Coalville ex-BNP councillor’s leaflet censured

A leaflet written by former BNP councillor turned independent, Graham Partner, has been censured for an anti-Muslim leaflet he sent out to voters as a New Year message. Partner, who is now touting the English Democrats label, wrote a leaflet claiming that “victimhood comes easily” to Muslims accusing them of “terrorist atrocit[ies]” and “blood-soaked massacre[s]” “justified by reference to imagined grievances.”

Graham Partner: Bilious shitbag

A Leicestershire County Council standards committee found that Partner had undermined race relations, breached the council code of conduct by bringing the Council into disrepute and ruled that Partner should undertake equality training.

Partner’s leaflet was described as “causing harassment to people of Nigerian origin, Third World origin, Palestinian origin, Pakistani origin, any non-Christian beliefs as well as those of a liberal Christian belief” suggesting that there is almost no one in the world that Partner likes.

Standards sub-committee chair, Martin Caple, said “We have decided Coun Partner is censured in the strongest possible terms as this is a serious matter”, although it is not clear what consequences this has other than the slap on the wrist of equalities training.

Of course, Partner himself has decided that this is all a massive conspiracy claiming rather grandiosely that “it was seen as an opportunity to feign offence on [minorities’] behalf by political rivals who are incapable of defeating a single independent councillor by fair and proper means.” Partner seems to think that racism is all in the imagination of those who have to put up with over-entitled fucktards like him spouting such offensive rubbish day in and day out.

It’s a pity he didn’t get kicked out of his job.

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