpeting in the local press. In an interview for the Newark Advertiser, founder Chris ‘Spike’ Conroy talked up a march of 1,500 members through the streets of Newark and boasted of an inaugural meeting of 72 people. Ten months on we’re still waiting for that march and the EDL struggles to attract half that number to their national demos. As to the claim of 72 people at the meeting, we’ve got the photos and we’ve counted about 40 (mostly bussed in from Nottingham).

Chris ‘Spike’ Conroy

So Newark EDL are fading into total insignificance, but a core group around Conroy remains loyal to the cause. Conroy is big pals with Nottingham and Leicester EDL organisers (the East Midlands Infidels) who may well be the people who asked him to set up a Newark division of the EDL.

From left: Craig ‘Leicester’ Elliott (Leicester EDL organiser), Jay Clark (Nottingham EDL organiser), Chris ‘Spike’ Conroy, Tony Curtis (Nottingham EDL), Baz ‘Nottingham Knight’ (Nottingham EDL)

In his interview, Conroy said “This is patriotism, not racism” and that the EDL embraced multi-culturalism. However, the views he expresses on Facebook make us think that these are just more porkies he is trotting out for the press.

Take for instance Conroy’s ‘joke’ in February that a lesbian Muslim is “a fucking Godsend.”

At least she won’t give birth to another dirty, stinking, sweaty, ignorant, robbing, cricket-playing, stone-throwing, bacon-butty-dodging, pyjama-wearing, bomb-making, AK47-wielding, terrorist, murdering, democracy-hating, benefit-cheating, lazy, horrible, good for nothing cunt! God bless equal opportunism and freedom of speech.

Charming. But of course, it’s ‘just a joke’ and only politically correct idiots would be offended, right?

Likewise, I’m sure no one could be offended by the joking use of racist terms against the Muslim victims of a mosque firebombing in Luton. Conroy rolled his eyes at the MDL “flapping there gums” about the attack suggesting it was bullshit. Of course, the EDL are never involved in attacks against mosques. Chris Payne (himself convicted of leaving a pigs head at the site of a mosque in Nottingham) from Nottingham EDL responded “im glad…cock smokers” to which Conroy replied “tu-pakis init bruv”.

Conroy’s response to the standoff between the Toulouse gunman, Mohamed Merah, and French police was to invite his friends on “a trip to France to help that islamic pig dodger to top him self”. When friend Gez Jenkins replied saying “that’s the best way I’ve ever heard a Muslim be described” Conroy replied “i could go on but i would get banned off facebook” and “its a hobbie”.

On finding that an imam in Nottingham was being charged with sexual assault, one of Conroy’s friends suggested “slap him with a bacon joint”. Conroy’s response: “i’d rape him with one…”

Conroy also ‘jokingly’ responded to a pronouncement of the Muslim Defence League with the words “FUCK OFF MUZZIE!” I’m sure it was meant in a multiculturalism embracing way.

Kris Klan Konroy?

Conroy, like many EDL men, is also a casual sexist who expects his knickers to be clean and a pork chop to be steaming on the table when he gets home. In a typical moan he wrote “Females… doing mens heads in sice time began” to which Nottingham EDLer Grant Purdy agreed “thats wot there ere for pal”. When Conroy’s girlfriend told him to “Shut up” he responded “you should cook and clean then wench”.

Chris sporting a stabproof vest on the way to an EDL demo

Given Conroy’s racist patriotic tendencies and his love of violent and sexually violent threats, it’s not a surprise that he’s found himself in trouble with the law. The day after fellow Newark EDL member Simon Harris threateningly posted “think it about time to have a little walk through newark we or here to stay” on the division’s page, Conroy broke the news that “i got nicked again last night for a public order offence atfet it kicked off in a pub in newark”. He later blubbed to his fellow nationalists “Me and another Newark EDL member are at newark police station tomorrow to answer bail on bullshit charges.” Without going further into why it was “bullshit”, he expected the division to turn up and support him. Let’s hope it wasn’t another Richard Price campaign.

Conroy, like the rest of the dregs left at the bottom of the rapidly emptying EDL barrel, is a virulent hater of Muslims who hides it beneath the facade of ‘patriotism’. He thinks “tu-pakis” and women should know their place and stop being uppity. He threatens violence when faced with events that do not conform with his worldview and expects his division to unthinkingly back him when he gets in trouble. It’s no surprise that his fantasy of thousands of people marching behind him through Newark have never come true.

Apr 1 2012

Fascists talk nonce sense

In response to continued exposes of cover-ups of paedophilia within fascist and far right groups, the British Nationalist Man Child Love Association has released this message:

There has been a lot of nonsense spouted by the unwashed students of the left recently concerning the stance of British nationalists over paedophilia. Our fellow patriots in the EDL, BNP, etc. have, quite rightly, sought to attack Moslem men who prey upon white girls. The disgusting rape of children committed by foreigners who seek to sully our gene pool with their perverted and lustful miscegenation must be opposed by all patriots.

The reds have responded with their usual hysterical shrieks pointing to the cases of convicted nationalist paedophiles, such as Richard Price (EDL leadership), Michael Coates (EDL/North West Infidels), Brett Moses (EDL), Darren Francis (Northants BNP), Gavin Leist (Loughborough BNP), Mark Walker (BNP), Ian Hindle & Paul Wells (BNP), Nigel Hesmondhalgh (BNP), Roderick Rowley (BNP)Martyn Gilleard (British People’s Party, National Front, BNP), Jon Venables (BNP supporter) and Kevin Strom (American neo-nazi and personal friend of Nick Griffin). They suggest that we are hypocritical for attacking Muslim child molesters whilst allowing them to flourish on our own side.

This is simply missing the point.

Comparing these pinnacles of the master race with immigrants who have come to this country to prey on our children is outrageous. These patriots are defenders of a nationalist tradition of seeking a pure love between a man and a young maiden.

Some misunderstand this as exploitative, abusive and sick. The British Nationalist Man Child Love Association say that they are wrong.

We want to defend the white tradition of paedophilia and assert our God-given right to dominate the earth. That is why British nationalist movements attract men who use their authority and power to pressure children into sex. We see it as our traditional right.

We are not hypocrites. We are not sick. We are nationalists.