Nottingham BNP in deep cover

We’re very pleased that Nottingham BNP have started publishing reports on their branch meetings on their shoddy and garish site. These are a lot more entertaining than the mix of Nick Griffin’s begging letters and reposts of any crime story from the Nottingham Post involving black people, which was all that used to go up. The most recent report has a real gem – Nottingham BNP’s ‘underground’ activities:

The Auk indymedia site and the activities going on at the Sumac centre (once again thanks for the inside information ‘Mole’) were again a good source of amusement and continue to entertain everyone.

It’s seriously doubtful whether they really have a mole taking part in activities at Nottingham’s social centre, the Sumac Centre, or Indymedia, otherwise they would have hinted at the juicy gossip they’d been able to pick up on. Most probably they’re just fantasising about playing James Bond, forgetting that you have to have a certain amount of charm to be a successful spy.

Nottingham BNP activist, Alex 'Beano' McConnell

Nottingham BNP activist, Alex ‘Beano’ McConnell – perhaps on his way to wash dishes for ‘reds’ at the Sumac?

Broxtowe organiser, David Wright, gets into disguise

Broxtowe BNP activist, David Wright, gets into disguise

Given that the Sumac Centre is, according to its website, “run by Volunteers” and is “always in need of more people to help keep the Centre running”, “infiltrating” the Sumac would have to involve putting yourself forward to help run the place. Let’s hope that the BNP really are pulling pints and peeling tatties for their anarchist and left-wing enemies – helping to support an alternative to the fascist dictatorship they desire.

Likewise, the Nottingham Indymedia website is run by a collective that holds open meetings. You don’t need to be a mole to work out what’s going on – it’s all in the public domain. Sorry to smash your dreams of being the next Mark Kennedy lads! With openly organised, non-hierarchical organisations like these, it’s hard to see what the BNP would get out of infiltrating them, even if they were capable of it.

What is more worrying is that the BNP are trying to do some racially-selective social work:

There is also need to get more involved with community projects like operating food banks for our needy etc. [Emphasis added]

This is not really anything new. The BNP have been trying to infiltrate and exploit community projects for years. Now they are hoping to emulate the successes of Greek Nazis, Golden Dawn, whose cynical “anti-austerity” measures only extend to “indigenous” Greeks.

If the BNP are reading this (which they almost certainly are – they crave the attention), we notice that you haven’t managed to find any candidates for the local elections yet. Better stop playing police spies and get back to losing deposits.

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