Sep 2 2012

EDL march blocked in Walthamstow

It sounds like the EDL had a very bad day indeed yesterday. Less than 300 of them bothered to turn up for their national demo in Walthamstow and attacked their own stewards before their march was blocked by over 1000 anti-fascists. Tommy Robinson had to set up his gazebo in a backstreet somewhere and get pelted with missiles before the Met decided to nick all of his followers and kettle them for 7 hours before dispersing them throughout London. Facebook is now full of whingeing fascists threatening to get revenge on the OB, calling for Tommy and Kev to resign and saying that the EDL is a “laughing stock”.

People from Leicester, Nottingham and Derbyshire divisions were there again, as evidenced by the now familiar sight of a GH Watts coach and a coach from Glovers of Ashbourne, Derbyshire:

Glovers Coaches,
Moor Farm Road East,
Airfield Industrial Estate,
Tel: 01335 300043

GH Watts coach parked at Walthamstow EDL demo yesterday

It is important to note the the much greater strength of anti-fascist forces when mosques and Muslim leaders actively encourage people to protest against the EDL rather than complying with the police and telling people to stay at home. Mr Rashid, the secretary of the Lea Bridge Road Masjid, is quotes as having said “We’ve been publicising the anti-EDL demonstration at every prayer and event we’ve held—and we’ve received a positive response each time.”

Hopefully this massive failure will mean another round of infighting within the already beleagured EDL and a further boost for the anti-fascist movement.

Sep 2 2012

English Democrats announce Corby candidate

The “fash-lite” English Democrats have announced that David Wickham will be their candidate for the parliamentary by-election for the Corby seat, to be held in November.  Wickham’s main concern will be to scrap with the BNP and UKIP for votes, as the ED is attempting to carve itself a niche in the grubby world of nationalist politics.   Expect a fair measure of further right-wing infighting as the election gets closer.