Jun 29 2012

BNP get 7% in Sileby

The council by-election held in Sileby, Leics. yesterday has declared results.  The BNP’s Charnwood organiser Steve “warm seat” Denham received 93 votes, just over 7% of the poll, and beat the Libdems (who did not stand here in the previous election) into fourth.  This result falls short of what the BNP hoped to achieve, with Denham talking up his chances to anyone who would listen before the election.  Although Charnwood is an area where the BNP have received reasonable support in the past, the BNP’s general (terminal?) malaise seems to have made itself felt in Sileby too.

Jun 24 2012

BNP to stand in Sileby

The BNP are trying their luck in the Charnwood Borough Council Election in Sileby, Leics. which will be held on Thursday June 28th.  Their candidate is Steve Denham, the party’s Charnwood organiser.  Denham, who lives  nearby in Syston, claims good support in the area and fancies his chances of not finishing last; this is an area where the BNP would hope to poll well and we’ll be watching with interest.