Apr 22 2013

Boneheads battered in Brighton!

After months of baiting anti-fascists, the gobshites of the far right were weeping into their pillows last night after they were run out of Brighton yet again. Despite hyping the event as a big one and fantasising about what they were going to do to the ‘reds’ they only mustered 150 flag-waving morons at their march to nowhere. The following report is from a local anti-fascist who was there to send them packing:

We knew the fash were worried on Saturday night when Jeff Marsh started tweeting that the Casuals “owned Worthing”. If they were really such big men why didn’t they come down into Brighton where anti-fascists had been leafleting and band after band at the Punx Picnic was calling the punters out to oppose the fascists? The man was clearly close to losing his bottle and going where he wanted which was home with a nice cup of Horlicks. We could sleep easy knowing that our enemies were bricking it.

Casuals United and NWI "totally own" a secluded corner protected by cops

Casuals United and NWI “totally own” a secluded corner protected by cops

We woke up to a lovely sunny day and slowly wandered down towards the pier where a mob of black clad antis were avoiding the kettle and forming quite a sizeable crowd. The word was that fash were being allowed to walk through town to the demo which turned out not to be a particularly clever policing decision as several groups of them were set upon before they’d even got to the march in a sign of things to come. Soon there was a massive surge up St James street because some fascists had been spotted in a betting shop. The group of 3 far right punters were soon surrounded by hundreds of anti-fascists and were only saved by running for their lives out of the back door and a horse charge by the plod.

The miserable gaggle of wankers were walled in on the seafront for their own protection whilst thousands of Brighton people from all walks of life turned out to tell them to fuck off. Meanwhile odd groups of those who were clearly out intent on getting at the reds wandered in the maze of the Lanes but kept getting turned over by the better organised and more up for it anti-fascists who were given confidence boost after confidence boost by opposition whose hearts clearly weren’t in it.


In the end the fash didn’t even manage to stagger the whole length of their 250m pig pen before they were turned back for their own safety. They huddled looking miserable while being pelted with missiles and wishing they could go home. Sensing that their job was done anti-fascists went on a victory march through the centre of town having well and truly beaten the fascists of the streets.

Word came through that some isolated fascists were trying to cause mischief down near the pier so we went to investigate only to see a pitiful mob of beer bellied has beens who’d finally drunk enough to get the courage to kick off. They were quickly surrounded by anti-fascists and only saved by scores of riot cops wading in to keep the sides apart. Apparently they were Combined Ex-Forces but I don’t think any of these lads would’ve passed any physical tests! They were marched off in a kettle surrounded by jeering anti-fascists and looked pathetic.

The funniest moment of the day came as we were moving away into the side streets as we came across a fascist so paralytic he could barely stand who eventually got it together enough to run off. It was then that people recognised his obviously terrified mate was none other than Diddyman Shane  Calvert. The poor old Nazi looked like he was about to cry as he scurried away behind police lines to shouts of “Come back Diddyman you paedo!” Seems like the mighty infidels are having a few recruitment problems these days and it’s no surprise. The NWI love to give it large on the internet but they shouldn’t really leave home without their mums for protection!

It was time to retire to the pub for refreshments after a day’s work well done. It was clear that the “hard men” of the far right had been totally humiliated. The normally full of shit @CasualsUnitedNT was lost for words for hours during what was meant to be their most exciting day of the year and Jeff Marsh hasn’t re-emerged from hiding to cover his arse yet. They are talking about coming back next year with more people but they already tried that this year and it didn’t work out too well for them. The fact is dregs of the EDL simply can’t get it together any more and they have learnt the hard way. They may be making big speeches about no surrender but I am sure that they won’t really want a rerun.

Check out the write up from the Anti-Fascist Network as well.


Apr 18 2013

Casuals United confirm that they are fascists

Us anti-fascists have heard no end of whingeing from the 10 men and a dog who are Casuals United over the years, usually starting with “But we’re not fascists!”. The latest example was when failed far right kingpin, Tony Curtis AKA Tone the Moan, leapt to the defence of the Casuals godfather, Jeff Marsh, claiming that he’s against people with extreme right wing views. Well, no one needs to pretend that these muppets aren’t fascists anymore because Leicester Casuals United have kindly confirmed the fact for us.

CasualsUnited Fascists

This just confirms what anti-fascists have been saying for ages about the March for England in Brighton this weekend – that it is a fascist mobilisation against ‘lefties’ with a not very convincing patriotic disguise. In case you need more evidence, here’s something the Anti-Fascist Network found on Facebook:


Travel down with your local anti-fascist group and make sure that these fascists look very silly indeed.

Mar 25 2013

Oppose the March for England

If you only go to one anti-fascist mobilisation this year, stopping the March for England in Brighton should be it. The fascists have been salivating about this one for months, whipping themselves up into a far right frenzy about their right to impose their homophobic and racist abuse on the people of Brighton. They are out for revenge against the ‘reds’ who comprehensively humiliated their hate-fest last year and are pulling out all the stops to do it, even inviting the most openly Nazi groups, like the Friends of Golden Dawn.


Anti-fascists from the East Midlands will be going down and we’d like to encourage you to join them.

Here’s the official callout from Stop MFE:

Last year thousands of people lined the streets of Brighton to drown out March for England’s message of hate. Let’s do it again. Racists and fascists have no place in our diverse city.

March for what?

March for England (MfE) is not an innocent celebration of traditional culture. March for England is a right wing, Islamophobic, racist and homophobic organisation that helped found the English Defence League (EDL) and is supported by EDL members. The fascist credentials of their annual outing to Brighton on Sunday 21st April has never been clearer. Neo-Nazis, Friends of Golden Dawn, supporters of the swastika waving Greek fascist party, have stated they will be attending March for England.

Islamophobia and English fascists

MfE and the EDL are just two of a growing number of English fascist groups that are violently lslamophobic. They state they are against so-called “Islamic extremists’ but this is the mantra of a growing anti-Muslim movement with European fascism that quickly turns into a wholesale assault on Muslim people, all migrants and any way of life that they think is not “English” enough.

Brighton: anti-fascism begins at home

The current economic crisis and the demonisation of migrants has created the political climate for fascist ideas and organisations to grow. Groups such as the MfE, EDL and BNP groups scapegoat those most affected by war and economic hardship, they discriminate according to their ideas of race and nation, they spread fear and hate of those people they believe are different to them, they attempt to intimidate community groups. When the people of Brighton made their collective stand against Mfe and EDL, they helped turn the tide against new fascism in Britain. Since we took to the streets to show our opposition to the rise of a new fascism, the EDL have been halted in Bristol, Walthamstow and Norwich.

We’ll do it again. Fascism grows if we let it.

See you there.

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