Walsall fallout

As members of the East Midlands EDL divisions are quick to point out, yesterday’s demo in Walsall was a disaster for them. Only 150 turned up, continuing the downward trend in numbers since the start of the year. They attacked the police with missiles, many of which missed and hit their own side, and then had a massive whinge when the police battered them in return. Now I’m not keen on seeing people getting beaten up by the police, but these morons shouldn’t have expected any other treatment, especially with all their “fuck OB” posturing after Walthamstow.

Leicester’s Steve “Bod” asked his fellow patriots how the day had gone seeing as he, like so many others, couldn’t be arsed to turn up. Fellow East Midlands Infidel, Nicolette Voss, was clear: “Bad Bod, mindless violence will make EDL look bad x”. Nottingham chump, Martin Wealthall reckoned that it was “very messy” and Leicester’s Glen Warren thought it was “propa bad” and that “loads been done by coppers”.

The EDL were whingeing about the police attacking their stewards “who are there to help with crowd control” (usually to stand in line to be the first ones hit by other EDLers when they kick off), before threatening, once again, to withdraw police liaison. Vinny James was sceptical: “No Police Liaison – heard that before…” and received a lot of support from other EDL members fed up of the leadership’s endless lies.

It’s all gone very wrong for the EDL in the last month and their return to Walthamstow at the end of October looks likely to be a massacre for them.

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