Nottingham BNP’s Olympic journey

Nottingham BNP have been watching the Olympics with conflicting emotions. First there was relief that there were some “white events” like swimming. Then there was outrage against the “British ‘regime'” for “bashing up amateur cyclists” as the repression of London Critical Mass got underway. This quickly turned to disgust on the realisation that the victims of police aggression were “Uk indymedia jobless dreadlocked unwashed pricks”. And finally, never far away with the BNP, was hate: “So why was vermin Doreen Lawrence at the opening ceremony – hang the bitch”.

As we’ve previously revealed, Nottingham BNP’s Twitter feed is a brain dump for unhinged fascist, Bob Brindley. These are the thoughts of a man who wants to run for Police Commissioner in Nottingham this Autumn. Seeing as he can barely control his own irrational hatred, I can’t imagine many people would trust him with the local constabulary.

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