What’s a racist Forest fan to do?

The recent news that Nottingham Forest is in advanced talks concerning take over by the wealthy Kuwaiti Al-Hasawi family has been met with a bit of a mixed reaction from xenophobic and anti-Muslim fans. They are happy to take the Kuwaitis’ money, of course, but less keen on the Islamic association with their club.

For Leicester City fans the situation is much easier. They’re pissing themselves laughing.

You may remember that back in January we reported on racist chanting by Forest fans at the Forest v Leicester match. Racist Forest fans have long taunted their local rivals with the claim that Leicester is a “town full of Pakis”, in reference to Leicester’s large Asian population. Now Leicester fans are getting their revenge.

Craig “Leicester” Elliott, organiser of Leicester EDL, wrote a post taking the piss out of racist Forest fans hoping that Al-Hasawi “makes all the pies halal, bans beer from the ground, turns the club shop into a mosque, replaces your matchday program with the quran and erects a model of the 5 pillars of islam at the trent end.” He specifically targeted Nottingham EDLer Jack Stevens for abuse.

Stevens was unapolagetic: “At least our muzzie putting money into us what r all the muzzies in lesta doin 4 ya … Still a town full of pakis !!!”. Nottingham EDL organiser, Richard Carroll agreed:

Craig they don’t chant “town full of pakis” cos of your ownership… Or cos your stadiums called prawn kung pow… It’s cos “your a town full of pakis..”

Good to see that there’s no relationship between racist Forest fans and Nottingham EDL then!

These idiots are fortunately a small minority. The majority just want to see our teams do well and good football being played. Only muppets like the EDL care about the race and religion of the people involved.

4 Responses to “What’s a racist Forest fan to do?”

  • Spag

    I have come across a few despicable Forest supporters in my time, hearing that shite against Leicester. Like all clubs, we have our ‘bad apples’. FOREST SUPPORTERS: Let’s ostracise, humiliate and do much worse for our bigoted fans. AF.

  • East Midlands Anti-Fascists

    My apologies to Leicester and Forest fans who are sick of the tiny racist minority who give them a bad name. You are right – they don’t deserve to be called Forest fans or football fans because they are more interested in their own agenda.

    Rocky Robin – I wasn’t laughing along with Leicester EDL – just pointing out how funny it is when they fight amongst themselves about who’s most racist. This site is trying to expose what a bunch of pathetic idiots those who are in the EDL/BNP, etc are.

  • Rocky Robin

    Is it not quite hypocritical of this article to condemn racist chanting from a tiny minority of forest fans- by laughing along with a racist leicester fan

    Racism is not acceptable in any form and should not be seen as okay just because “leicester fans are getting thier revenge”

    That is a very bad attitude to take

  • Stuart

    As a Forest fan living in Leicester I’d just like to point out that openly racist fans are a tiny minority in this country. Rather than being described as ‘racist Forest fans’ can we just refer to them as ‘racists’? I don’t associate these people with being fans of anything, and the vast majority of people at the City Ground are there for one thing: football.