No “darkies” please – we’re the BNP

Anyone who’s been foolish enough to follow Nottingham BNP’s Twitter feed will know what a never-ending stream of reactionary rubbish it is. But this week Nottingham organiser, Bob Brindley, has surpassed himself with his advice to people voting for the Notts Police Commissioner:

Time to think b4 you vote for police commissioner in Nottingham – a hard line is needed – don’t vote for labour bloke or darkie

Well we would never think of this hanging and flogging enthusiast as anything but hardline, but this is really taking the piss. I mean, it’s not as if Labour weren’t hardline on crime with all of their “anti-social behaviour” crackdowns, draconian terrorism legislation and hundreds of new laws on the books. And what makes him think that the man he charmingly refers to as a “darkie”, Dr Raj Chandran, former Tory mayor of Gedling, won’t be hardline? Is it because he subscribes to some orientalist idea that Asians are “more feminine” than Europeans? Or is it just because he’s a fascist bastard? Does this mean that Brindley wants the official Tory candidate to be Police & Crime Commissioner? Or is he in favour of independent and former copper, Robert Spencer?

Sadly for Brindley there are no fascist candidates to vote for. Bob made a lot of noise about how he was going to run for the position earlier in the year, but has probably now been told that the party don’t have any money, seeing as Nick Griffin’s spunked it all up the wall fighting legal battles with Marmite and such. Besides, they almost certainly realise that sending a deranged, openly racist, spittle-flecked ranter out to public hustings with a BNP rosette on would be a PR disaster.

Brindley’s delicate choice of words to describe a non-white candidate isn’t coming at the best of times for the besieged fascist party. Former leader of the BNP in Stoke-on-Trent, Michael Coleman, was found guilty of racially-aggravated harassment last month, in relation to bile spouted on his blog. Coleman claimed that Stoke-on-Trent City Council were “flooding this city with Muslims and blacks, a complete population replacement programme. Darkies in, whites out”. According to Coleman, he had done nothing wrong, because he was just “explaining my views in the common language of the people of Stoke-on-Trent”. Presumably only the ones still using racist language from decades ago.

With cases like this cropping up all over the place, anyone would think the BNP was full of past-their-sell-by-date racists…

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