Apr 9 2013

More East Midlands far right candidates

The nominations are in for Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Nottinghamshire County Council elections. In all three counties there are fewer BNP candidates than in 2009 suggesting the party’s support has collapsed across the region.


  • Holbeach – Robert Malcolm Brian West (BNP)
  • Louth Wolds – John Atty (BNP)
  • Skegness South – Robert John Ashton (BNP)
  • Spalding East & Moulton – Anthony John Williams (BNP)

BNP had 23 candidates in 2009


  • Brickhill & Queensway – David Peter Robinson (BNP)
  • Clover Hill – Victoria Hilling (Eng Dems)
  • Corby West – Marc Gordon Riddell (BNP)
  • Croyland & Swanspool – Terry Spencer (Eng Dems)
  • Delapre & Rushmere – Mark Andrew Plowman (BNP)
  • Desborough – Kevin Sills (Eng Dems), Clive Skinner (BNP)
  • Hatton Park – Rob Walker (Eng Dems)
  • Irthlingborough – John Elvis Whitestone (BNP)
  • Kingsthorpe North – Peter James Whitestone (BNP)
  • Kingswood – Stella Wright (BNP)
  • Lloyds – Gordon Riddell (BNP)
  • Oakley – James Andrew Gordon Campbell (BNP)
  • Towcester & Roade – John Hughes (BNP)
  • Windmill – Derek Hilling (Eng Dems)

BNP had 12 candidates in 2009 and English Democrats had 4.


  • Beauvale  – David Michael Matthew Wright (BNP)
  • Eastwood – Alex McConnell (BNP)

BNP had 15 candidates in 2009.

Apr 7 2013

Fascist candidates for Leicestershire elections

Leicestershire is the only East Midlands county to have announced the candidates for next month’s County Council elections so far. There are 9 fascists who fancy their luck – the BNP have 7 candidates and new-fash-on-the-block the British Democrats have 2. All of the BNP’s candidates are standing in the Charnwood division, covering the area north of Leicester, meaning that they are not even contesting their former stronghold of North West Leicestershire. Whilst 7 may sound like a lot it is tiny compared to the 48 candidates fielded in the last elections in 2009. Despite having trumpeted about how much money they’ve been conning their elderly supporters into donating to them recently, the BNP is clearly in disarray and it looks like the party will have a poor showing at the polls.

The BNP’s candidates are as follows:

  • Glenfields – Peter Cheeseman
  • Birstall – Ken Tilson
  • Bradgate – Jim Taylor
  • Sileby and the Wolds – Maurice Oatley
  • Syston Fosse – Cathy Duffy
  • Syston Ridgeway – Stephen Denham
  • Thurmaston – Robin Derrick
Derbyshire BNP organiser, Paul Hilliard and Charnwood organiser Peter Cheeseman: Who's pimping who?

Derbyshire BNP organiser, Paul Hilliard and Charnwood organiser Peter Cheeseman: Who’s pimping who?

Steve Denham

Steve Denham

East Goscote BNP councillor Cathy Duffy

East Goscote BNP councillor Cathy Duffy

The British Democrats are yet another breakaway from the BNP, headed by Andrew Brons and launched at a meeting in Queniborough village hall in Leicestershire in February. Despite talking up their status as a rival to the BNP they are only fielding 3 candidates in these elections across the entire country. Former BNP councillor Graham Partner will be trying to hold onto his Coalville seat under the new Brit Dems banner and former Charnwood BNP organiser Kevan Stafford will be standing in Loughborough South. Looks like another BNP splinter group that is rapidly sinking without trace.

Kevan Stafford

Kevan Stafford

Mar 17 2013

No progress for BNP in Skegness

In spite of their hype, the BNP are failing to make progress on the issue of the Skegness halal slaughterhouse. Their last demo was disappointing, turning out only 30 supporters, some of whom were so disappointed with the local organisation that they handed in their membership cards afterwards. Local activists blamed the time of year and lack of advertising for the poor turnout.

No such excuses could be blamed for a similarly poor turnout (we counted about 30 in their photoshoot) yesterday. Thanks to the decision of Johnston Press to give the BNP an advert for their demo in the local newspaper, the Skegness Standard, the fascist party had had all the publicity they could hope for. So no progress for the BNP and, given the rumours suggesting that the slaughterhouse is being run into the ground by incompetent owners, the issue could soon be a moot point.

Thanks to some constructive dialogue with the editor of the Skegness Standard over his paper’s coverage of the issues, most of the East Midlands Anti-fascists’ statement, telling the truth about the BNP’s fake concern for animals, was published yesterday.

Lincolnshire Coastal Branch had better find another issue to exploit fast, because this one is turning into a dead duck.

Mar 17 2013

BNP is exploiting slaughterhouse issue

The fascist British National Party will hold a demonstration outside Skegness’ halal slaughterhouse today. In the absence of a genuine animal rights movement, the BNP is exploiting the real concern of local people about the treatment of animals for its own racist and divisive political agenda.

The BNP only campaign against halal slaughter, not the almost identical kosher slaughter or animal rights abuses committed by white British farmers, because they have identified racism against Asian Muslims as a vote winner.(1) Genuine animal rights activists, such as Bristol Animal Rights Collective, have called the focus on halal slaughter “a sign of racial and cultural discrimination” and stated that they “hope [fascists] will be shown that they’re not welcome in Skegness or the animal liberation movement!”(2)

The BNP’s supposed stance against animal cruelty is hypocrisy. The party has given active support to fox hunting in the past. When the Hunting Bill banning the hunting of foxes with dogs was given the Royal Ascent, the BNP announced that “BNP supporters were devastated by the news” calling fox hunting “a sport which has an important role to play”.(3) The BNP is only interested in recruiting people and winning votes, not the plight of animals.

Unlike the BNP, East Midlands Anti-fascists are opposed to ALL animal cruelty.(4) We do not make distinctions based on the ethnic or religious background of the perpetrators.

Under the coalition government’s regime of austerity, ordinary people are suffering due to wage freezes, job losses and cuts to public services. Because, unlike the main parties, the BNP have no history of mismanaging the country, some people are tempted to give them their support. However, the BNP’s divisive policies offer no solution to the current crisis, only serving to divide the working class along racial and cultural lines and making it easier for bosses to exploit us.

East Midlands Anti-fascists oppose the BNP and other fascist groups because we believe the only way we can change our everday lives is by working together: workers and the unemployed, women and men and people of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. It is corrupt politicians and leeching company bosses who are holding us down, not immigrants or Muslims.

We want to shut down the Skegness slaughterhouse and all factory farming. We also want to shut down the anti-working class policies of the BNP.


(1) The BNP has stated that “We reject both pro-Zionist internationalism… and the Islamification of our homelands. Which enemy is it in our political interest to be seen to be opposing more vigorously at the moment? To a party aiming to win seats in London, the West Midlands and the former mill-towns of Northern England, the answer should be pretty obvious.”

(2) See the full statement by Bristol Animal Rights Collective here: http://bristolar.wordpress.com/2012/09/10/skegness-halal-demos-a-slippery-slope-to-the-right/

(3) The Real Countryside Alliance (http://www.realca.co.uk/violence/hunting-and-racism) also lists the extensive links between hunting and the far right.

(4) The East Midlands Anti-fascists blog is an independent website set up to monitor and oppose the far right across the region: http://emaf.noblogs.org

Mar 11 2013

The Skegness Standard responds

We have received a rather haughty response from Philip Murray, editor of the Skegness Standard, who, unsurprisingly, doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong. According to Mr Murray: “We don’t support any political group, and never have, and we have carried adverts from groups all over the political spectrum at one point or another in the past.”

This is inadequate. Would Mr Murray give advertising space to an explicitly Nazi Party? Would that be ordinary business as well? Would he be surprised if there were angry protests against him and his paper if he did so? I imagine he would treat such an approach as either ethically repugnant or bad for business, depending on how cynical he was. Giving the BNP an advert is not really much different, however legitimate they would like us to believe they are, given the leadership’s strong links to Nazism, anti-Semitism and racial violence.

Mr Murray continues:

You also ask why we didn’t look to get comment from anti-fascists; it’s simply because we would always look to get reaction from local politicians first because we’re a local newspaper.

This avoids the thrust of the question which was why the Skegness Standard gave an uncritical report of the BNP’s protest. Were there really no “local politicians” who opposed the BNP’s march? It seems unlikely. The only person quoted in the Standard’s front page feature on the BNP march was the regional organiser, Robert Ashton. If this isn’t bias it is extremely poor journalism and either way Mr Murray is culpable.

Clearly Mr Murray is not going to take responsibility for his paper’s lapses so it might be worth going to the next level. Thanks to Worthing’s Porkbolter for this suggestion:

People might also want to ask the CEO of the publishing group that owns the Skegness Standard why it’s supporting fascism. The firm is Johnston Press and the head honcho is Ashley Highfield – email ashley.highfield@jpress.co.uk or tweet him at @ashleyhi

Mar 10 2013

The Skegness Standard supports fascism

The BNP has recently announced that its Lincolnshire Coastal Branch, organised by Grimsby’s Robert Ashton, will be holding another day of action in Skegness next weekend. The BNP will be meeting from 11.30am on Sat 16th March, with the intention of marching to the Heath Road halal abattoir. Last time they met at The Victoria, 23 Wainfleet Road. We don’t imagine they will have moved far but you can call them on 07714009285 to find out. They are even taking the party’s Lie Lorry for a spin around the streets – let’s hope that there are no low bridges in Skegness! Party activists will, once again,  be crying crocodile tears and pretending to care about animal rights but in reality they are more interested in persecuting Muslims.

Interestingly, local paper The Skegness Standard seems to be propping them up, giving the fascists “ground breaking” advertising space for their demo. Readers may remember that after the last BNP demo in January, the Standard gave the BNP a totally uncritical feature article, which will undoubtedly have been a boost for them. Either the people running the paper are totally naive or are sympathetic to the fascists.

We have written to the Standard’s editor, Philip Murray, asking him why his publication is giving support to the fascist BNP. We ask that anti-fascists contact Mr Murrary to find out why his publication is promoting a party led by a holocaust denier that has a racist and authoritarian ideology:

Skegness Standard
Unit 22
The Hildreds
PE25 3NU

Editor – Philip Murray
Telephone: 01754 897120 Fax: 01754 610987
Email: philip.murray@jpress.co.uk

Mar 10 2013

Tories forming alliance with fascists in NW Leics?

There are local elections afoot in many parts of the East Midlands in May and the party machines are grinding into life. Sensing major defeats to Labour in North West Leicestershire, the Tories are looking for every desperate trick in the book to hang onto power… including courting the “independent nationalist” (i.e. fascist who no longer likes Nick Griffin), Councillor Graham Partner, if his blog is to be believed.

Partner was elected BNP County Councillor for the Coalville ward in 2007  but soon joined Sadie Graham’s anti-Griffin faction, bouncing in and out of the party before finally resigning the party whip in 2010 to become an “independent nationalist” (fascist without a home). Last year he was censured by the County Council for a virulently islamophobic leaflet he sent to voters, which was described as “causing harassment to people of Nigerian origin, Third World origin, Palestinian origin, Pakistani origin, any non-Christian beliefs as well as those of a liberal Christian belief”.

According to Partner’s blog:

In anticipation of those prospects [losses to Labour in a number of wards] and the Coalville defeat of the former BNP councillor, the Tories had the cheek to ask for help from Graham and his associates to fend off the Labour revival and ensure Tory victories.

We definitely take this with a pinch of salt, given the source, but it wouldn’t be unthinkable. The “anti-fascist” credentials of mainstream politicians are always secondary to their desire to hang onto power by any means necessary. If this turns out to be true, it is further proof that you cannot trust mainstream politicians to fight the fascists. The only way they will be beaten is through grassroots anti-fascist direct action.

Mar 6 2013

Nottingham BNP in deep cover

We’re very pleased that Nottingham BNP have started publishing reports on their branch meetings on their shoddy and garish site. These are a lot more entertaining than the mix of Nick Griffin’s begging letters and reposts of any crime story from the Nottingham Post involving black people, which was all that used to go up. The most recent report has a real gem – Nottingham BNP’s ‘underground’ activities:

The Auk indymedia site and the activities going on at the Sumac centre (once again thanks for the inside information ‘Mole’) were again a good source of amusement and continue to entertain everyone.

It’s seriously doubtful whether they really have a mole taking part in activities at Nottingham’s social centre, the Sumac Centre, or Indymedia, otherwise they would have hinted at the juicy gossip they’d been able to pick up on. Most probably they’re just fantasising about playing James Bond, forgetting that you have to have a certain amount of charm to be a successful spy.

Nottingham BNP activist, Alex 'Beano' McConnell

Nottingham BNP activist, Alex ‘Beano’ McConnell – perhaps on his way to wash dishes for ‘reds’ at the Sumac?

Broxtowe organiser, David Wright, gets into disguise

Broxtowe BNP activist, David Wright, gets into disguise

Given that the Sumac Centre is, according to its website, “run by Volunteers” and is “always in need of more people to help keep the Centre running”, “infiltrating” the Sumac would have to involve putting yourself forward to help run the place. Let’s hope that the BNP really are pulling pints and peeling tatties for their anarchist and left-wing enemies – helping to support an alternative to the fascist dictatorship they desire.

Likewise, the Nottingham Indymedia website is run by a collective that holds open meetings. You don’t need to be a mole to work out what’s going on – it’s all in the public domain. Sorry to smash your dreams of being the next Mark Kennedy lads! With openly organised, non-hierarchical organisations like these, it’s hard to see what the BNP would get out of infiltrating them, even if they were capable of it.

What is more worrying is that the BNP are trying to do some racially-selective social work:

There is also need to get more involved with community projects like operating food banks for our needy etc. [Emphasis added]

This is not really anything new. The BNP have been trying to infiltrate and exploit community projects for years. Now they are hoping to emulate the successes of Greek Nazis, Golden Dawn, whose cynical “anti-austerity” measures only extend to “indigenous” Greeks.

If the BNP are reading this (which they almost certainly are – they crave the attention), we notice that you haven’t managed to find any candidates for the local elections yet. Better stop playing police spies and get back to losing deposits.

Feb 18 2013

Nottingham BNP are desperate

Anyone want to give them a call? 070213

Feb 11 2013

Hardline fascists meet in Leicestershire

According to Hope Not Hate reporter, Matthew Collins, a new hardline fascist party was launched at a village hall in Leicestershire at the weekend. Andrew Brons, who resigned from the BNP in October last year, is trying to bring together members of the National Front, the British Movement and Combat 18 to oppose the BNP. He is a former member of the openly Nazi National Socialist Movement and has long struggled against Griffin’s modernisation of the BNP.

Hope Not Hate claim to have infiltrated the meeting of about 60 boneheads and photographed them. They reckon former C18 Nazis and EDL activists were providing security. Despite saying that “people have a right to know that these groups of people are lying and cheating their way onto public property to cultivate their message of hate”, HnH declined to reveal the location of the meeting.