Guramit Singh in prison

Former EDL spokesman Guramit Singh Kalirai is now in prison after his brief period on the run.

Singh from Bramcote, Nottinghamshire, took to Facebook to make a long-winded proclamation of innocence in which he claimed he had “been in contact with metropolitan police and agreed to hand [himself] in,” although the Nottingham Post reported that he was “caught […] in Long Eaton on Sunday.”

The Nottingham Post glossed over his connections with the EDL, only mentioning them in connection with the “taunts” Singh directed at police on Facebook while on the run:

In a slap in the face for officers chasing him, he also posted updates saying he was at the London Eye last Thursday and Trafalgar Square last Friday.

He also ‘shared’ a status update posted by the Luton branch of the far-right group the English Defence League on September 17 – a day he was meant to be in court, which said: “Who is out on the booze with Guramit Singh tonight in Luton?”

This meeting is particularly interesting as it implies that Singh met-up with many of the (then) key figures in the EDL (an organisation which he claims no longer to be involved in) immediately before going on the run. As EDL News note:

It is difficult to believe that their conversation didn’t involve any mention of Kalirai’s plans to evade justice. Yet there’s no indication that Lennon or Carroll reported his plans to the authorities. No doubt the police will be inquiring into this.

Whether any of this will get in the way of the not-at-all extremist aspirations of the leadership which has since left the EDL remains to be seen.

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