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Easy meat

Blink and you’d miss them but 500 EDL members turned up in Rochdale yesterday to try to make further capital from the Rochdale grooming case. As I’ve said in a previous post, the far right have ignored a lot of the factual evidence and just followed their prejudices in “making sense” of this case, helped along by mainstream politicians like Jack Straw with his statement that some men in the Pakistani community “view white girls as easy meat”.

Given that the EDL say that they are so opposed to this mistreatment of girls and what they view as Islam’s mistreatment of women in general, you might think that they would be squeaky clean themselves. This is not the case. Another EDL member was outed for a paedophilia conviction recently, adding to the already extensive list. Experts suggest that male paedophiles flourish in environments where there is strong male bonding and an atmosphere of misogyny. The EDL is such a place.

Less than 10% of EDL members are female. The vast majority are men and the culture is correspondingly laddish and sexist. Indeed, EDL leader Tommy Robinson is a keen fan of the twitter feed of True Lad, who regularly tweets boorish sexist rubbish about “slags”, “fat girls”, making wagers for blow jobs from his girlfriend and even sexual assaults: “sneakily brushing against girls arses as they walk past in clubs. #covertarseratingLAD.” But then, girls are just easy meat to these people.

These offensive, sexist values are present throughout the male EDL (and are often considered normal and acceptable by the women as well). We have already covered the “lock up your daughters” attitudes of local members, the rape jokes and the perception that women should be domestic servants. There is plenty more abuse of women where that came from.

The most common perception of women is that they are sexual and domestic slaves, as summed up in this post by Adam Repton (Nottingham EDL member): “A real woman never lets her man leave the house hungry or horny”.

This is an attitude shared by Craig “Leicester” Elliott, Leicester organiser, who had this Mothers’ Day wish for Leicester mums: “Happy mothers day to all mums!  A little explanation to Leicester mums though! It’s such a special day for you on this day every year so this year we thought a special dinner was in order. In fact this dinner has got to be so special that were all off out to watch the footy whilst you cook it so we don’t get under your feet!”

Chris Conroy (Newark EDL organiser) is a man who clearly thinks a woman’s place is in the kitchen and nowhere else. “Why do women try to talk football? Do you see me in the kitchen discussing dishwashing strategies? No, you don’t.” When questioned by a woman who objected to his stance, he wrote “you fail as a proper female”.

These lads think that lounging around playing football is a “proper” man’s role whilst “proper” females should be happy to cook and clean.

Oh and be perved at by them of course, as demonstrated by Martin Wealthall of Nottingham EDL:

Any women who disagree with this servile role are just trying to spoil men’s fun. Steve “Bod” of Leicester EDL reckons “men were brought into this world to enjoy there life. women were brought into the world to make sure they dont”. Or as Chris Conroy puts it “Fucking females… lol! dont have a clue… text you with abuse before they even know the crack…get real cunt.” Lee Tams (Leicester EDL) adds “FK UM USE AND ABUSE”. After all, they’re just easy meat.

Not content to joke about rape and sexual abuse of women, the lads also like to fantasise about extreme physical violence and murder of their female partners. Ian Humphries of Leicester EDL likes to “joke” about breaking his wife’s jaw (the “sound barrier”) and burying her under the house.

All of this should demonstrate how hypocritical these EDL members are every time they complain about Muslims abusing women or the inferior status that Islam confers on women.

Anti-fascists are against the abuse of all women and children, not just when it is politically convenient for us. We want a world where women and men are equals, not one where women slave in the kitchen whilst their menfolk relax in front of the footy. Whether it is paedophile grooming gangs or the misogynists of the EDL, violence, sexual abuse and threats of abuse against people based on their gender need to be eradicated.

Meet the EDL’s organiser in Newark: Chris Conroy

Last summer the Newark division of the EDL was founded with much self-trumpeting in the local press. In an interview for the Newark Advertiser, founder Chris ‘Spike’ Conroy talked up a march of 1,500 members through the streets of Newark and boasted of an inaugural meeting of 72 people. Ten months on we’re still waiting for that march and the EDL struggles to attract half that number to their national demos. As to the claim of 72 people at the meeting, we’ve got the photos and we’ve counted about 40 (mostly bussed in from Nottingham).

Chris ‘Spike’ Conroy

So Newark EDL are fading into total insignificance, but a core group around Conroy remains loyal to the cause. Conroy is big pals with Nottingham and Leicester EDL organisers (the East Midlands Infidels) who may well be the people who asked him to set up a Newark division of the EDL.

From left: Craig ‘Leicester’ Elliott (Leicester EDL organiser), Jay Clark (Nottingham EDL organiser), Chris ‘Spike’ Conroy, Tony Curtis (Nottingham EDL), Baz ‘Nottingham Knight’ (Nottingham EDL)

In his interview, Conroy said “This is patriotism, not racism” and that the EDL embraced multi-culturalism. However, the views he expresses on Facebook make us think that these are just more porkies he is trotting out for the press.

Take for instance Conroy’s ‘joke’ in February that a lesbian Muslim is “a fucking Godsend.”

At least she won’t give birth to another dirty, stinking, sweaty, ignorant, robbing, cricket-playing, stone-throwing, bacon-butty-dodging, pyjama-wearing, bomb-making, AK47-wielding, terrorist, murdering, democracy-hating, benefit-cheating, lazy, horrible, good for nothing cunt! God bless equal opportunism and freedom of speech.

Charming. But of course, it’s ‘just a joke’ and only politically correct idiots would be offended, right?

Likewise, I’m sure no one could be offended by the joking use of racist terms against the Muslim victims of a mosque firebombing in Luton. Conroy rolled his eyes at the MDL “flapping there gums” about the attack suggesting it was bullshit. Of course, the EDL are never involved in attacks against mosques. Chris Payne (himself convicted of leaving a pigs head at the site of a mosque in Nottingham) from Nottingham EDL responded “im glad…cock smokers” to which Conroy replied “tu-pakis init bruv”.

Conroy’s response to the standoff between the Toulouse gunman, Mohamed Merah, and French police was to invite his friends on “a trip to France to help that islamic pig dodger to top him self”. When friend Gez Jenkins replied saying “that’s the best way I’ve ever heard a Muslim be described” Conroy replied “i could go on but i would get banned off facebook” and “its a hobbie”.

On finding that an imam in Nottingham was being charged with sexual assault, one of Conroy’s friends suggested “slap him with a bacon joint”. Conroy’s response: “i’d rape him with one…”

Conroy also ‘jokingly’ responded to a pronouncement of the Muslim Defence League with the words “FUCK OFF MUZZIE!” I’m sure it was meant in a multiculturalism embracing way.

Kris Klan Konroy?

Conroy, like many EDL men, is also a casual sexist who expects his knickers to be clean and a pork chop to be steaming on the table when he gets home. In a typical moan he wrote “Females… doing mens heads in sice time began” to which Nottingham EDLer Grant Purdy agreed “thats wot there ere for pal”. When Conroy’s girlfriend told him to “Shut up” he responded “you should cook and clean then wench”.

Chris sporting a stabproof vest on the way to an EDL demo

Given Conroy’s racist patriotic tendencies and his love of violent and sexually violent threats, it’s not a surprise that he’s found himself in trouble with the law. The day after fellow Newark EDL member Simon Harris threateningly posted “think it about time to have a little walk through newark we or here to stay” on the division’s page, Conroy broke the news that “i got nicked again last night for a public order offence atfet it kicked off in a pub in newark”. He later blubbed to his fellow nationalists “Me and another Newark EDL member are at newark police station tomorrow to answer bail on bullshit charges.” Without going further into why it was “bullshit”, he expected the division to turn up and support him. Let’s hope it wasn’t another Richard Price campaign.

Conroy, like the rest of the dregs left at the bottom of the rapidly emptying EDL barrel, is a virulent hater of Muslims who hides it beneath the facade of ‘patriotism’. He thinks “tu-pakis” and women should know their place and stop being uppity. He threatens violence when faced with events that do not conform with his worldview and expects his division to unthinkingly back him when he gets in trouble. It’s no surprise that his fantasy of thousands of people marching behind him through Newark have never come true.