Racism an issue in Derbyshire Schools

A recent report illustrates that racist abuse is occurring in kids as young as eight in Derbyshire schools. ¬†Racist ideas (whether coming from political groupings, ¬†socially conservative interests, media stereotypes, or other sources) have a pernicious habit of spreading – also to the very young – if unchallenged. Such ideas all too often surface as abusive language or behaviour, and it’s not too large a leap to make the link between playground racism and the intimidation which is the stock-in-trade of fascist gangs. ¬†Counteracting racist and socially regressive ideas in society is as important a part of anti-fascism as actually opposing the fascists who are the manifestation of such ideas.

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  • Dave Says:

    You miss out the No.1 influence on youngsters of that age, the parents/family. It’s a sad fact but they are the biggest ‘moulder’ of young kids thinking until they become more of an independent thinker, then the media and other sources muscle in to add their poison too.

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