Prisoner support update

Anti-fascist prisoner Ravi Gill has been released from Wayland Prison.

Ravi was one of seven anti-fascists convicted following a scuffle involving German neo-Nazis at Welling train station. A further 16 anti-fascists were acquitted.

Six comrades went to jail in the case, with one subsequently being deported. Ravi is the last of the prisoners to be released.

A support campaign for the prisoners was set up after the convictions and has received a huge amount of support. Locally, there have been several benefit gigs held for the prisoners in Nottingham and a two-day punk festival in Derby was planned for last weekend, but had to be cancelled when the venue closed down (for entirely unrelated reasons).

Earlier this year we published an extract of a letter from Ravi, passed onto us by Notts ABC, thanking people for all the support he’s received:

I am really grateful for all the support me and the others have received. It’s not just because of the money raised but just knowing that there’s people like you who are going out of their way writing and/or arranging benefits or even just attending them and maybe talking or reading about the case, it really is so inspiring and makes the time in here that much easier to deal with. It does feel like we were/are in here for everyone and in turn everyone’s out there for us.

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