EDL bottle Nottingham demo

Only a couple of 14 year olds and a dejected looking bloke in an EDL polo shirt bothered turning up to the EDL’s attempt to exploit a tragedy in Nottingham yesterday. The organiser obviously lost his bottle before even showing up. A 70 strong crowd of anti-fascists held the square for the afternoon quite comfortably and sent a clear message to these vultures that their attempt to capitalise on a violent murder will win them no converts in the city.

2 Responses to “EDL bottle Nottingham demo”

  • East Midlands Anti-Fascists Says:

    As our report on the event makes clear, there was no chanting from the “lefties” – were you really there? No one interrupted the flower-laying. As for “disgraceful”, how about fascists hijacking the brutal death of a soldier for their own political aims, despite his family’s wishes?

  • Anonymous Says:

    thats right demo when the whole division is in newcastle against a few people who associate them selfs with edl name today i seen one of the most discraceful things i have ever seen while the people of nottingham was laying flowers for lee rigby the lefties where holding up banners and chanting you should be ashamed !!

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